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Another question for Axtremus

Posted By: EHpianist

Another question for Axtremus - 11/16/04 06:57 PM

Hi Ax,

I finally managed to upload the files for the cd (as a zip). I did not realize that these would be posted on the site, I thought I was sending them to you for use on the CD, otherwise I would have made the files smaller. Also my comments were directed at the CD making process not meant to be posted. Let me know if you can use what I sent now for the CD and if I should resend a lower kbps mp3 for web use.

Also my handle doesnīt show up only my real name as both name and handle even though I put EHpianist as my pianoworld handle.

Let me know what I should do regarding both. Havenīt been around the site for a while, need to do some catching up!


PS- your PM box was full, so was Frankīs
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: Another question for Axtremus - 11/16/04 08:18 PM

For inclusion in the CD's, high bit rate (large file) is good! I've already downloaded your .zip file. (Listening to it right now... seems very beautifully done! Do also convey my compliments to your partner. thumb )

The biggest reason I see to upload small file is to save Frank's bandwidth and make it easier for other people to download (or to make it easier for yourself to upload if you're stuck with a 28.8k modem).

I cannot change anything in the online database to which you've submitted your recording -- only Frank has the system admin priviledge do do it. You'll have to ask Frank if you want certain things changed/removed.

Solely from the CD Project vantage point though, I don't need you to change anything.

Thanks for the very nice recoding! thumb
Posted By: EHpianist

Re: Another question for Axtremus - 11/17/04 11:56 AM

Thanks for your comments, Axtremus. Will tell Laura what you said when I speak to her.

I'll try to get in touch with Frank to tell him to remove the zip from his server. I will reupload something smaller when he does.

By the way, how is the audio quality of the files I sent? If you want I can mail you a CD with wav instead if you think it will sound any better. I listened to it through headphones and could not hear a substantial difference.

Posted By: Axtremus

Re: Another question for Axtremus - 11/22/04 06:17 AM


I think as more and more folks get closer to finishing their recordings, they will confront questions similar to yours. Allow me until Thursday or so to formulate a more detailed submission guidelines that will be generally applicable and post it then. (In the meantime, I've sent you an e-mail.)
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