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Posted By: AB Forum Recital Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:17 AM

I am delighted to introduce our 15th quarterly Adult Beginners' Forum Recital! So, pull up a chair and have a listen.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the audience to please refrain from commentary in this recital room.

A separate room has been provided for the purposes of intermezzo discussion. Please take any and all comments to the General Discussion Room.

Thank you. smile

A template has been created for those who wish to provide individualized feedback:

Recital 15 Response Template

In addition to the zip files linked below, mahlzeit has added a feature to his program that creates an online streaming player. Just click on the link to hear all the recital pieces without having to download the zip files:

Recital 15 Online Streaming Player

For the convenience of forum members, mahlzeit's program has normalized the files for consistent volume and standardized the ID3 tags in a collection of zip files. This makes it easier to create personal CDs and playlists.

These zip files have been posted at the following URLs:

Recital 15 zip 1
Recital 15 zip 2
Recital 15 zip 3
Recital 15 zip 4
Recital 15 zip 5
Recital 15 zip 6
Recital 15 zip 7

The zip files, along with past recitals, have also been uploaded to:


Thanks to AnthonyB, a playlist containing all the YouTube videos uploaded as part of this recital can be found here:

Recital 15 YouTube Video Playlist

Let me express my greatest thanks to five very special people: mr_super-hunky for coming up with the idea of our online recitals, which have proven to be more successful than any of us ever dreamed; Bob Muir for working out the technical details of pulling together the recital and doing so tirelessly for the first six, count 'em, six, recitals; LaValse for hosting the zip files and recital software on his server; Copper for also hosting the zip files and trouble-shooting help; and last but not least, mahlzeit for writing the absolutely fantastic web-based recital program that we are using. THANK YOU MAHLZEIT!!! heart

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:24 AM
Performer's name:dannylux / Mel
Experience:3 years 6 months after returning. Lots as a kid.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Bortkiewicz Prelude in F# Major Op.33 No.7
Composer:Sergei Bortkiewicz
Source of music:Sheet music from pianophilia
Instrument used:Yamaha P140
Recording method:Line-out to computer sound card line-in. Audacity. No editing.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Sergei Bortkiewicz's (1877 Ukraine - 1952 Vienna) piano style was based on Liszt and Chopin, nurtured by Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, early Scriabin, Wagner and Russian folklore. (Wikipedia)

This beautiful Prelude is typical of Bortkiewicz's style;
lush, lyrical and nostalgic.

It is in the usual ABA form, and starts with a simple melody and accompaniment in twos against threes in F# major.

The second section is in D major, marked Dolce. The left hand, running up and down the keyboard is great fun, but took an awful lot of practice.

The third section is back to the original melody in F#, but more elaborate, including twos against threes in the same hand, with a growing crescendo to a very loud climax. The piece fades away with a series of startling harmonies, but ends securely in F# major with three chords, ppp.

I hope you enjoy this lovely, little-known piece.
Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:24 AM
Performer's name:Mr Super-hunky
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:London Blue
Composer:David Lanz
Source of music:Original score
Instrument used:Mason & Hamlin BB
Recording method:Zoom h2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is such a beautiful piece that I knew I had to learn it (as written!) the first time I heard it even though this is not what I usually do. My sightreading has gotten very poor since I have spent the last year and a half learning to play by ear so this was a great piece to perform while freshining up my sightreading. I am still somwhere between simply trying to hit the right notes (sightreading) while trying to add my own emotion to the piece at the same time. I may not have *nailed* it but hopefully I'm still making progress. I really enjoyed learning this piece, you may too.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:25 AM
Performer's name:EJR (Elwyn)
From:Bristol (UK)
Experience:Several years of lessons as a kid. This time around I have been playing again on and off for about 3.5 yrs and the last 15 months has been the most consistent.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.elwynrees.wordpress.com
Title of piece:Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme (Awake, the Voice commands) BWV 645
Composer:Bach Busoni
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha Clavinova CLP350 as a MIDI controller to Laptop running Modartt Pianoteq 3.05 software emulator and Asio4all drivers.
Recording method:Recorded in Pianoteq, exported as a wave, normalised and converted to MP3 with Audacity.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Busoni's piano transcription of Bach's Organ Chorale Prelude. This is a work in progress and there's a number of key issues in addition to the wrong notes still to be resolved.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:30 AM
Performer's name:mahlzeit
From:Breda, The Netherlands
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:About 4 years
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.originalsolopiano.com
Title of piece:Recital 15
Source of music:From the aether
Instrument used:Yamaha CP-33 digital stage piano
Recording method:MIDI from my digital piano into the computer, used SynthFont to convert to WAV using 4 different SoundFonts, mixed everything back together using Audacity and REAPER
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:30 AM
Performer's name:Sam Smith
From:Georgia, USA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:a few years, 34 year lay-off, then a couple of years back making music.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Traumerei
Composer:Robert Schumann
Instrument used:Yamaha UX1
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:It took me forever to memorize this - the same phrase, repeated eight times, with five different harmonizations...

