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[PW-MRCP] Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project

Posted By: Axtremus

[PW-MRCP] Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project - 08/31/04 01:47 AM

<h1>Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project</h1>
<h2>Volume 1</h2>
The idea originated from this thread .

The Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project (PW-MRCP) aims to create a compilation of recordings by Piano World members. The deliverable of this project will be a set of professionally pressed CD's containing recordings submitted by Piano World members.

<h2>Project Plan Outline</h2>

Evolved from this post :

  1. Call for Recording Submission -- please let us know, by <font color=#880000>30 September 2004</font>, if you would like to submit a recording for the Project.
  2. It's a community project -- so we will try to include every member's recording. Beginners, students, amateurs, professionals, concert pianists -- every one is welcome. It's not about how good you play, its about sharing your love and enthusiasm for the piano with fellow Piano World members.
  3. To keep the cost low and still accommodate large quantities of recordings/submissions, we will likely go with MP3 compilations on CD's. (This may change depending on how much material is submitted.)
  4. A "CD booklet" will also be published to go along with the Compilation. To keep cost low, we will first shoot for a PDf soft-copy that can be included with the MP3 CD's. Option to print hard-copies are left open for future considerations. Please see THIS THREAD about the CD Booklet.
  5. Funding: Many members have expressed willingness to donate for this Project. All donation will be made to Piano World. See step 1 above -- I will try to put together an estimate of the cost of the Project and post it here after we have an idea of how much submitted material to expect for this Project.
  6. Submission -- a complete submission MUST include the following:
    • Member's Piano World Screen-Name.
    • A "Release Form" with the submitter's real name and signature stating that he/she allows his submitted material to be used royalty-free for this Project. (That does not mean your real name will be made public.) See THIS THREAD for details.
    • The recording itself, in the form of an MP3 file, an AIFF or WAV file, or on an Audio CD. Details of where to send the CD and/or how to upload files will be provided later.
    • Basic information about the recording such as: Name of the composer, title and/or opus number of the piece.

  7. Though OPTIONAL, a submission is also encouraged to include the following items:
    • Any textual information the submitter wants to submit to accompany their recording - this will be included into the CD booklet. So, let's say, half a page maximum. It can be a "concert note" sort of thing, it can describe your recording setup, if can explain your original composition, etc. Whatever you want it to be.
    • A picture. Can be a picture of the pianist and/or the piano, or just a picture that you figure would go nicely with the piece you recorded. This will also go into the CD booklet. Just make sure you're not submitting copyrighted material that you cannot legally reproduce for the project.

  8. Tentative deadline to COMPLETE your submission: <font color=#880000>31 December 2004</font>.
  9. "Mastering" of the CD's -- Might need some one to convert AIFF and WAV files to MP3. It will be nice to have some one going through every file and adjust volumes with ID3 tags in the files just so we the the recordings on the CD's will be more "balanced" in terms of volume.
  10. Cover page and CD Label art work -- can use a volunteer to design this. Please see THIS THREAD .
  11. We will get a commercial CD pressing service to make copies of the CDs. Number of CD's to be determined.
  12. End product will be a set of professionally pressed CD's containing member's recordings with a "CD booklet" containing information about the recordings. These CD's will be sold through Piano World.
  13. There were various suggestions on what to do with the proceed of the CD sales in the original thread . (I currently have no opinion about this, and prefer to stay focused on getting the CD's compiled and published.) Feel free to discuss it if you feel strongly about how you want this handled.

<h2>Related Threads</h2>
  • Call for Recording Submission -- click here if you are interested in submitting a recording for the Project.
  • Legal/Copyright Issues -- information about the "Release Form," figuring out whether the things you intend to record is still protected copyright, etc. (Would be nice if one of our lawyer-members here can provide some pro-bono advise on the "Release Form." Please contact me if you would like to help.)
  • CD Booklet, CD Label and Cover Page Art Work -- Need volunteer to lead this aspect of the Project. Discussion on these subject can also go there.
  • Recording Resources -- all things related to how to make recordings, how to make MP3s, where to find professional recording service, etc.

Have general comments and suggestions? Post them here and discuss. smile
Posted By: Axtremus

Re: [PW-MRCP] Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project - 09/22/04 12:30 PM


Submission declaration deadline is September 30 -- about one week from now.

See Call for Submission, the table in 2nd post , if you see "TBD" in your entry, please post specifics for those TBD's or send me e-mail to fill in those TBD items.

Please aim to have those TBD's filled in by 30 September, 2004.

Posted By: Axtremus

Re: [PW-MRCP] Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project - 12/01/04 12:52 AM


Reminder: Deadline to COMPLETE your submission is <font color="#AA0000">31 December 2004</font>.

Please also see Submission Guidelines .
Posted By: Penny

Re: [PW-MRCP] Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project - 12/02/04 09:22 PM

For technical reasons I don't understand, my submission is "in" but not on the list. However, those who wish to torture themselves can hear it here:


Posted By: plays88skeys

Re: [PW-MRCP] Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project - 12/02/04 09:32 PM

Penny, that and the Holberg Suite are my favorite Grieg pieces. You did a great job!
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