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Posted By: markjpcs

So! - 08/22/05 04:03 AM

How are the sales going?
Posted By: Piano World

Re: So! - 08/22/05 04:26 PM


I think we need someone to promote it on Oprah or Letterman:-)

Where's all our marketing geniuses?
Posted By: markjpcs

Re: So! - 08/22/05 05:03 PM


I will have to order some more. laugh
Posted By: Terrytunes

Re: So! - 08/27/05 02:33 PM

Possibly a thread could be started that is composed of members whose recordings are on the cd. I remember a discussion thread when members were suggesting pieces they might like to have on the cd. It's time for an update.

I find when I listen to the cd that if I can connect somehow with the member recording, even if only know him/her through a PW post, I almost enjoy listening to their contribution more than someone I know nothing about.

Let the audiance have the opportunity to know about members on the cd even if only a few words. Maybe a pic of yourself, or of the piano used for your recording, or both!!

Let us know about the piece you are playing; why you chose it, how your recording session played out.

I've been wondering how cd sales were going. I'm glad someone asked. wink
Posted By: Ted

Re: So! - 08/31/05 09:56 PM

I included a file with brief descriptions of the pieces I played on the CD. As for pictures, if you insist, but the visual reality probably does absolutely nothing for the listener.

The reality
Posted By: Terrytunes

Re: So! - 09/01/05 03:46 AM

Ahhhh... Ted, a picture is worth a thousand words!! Thank you for sharing albums; I gather you are the cute one with the handlebar mustache and hiking hat; your wife is the charming & lovely looking lady and your son, the oh, so handsome grad!

You are to be applauded for being the first member to bravely come forward but now I want to know more about you and your musical talents!!

Maybe I can possibly persuade you to start your own separate thread (titled: Ted Jones) under the "PW CD Project" heading and entertain all of us further with:

1) a pic of yourself at the piano; BTW are you playing the Weinbach grand on all the pieces you submitted?

The pieces are ALL your original material!! Such a talented person! Please share more of your background and how long you have been enjoying your musical talents.

Also, there is a piano pic I noticed on one of your photobucket albums; 'tis a real beauty! Please share some info on it.

I've been listening to all the pieces you performed on the cd this evening and have truly enjoyed the performance even more so tonight since I feel I know you better already. wink

Thank you for being a contributing member to the first PW CD. [applause, applause] laugh
Posted By: Derulux

Re: So! - 10/27/05 08:25 AM

Originally posted by Piano World:

I think we need someone to promote it on Oprah or Letterman:-)

Where's all our marketing geniuses?
Well, I may not be the best pianist here. *sniff* Ok, I'm not, guaranteed. And I didn't even join in time to submit for the CD...though I imagine the quality is top-notch, and I may not even have a place on the CD.

Either way, *points to self* marketing. And I usually charge for my consulting services, but since the proceeds from the CD go to saving music, and it all seems to be a non-profit venture, I'm more-inclined to be charitable. wink

Of course, I'd have to be in touch with someone close to the project to give a comprehensive evaluation, but here are a few quick free tips:

1. Word of mouth will benefit you immensely. You need all the forum members to recommend the cd to their friends, co-workers, etc. But this is not enough. The CD has to be available somewhere for them to order it. Advertise it on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

2. If anyone has a connection to local concert halls, get them to stock the CD in their gift shops. The same goes for bookstores, Tower Records, local mom&pop music stores, even sheet music stores that sell CDs.

3. IF they're willing, get in touch with Elena and Laura (the Duo Scarbo--you'll have to change the name on the CD, or add an extra note), and see if they'll help promote the CD. If anything, a note on their website will certainly help-- a link to an Amazon or Ebay purchase website, or even PianoWorld's own purchase site, though it'd need to be revamped slightly to reflect a purchase order instead of an advertisement. Have a brief note: "We recently contributed to a wonderful charity CD that is donating proceeds to the Save the Music Foundation. To listen to excerpts/purchase this CD and support the Save the Music Foundation, click 'here'."

Many people are willing to support non-profits even if they don't want the CD.

If the recording of the Duo Scarbo's performance is good, it will also help promote them. Think of the CD like a connection, an intersection of silk strings in a spider web. The more connections you have, the larger the web. The large the web, the easier it is to catch flies. wink

4. Advertise in playbills, campus newspapers (probably best-served at music schools, or advertising in the music departments of schools), newsletters that serve the classical community.

5. Get the organization involved to whom you are donating proceeds. They should be very willing to help--especially because they'll be reaping the benefits (cash...which is just as good as money). They have a larger web than you...and perhaps someone who's not devoted to classical music, but likes to donate to charities, might purchase the CD to 'do something good'. Who knows--you may just start them on the road towards appreciating what it is all of us love in classical music. wink

Well, that's a quick five bullets. Took about 10 minutes or so to type it all...maybe 30 seconds thinking about it. If you want more, you know how to reach me. Good luck with it. Like piano, there's no short road to success. Success takes time and effort. wink
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