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:31 AM
Performer's name:TrueBeginner
From:VA, US
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2 years and a half
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Solitude
Source of music:Self-composed
Instrument used:Casio Privia
Recording method:digital to PC via Audio-in, noise removal using audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I made this recently when my dad was hospitalized. I think it reflected well my emotions. Sorry that it is a little rough, I did not have time to play it much.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:38 AM
Performer's name:Peyton
Experience:Mostly self taught but been playing for about 40 years.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmoHm08vLEs
Home page link:http://www.peytonart.com
Title of piece:From Foreign Lands and People
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Pramberger grand
Recording method:Metro
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I've been really enjoying working on Schumann's short pieces. They feel like little stories/adventures and consistently change for me the more I work on them. This one makes me think of a visitor, someone from far away that has traveled the world and he is telling his stories to the children in the house. Schumann's works seem deceptively easy to me. There is a lot of depth and nuance which of course always leaves me with much room for improvement.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:38 AM
Performer's name:DragonPianoPlayer
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:I should say 42, but that wouldn't be quite right.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Serenade
Composer:William Gillock
Source of music:Sheet Music: "Lyric Preludes in Romantic Style" by William Gillock
Instrument used:Casio Privia PX310
Recording method:MIDI into Reaper rendered using Galaxy II Pianos - Vienna Grand
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:No breakfast yet.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:39 AM
Performer's name:HomeInMyShoes
From:St. John's, NL
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:12 + 3&1/2 years
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://homeinmyshoes.blogspot.com/
Title of piece:Songs Without Words, Op. 19, No. 6 (Venetian Boat Song)
Composer:Felix Mendelssohn
Source of music:Sheet Music (Alfred's Masterworks)
Instrument used:Roland Fantom X8...I dream of having an acoustic piano again someday
Recording method:Direct resample, normalized and converted to mp3 in Wavepad
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I absolutely adore this little piece. I can't remember who mentioned that they could play this and I looked it up and fell in love with it. I had a CD recording of the complete Songs Without Words, but this piece never really hit my brain until I looked it up again and started playing the first few measures. In my mind, it is on par with almost any Chopin prelude for being a quintessential Romantic piece.

The left hand really gives me the twitches. It's not hard, but since I don't tend to memorize things, the visual guidance my left hand needs to hit the notes correctly makes it an easy piece to stumble around in sometimes. But, it's a beautiful piece and I'm glad I spent the time on it. Although I'm pretty certain my wife has got to be absolutely sick of me practicing this one trying to get it sorted out.

Self-loathing. Okay, the double notes near the end are too bright, there's a bunch of missed notes and misssteps tempo wise and it's a bit muddy in the left hand in a couple of places. Enough of that though. Overall, I was happy with where my interpretations were leading me and it's got a nice range in dynamics.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:39 AM
Performer's name:pianahman / Richard
From:Brewster MA (Cape Cod)
Experience:7 years as a child; 8 years as an adult (after a 35 year hiatus)
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Sinfonia No. 11 in G minor (BWV 797)
Composer:J.S. Bach
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Technics PCM Digital Piano PX106
Recording method:Zoom H4
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:From Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia:

The Inventions and Sinfonias, BWV 772-801, also known as the Two and Three Part Inventions, are a collection of thirty short keyboard compositions composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, consisting of fifteen inventions (two-part contrapuntal pieces) and fifteen sinfonias (three-part contrapuntal pieces). They were originally written by Bach as exercises for the musical education of his students.

The collection was subtitled by Bach: "A faithful Guide, whereby admirers of the harpsichord are shown a plain Method of learning not only to play cleanly in two Parts, but likewise in further Progress to manage three obbligato Parts well and correctly, and at the same time not merely how to get good Inventions, but also how to develop the same well; but above all, to obtain a cantabile Style of playing, and together with this to get a strong Foretaste of Composition."

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:40 AM
Performer's name:Riddler (Ed)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Two or three years of lessons as a kid; two and a half years of jazz lessons as an adult; and a lifetime of noodling and playing by ear.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://home.roadrunner.com/~riddlereader/
Title of piece:Take Five
Composer:Paul Desmond
Source of music:Lead sheet
Instrument used:Yamaha P-120
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a jazz standard written by Paul Desmond, saxophonist with the Dave Brubeck Quartet for many years. It is in 5/4 time, which was considered to be more or less experimental for a jazz tune at that time. It is a catchy tune which made it very popular. I heard Desmond play this live several times in the 60s and I have always wanted to learn to play it.

I am playing the piano, but the drums and bass were generated by Band-In-A-Box software.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:45 AM
Performer's name:TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner)
From:Texas (Midland-Odessa)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:About 42 years ago I began piano lessons, but I did not play for many if not most of the intervening years.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Baby Mine
Composer:Ned Washington/Frank Churchill
Source of music:sheet music with some "personalization"
Instrument used:Kawai GE-30
Recording method:Zoom H4 normalized with Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I haven't had lunch yet since it's only 10 am now. I am submitting a recording with which I am not completely satisfied. I will be out of town for a few days, and I am uncertain if I will be able to submit a better version. There are a couple of hesitations here, and the dynamics are not quite what they should be . . . but it may be my only chance to get something in.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:45 AM
Performer's name:Schubertian
Experience:8 years as child/teen; 30 years off; 3 years on again
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:'Raindrop' Prelude (Op 28 #15)
Source of music:Wiener Urtext: hansen/Demus (eds)
Recording method:Estonia 190; H2; audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Not my best recording but it does have the background noise of a thunderstorm - cool if somewhat corny - There is some story which George Sand made up about her and Chopin and von Bulow had rented an old monastery (in Italy perhaps?) which turned out to be a mistake - she and vB had to run into town for supplies but got stuck in the storm and when they got back Chopin was supposedly frantic that she was away for so long (pure soap opera) and to distract himself composed the famous 'raindrop' prelude -
My guess is he was glad to get a break from the two of them and their endless drama and get a few hours of solid composing time in before they got back -
Anyway, we all get the Raindrop prelude out of all this - someone on these forums made the comment "you haven't lived until you have played the Raindrop Prelude" - how true that is - it's not that hard and you can really spook yourself with it late and night with it - and if no one is listening you can really hammer out those loud chords in a fit of Romantic angst - they do sound awful if you bang them out too loud - like all the pots and pans in the kitchen dropping at once - but if no one is around who cares?

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:46 AM
Performer's name:Mateusz 'Mati' Papiernik
From:Lodz, Poland
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Lost track... seriously. What have I supplied there last year? Something like 4 years now...
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Dear You
Source of music:Sheet music, at Josh's Aggardo site.
Instrument used:Kawai CN 21
Recording method:Digital to PC, then sampled using Garritan Steinway Standard.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Whoa, I almost forgot about the recital once again (I did last time!), and found myself without piano. I ended up sending my very first take of the piece I wanted to submit, without being able to take another one. The recording is not the best, I hope you will forgive me. The piece is called "Dear You" and is a compilation of many "Dear You" parts that appeared in the anime "Higurashi no naku koro ni" (When They Cry/When Cicadas Cry - depending on the translation). Each part of the piece is a theme for a certain character, the original composer of the piece made a compilation of all these and made it into a single piano piece I find very soothing and fun to play. It's fun to experiment with, add and repeat parts and do things that are not in the score. The one recorded follows the score closely, but I play it in many different ways. After a break from piano due to studies and work it was a very fun piece to get my fingers running again. Whops, this part was long enough. Sorry for boring you. I hope you'll enjoy!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:46 AM
Performer's name:Ken.
Experience:18 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Cavalry Gallop, Op. 27, No. 29
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Milton Spinet
Recording method:Zoom H4
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I recorded this piece in June as I was getting it up to speed for the annual recital. My teacher wanted me to play it at around 130 bpm, but this was about as fast as I could play it without making too many mistakes. I had another take that was slower with less mistakes but I decided to submit this one as it is closer to the desired tempo.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:46 AM
Performer's name:Ten Left Thumbs
Experience:Ten years as kid, recently 6 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Joe's Jump
Composer:Mark Harrison
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Acoustic piano, Knight
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Just love the jumpy baseline! The tremolos are a real challenge for me - what you hear is the best I can do. What I loved best about this one is the lyrical nature of the RH in the second chorus. I just love making it sing. smile Hope you enjoy!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:50 AM
Performer's name:Euphonatrix
Experience:5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:2-part invention #14 in Bb Major
Composer:Johann Sebastian Bach
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:ca. 1921 rebuilt Weihenmeyer & Co. upright
Recording method:one Shure PG 81 condenser mic into Sony Minidisc Recorder into computer via Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:"14" was Bach's favourite number. He was obsessed with numerological games and managed to connect various important aspects of his life with the number "14".
If you translate the letters of the alphabet into numbers (A=1, B=2 etc.), the letters of his name B-A-C-H (2+1+3+8) add up to 14.
While I was working on this piece I kept wondering if the fourteenth 2-part-invention had a special meaning for him as well.

There might be one edit - I recorded several versions and don't remember exactly which is which now. :-)

I hope you enjoy.
Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:52 AM
Performer's name:Serge88
Experience:7.5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9anlm5KTws
Title of piece:Don't Know Why
Composer:performed by Norah Jones
Source of music:Video tutorial
Instrument used:Digital Piano Roland FP-7
Recording method:Digital piano to Zoom H2 then mix with video from panasonic LX3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Don't forget to watch my video. Any negative and constructive comments are welcome.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:53 AM
Performer's name:AnthonyB
From:Center City, MN
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:We'll call it 1.6 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ahi_vKg97Hs
Title of piece:La Nascita Delle Cose Segrete
Composer:Ludovico Einaudi
Source of music:Ludovico Einaudi - The Best Of Sheet music book
Instrument used:Roland FP7
Recording method:digital to PC
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is now one of my favorite pieces to play. Especially the middle part. It's a shame it tripped me up for as long as it did.

I've not eaten lunch yet but I did eat a glazed cinnamon twist donut from the bakery this morning. Yum.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:53 AM
Performer's name:z32/Ben
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2 years, 8 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Kiss the Rain
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Yamaha YPG625 using Pianissimo VSTi
Recording method:Pianissimo's converter
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:lol This is the only meaningful piece I was able to play this summer! So much for my summer goals of getting better in the piano....

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:55 AM
Performer's name:Waltz
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Less than one year.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuJwGVhdZDQ
Title of piece:Canon in D (Variations)
Composer:Johann Pachelbel
Source of music:Alfred's Book 2.
Instrument used:Clavinova CLP-320.
Recording method:Digital camcorder and conversion.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:55 AM
Performer's name:setchman - Eric Krueger
Experience:20 years playing, on and off.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:His Gift
Composer:Eric Krueger
Instrument used:Galaxy II Vienna Grand (Download Addition) played using a Yamaha Motif XS 8.
Recording method:Recorded to PC using Samplitude Music Studio 14 and mixed using a combination of freeware and payware effects.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I wrote this piece a few years back and, at that time, actually linked to other versions of it on PW in the context of sampled piano discussions, i.e. Ivory, Akoustik Piano.

A little over a year ago I re-recorded it with Vienna Grand from Galaxy Pianos and spent more time tweaking the final sound until I ended up with this version.

I've been away from the forum for a while but have recently found more time to play and spend time on the forum so I thought I'd submit the piece since I've noticed people still accessing the older versions, presumably from doing searches on virtual pianos.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 02:56 AM
Performer's name:bluekeys
From:Virginia, USA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2 yrs/11 mos
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://bluekeys-diary.blogspot.com/
Title of piece:Misty
Composer:Erroll Garner
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha YDP223
Recording method:Midi out, rendered to MP3 with TruePianos Diamond using "cloudy" preset
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Looks like the players ahead of me have done some great music -- can't wait to hear it.

Even though Misty is a jazz standard, I learned this simple version more like a classical piece -- just playing what was on the sheet. The 3 over 2 measures gave me trouble at first, but after a while the whole thing became so rubato that I just sort of played it as I felt it.

There are lots of great improvised versions of this song floating around. Maybe someday I'll add some improv -- but gotta walk before you run. Thanks for listening.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:10 AM
Performer's name:Eighty8
From:Dayton, Ohio
Experience:I had lessons as a teenager, then was without a piano for many years. I took six months of piano lessons in 2007 and have been practicing on my own since then.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Love Is Here To Stay
Composer:music and lyrics by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha upright P22
Recording method:Shure mic, JVC tape deck, edit and convert to mp3 with Goldwave
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:From Wikipedia:

"Love Is Here to Stay" is a popular song and a jazz standard. The music was written by George Gershwin, the lyrics by Ira Gershwin, for the movie The Goldwyn Follies (1938)which was released shortly after George Gershwin's death. "Our Love Is Here to Stay" also appeared, perhaps most memorably, in the 1951 MGM picture An American in Paris, for which it served as the main theme. It also appeared in 1995's Forget Paris in which it is actually a reference to An American In Paris. The song was the last composition George Gershwin completed. Ira Gershwin wrote the words after his brother's death, giving the song a special poignancy.

Originally titled "It's Here to Stay" and then "Our Love Is Here to Stay", the song was finally published as "Love Is Here to Stay". Ira Gershwin has said that he wanted to change the song's name back to "Our Love Is Here to Stay" for years, but felt that it wouldn't be right since the song had already become a standard. The song is emblematic of the Great American Songbook, with both an introductory verse and a chorus.

The song is also used in the musical, The 1940's Radio Hour.

I did not play the introduction.
Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:11 AM
Performer's name:Copper
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Composer:Ewan MacColl
Source of music:Favorite Piano Fake Book Vol. 2
Instrument used:Yamaha P250
Recording method:Connect to computer
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:11 AM
Performer's name:JohnFrank
Experience:3 3/4 yrs.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:MInuet in A Minor
Composer:Johann Krieger (1651-1735)
Source of music:Alfred's Essential Keyboard Repertoire, Vol.1
Instrument used:Yamaha Clavinova CVP-301
Recording method:Digital to PC
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The Minuet in A Minor by Johann Krieger is in two sections, both of which are repeated. The first section is 8 measures long and the second section is 16 measures long, with the last 8 measures repeating the theme of the first section. The RH plays the simple and elegant melody in the lovely A Minor key while the complimentary LH is very active throughout, and is especially effective on the little "rollover" midway thru the second section on the return to the first section's theme.

This is a sparkling little gem of a piece that is very popular (and deservedly so) and which is often assigned to late beginner/early intermediate students. I had previously submitted a recording of this piece to a Monthly Piano Bar earlier this year at a slower tempo (mm=80), but re-recorded it at a slightly faster tempo (mm=93) after an extended discussion via PMs about the "proper" tempi for minuets. The general conclusion of this exchange was that this varied with time & place over many years. As a good example, the CD recording that accompanies the "Essential Keyboard Repertoire" book has 16 minuets with a wide range of tempi chosen by the artist (Kim O'Reilly).

This new recording also eliminated a few "imperfections" in my original Piano Bar submission, and also retains the repeat of the last four measures at the very end (at a reduced tempo) that I inserted under authority of "artist's license". This repeat is not in the original music (but probably should be).

Johann Krieger was a contemporary of Bach and Handel and worked for much of his adult life as a church organist in several German cities.

Enjoy, John
Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:13 AM
Performer's name:grotrianer
Experience:Many years, on and off. Restarted playing in early 2008, restarted lessons in late 2008.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Intermezzo 118/2
Composer:Johannes Brahms
Source of music:Sheet music from imslp
Instrument used:Sauter Delta
Recording method:Zoom H4 and audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Brahms's piano music eluded me until recently. I'm glad I've found his late piano pieces op.116-119, which he composed 1892 /93, five years before his death.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:13 AM
Performer's name:ddh - Daniel
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Going on 3 years (October)
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude, opus 28 no 6
Composer:Frédéric Chopin
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha CVP-307 digital piano.
Recording method:From piano to Mac
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Chopin, at last !!!! For me, this is a milestone, almost three years in the making. My first recording of the great master's music, even if it is his easiest. Hope You like it.
Mock chicken meat loaf on rye bread with Pepsi.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:14 AM
Performer's name:IPIBAHN Sandy
From:Nova Scotia
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude in E minor
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Roland Digital
Recording method:Direct to PC
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Each summer I learn a few pieces on my own. This one was the easiest of the three and although it still meeds some polishing, I'm fairly happy with it. I'm thinking it may be a little too fast.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:15 AM
Performer's name:rustyfingers
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:8 years as a child, 4 as an adult
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Maple Leaf Rag
Composer:Scott Joplin
Source of music:Scott Joplin Collected Piano Works: Rags, Waltzes, Marches, The New York Public Library, 1971
Instrument used:Steinway B (I think)
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I used the piano in my church. I was a little on edge so I hope you forgive the bloopers and the clipping. I love the sound in there though.

Greek yogurt, PB&J

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:15 AM
Performer's name:Carl Mc
Experience:14 Months - this time around.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Amazing Grace
Composer:John Newton, J. Carrell & D. Clayton
Source of music:Alfred's AIO Book 1
I improvised a few notes at the end ...can't leave well enough alone.
Last lesson in book 1- now on to book 2.
Instrument used:Schimmel K213/NWS
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:In my pre-teens and early teens I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother during the summer months. As a result of her convictions- I also spent a lot of time sitting on the wooden benches in the small church of her faith. Although, not successful in converting the young heathen, I am sure playing this would have made her smile. So, this is for her.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:15 AM
Performer's name:jotur - Cathy Turner
From:Santa Fe, New Mexico
Experience:2 years of lessons in my early teens, playing for dancing since 1995, believe it or not laugh
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Cabri Waltz
Source of music:Fiddlers Fakebook lead sheet
Instrument used:Casio Privia 100-X
Recording method:digital to PC, audacity for mp3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a pretty little waltz I've played for a long time, but learned from memory/ear for a gig I have in mid-August at an adult day care center. It's 2x thru, because I quit before I got any further behind smile

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:15 AM
Performer's name:pianonewb
From:No. Va.,USA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:4 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Amazing Grace
Composer:John Newton/Wm. Walker
Source of music:improvised/play by ear
Instrument used:Casio PX 120
Recording method:Piano-patch from headphone jack to small mixer into computer.
Vocals-Large diaphram condensor mic into mixer into computer.
Recorded in Cakewalk Home studio 2004
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:16 AM
Performer's name:dalcyonir
Experience:2 years piano lessons as an adult(6 years keyboards as a kid)
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz_Y9Rls2FM&feature=channel_page
Title of piece:Debussy-Clair De Lune
Composer:Claude Debussy
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha Digital(can't remember model)
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The recording is from April 2009 when i was studying this piece...I had chicken for lunch!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:16 AM
Performer's name:steveMac / Steve Mclean
Experience:3 Months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Minuet BWV 114
Source of music:Yamaha 50 Greats for the Piano
Instrument used:Yamaha YDP160
Recording method:Pianoteq Demo plus Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece is a little above my playing level at the moment, i made mistakes but wanted to post my first take.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:16 AM
Performer's name:Bunneh (Daniel)
From:Berlin, Germany
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:12 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:D. Scarlatti - Sonata K.32 L.423
Composer:Domenico Scarlatti
Source of music:Sheet music, Longo edition
Instrument used:Roland HP-203, Pianoteq 3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I wanted to learn this piece after listening to this version on YT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgNdJ341Uzk . After some discussion with my teacher, studying the Longo edited version and listening to a harpsichord version, my rendition ended up sounding very very different. The YT version linked above might be more pretty, but I really enjoy playing it like I do, and I even learned a lot about Baroque music in the process!

And please be as direct as you can with your feedback, I am really looking for ways to improve this piece.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:16 AM
Performer's name:Euan Morrison
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Truman Sleeps
Composer:Philip Glass
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha Ydp-113
Recording method:Recorded using midi, then used Galaxy software (concert Steinway)
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:This wasn't my planned piece, but time was running out so I needed something which would not cause too much stress. It's a sweet piece from the film The Truman Show.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:17 AM
Performer's name:Yamaha G-3 & P-80 Mike White
Experience:Lifetime by ear, self-teaching appx. 4 years.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Chopin Waltz Op 64. No. 2
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Yamaha P-80
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I apologize for the not doing a better job with this piece, but I am on the verge of getting so sick of playing it over and over, that I'm afraid I may never want to play it again.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:17 AM
Performer's name:Monica K.
From:Lexington, Kentucky
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Approximately 5
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/pianomonica
Title of piece:Melodia Africana III
Composer:Ludovico Einaudi
Source of music:"Best of" Einaudi sheet music collection
Instrument used:Mason & Hamlin A
Recording method:Zoom H4, normalized in Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece begins deceptively easy; so easy, in fact, that you get sucked into it for three or so pages before the wicked fast part begins and you realize you had no business tackling it at this point. help

Lunch was Lean Cuisine lasagna.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:18 AM
Performer's name:Glen R.
From:Alberta, Canada
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:3 years on and off (mostly off). 3 months seriously with a teacher.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Minuet in G Major (No. 2)
Composer:J. S. Bach
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Yamaha YDP140
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This was probably a bit too advanced for me, as much of my mental effort was on technicalities rather than flow / feel / dynamics. That said, it was a great learning exercise.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:18 AM
Performer's name:GregF
From:South Carolina
Experience:4.5 if you count those 2 years in elementary school
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Not Mad at the World Anymore
Composer:Peter Friesen
Source of music:Lead Sheet - Pop Piano Pro Vol. 1 by Peter Friesen
Instrument used:Yamaha Digital Piano - YPG625
Recording method:MicroMemo Attachment for Ipod by XtremeMac.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:18 AM
Performer's name:Jazzwee
From:Southern California
Experience:4 Years, 10 Months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Very Early
Composer:Bill Evans
Source of music:Improvised from a Lead Sheet in "Real Book"
Instrument used:Yamaha P-155 Keyboard
Recording method:Zoom H4 hooked to Keyboard Outs
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:My first ever recital submission. This was very challenging. I hoped to get it to a better point, but I'm out of time. It's a Jazz Waltz with a melody and progression that seems unconnected, which makes it very difficult to remember. But the melody is beautiful. It requires a super fast left hand (like stride) and super accurate pedal (which requires more work). No solo on this yet, as it is difficult to remember the changes as it is. Maybe next time.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:18 AM
Performer's name:praisehimau, Stephanie
Experience:started playing at 11, got to grade 6, gave it up for 10 years and getting back to it and trying for grade 8 in 18 months.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude In C Minor, wtc Book II
Composer:J.S. Bach
Instrument used:stinebach
Recording method:resco audio recorder
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:please excuse the quality of the recording... it sounds a bit muffled and like it added an effect I didn't use... hope its ok.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:18 AM
Performer's name:WJ3
From:Salem, Oregon
Experience:3yrs +
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Minuet in G Major/Minor De Capo
Composer:JS Bach
Source of music:First Lessons in Bach
Instrument used:1906 Claredon Upright
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I played Bachs Minuet in G Major and its companion piece Minuet in G minor in a AA BB CC DD A format. I submitted the Minuet in G Major as my piece for Recital 13. You can check on my progress.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:19 AM
Performer's name:Deep Elem (aka Buck)
Experience:4 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:I've Got You Under My Skin
Composer:Cole Porter
Source of music:Fakebook
Instrument used:Yamaha S90ES
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I had nothing prepared, had to fall back on a song I used to play a lot. I'm not thrilled with it, but at least it's in.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:19 AM
Performer's name:tekkie
Experience:3 years/4 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Cavatina
Composer:Stanley Myers
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Casio PX-120
Recording method:MIDI to GarageBand
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:19 AM
Performer's name:GreenRain
Experience:Around 10, although I am "serious" only for a year and a half...
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Venetian Gondola Song (Op. 30 No. 6)
Composer:Felix Mendelssohn
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Petrof (acoustic upright)
Recording method:Digital camera, the recording is not edited
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I've recorded this piece in February. I've learned it in 3 weeks. I have the beautiful memories on learning it, I really loved it.
Again, as always, i have to remind all of you that my camera does not make the best recordings... Anyway, enjoy.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:19 AM
Performer's name:TTigg / Steve C
From:Southern California
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:1yr 2mths
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:A Good Question
Composer:Wayne Gratz
Source of music:Sheet Music Memorized
Instrument used:Yamaha P140 Digital Keyboard
Recording method:Zoom baby!
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Well I do love Wayne's music but I find it hard to play it to where I'm satisfied. He's a great artist but one who often "changes" the music when he's in the studio. As a result the sheet music is not always 100% match to the actual music.

Still this gives me room to improvise a little and or speed or slow down. In this piece I am playing at a different speed than Wayne but I still like the way it sounds.

Going to try to get a nice recording in on the real piano but wanted to get this in just in case!

Oh and I had a CPK Chopped Chicken BBQ salad for lunch smile

Thanks for listening..
Steve C
Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:20 AM
Performer's name:epf
From:Orange County, California
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:50+ years off and on (more off than on).
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgTCg710RLc
Title of piece:Andaluza (or Playera) #5 from 12 Spanish Dances
Composer:Enrique Granados
Source of music:Sheet music.
Instrument used:Privia PX-800
Recording method:Video captured on FlipVideo, audio captured on Zoom H4 (direct output from piano) then normalized in Audacity. Video assembled with Microsoft Movie Maker.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Although many think of this as a guitar piece, it was originally written for piano. I'm still recovering from a bad cold/sore throat and was not really up to recording this -- sorry for the mistakes.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:20 AM
Performer's name:Beethoven Fan
From:North Carolina
Experience:roughly 4
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Put out the Light
Composer:James Booker
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Upright Winter Wind nearly 70yrs old
Recording method:due to limited resources and funding, i used garageband. laugh
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I absolutely love this piece, but it was immensely difficult for me and caused me to reconsider even playing the piano. This is the best and most complete performance i've been able to do, I really hope you enjoy. Long Live the Piano Prince from New Orleans!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:20 AM
Performer's name:Always Wanted to Play Piano
From:41 miles west of Chicago
Experience:1 1/2 years (can I measure it in years yet?)
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://aw2pp.blogspot.com/
Title of piece:I Giorni
Composer:Ludovico Einaudi
Source of music:Sheet music, copied from The Best of Ludovico Einaudi
Instrument used:Casio Celviano Ap-200
Recording method:Recorded to onboard memory, offloaded MIDI using Red Dot Forever, transformed to .WAV using Synthfont and the maestro grand soundfont, rendered to .MP3 using Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Lunch was a wonderful ham sandwich made by Sue, my wife. I admit it, this piece is a stretch for me, and I should have tried something more within my limits. But the first 5 minutes (or so) are relatively clean, enough to make up for the 3 or 4 significant errors I made down the stretch. Wish I would have ended stronger, but it's Friday the 14th, and this is probably not getting much better.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:21 AM
Performer's name:Mar_red
Experience:2 years and 1 month of piano playing (plus a few years of accordion and guitar playing more than 20 years earlier :))
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Manhã de Carnaval (Carnival)
Composer:Luiz Bonfa
Source of music:As always I took an outline of the melody and the better part of the chords from MIDI to sheet music software the rest is my interpretation played by ear
Instrument used:DP Roland FP-7
Recording method:DP to audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Here is my next (4th smile ) stop on my journey to my piano destination - playing known standards and beautiful but less known tunes in the style between jazz and so called cocktail piano.
This time it is my (i.e. an adult beginner’s ) interpretation of famous movie "Black Orpheus" theme. I love this tune and hope you will like my rendition.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:21 AM
Performer's name:Mark...
From:Jersey Shore
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2 Year 9 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Song Without Words
Composer:Jane Smisor Bastien
Source of music:Intermediate Repertoire 2...Classical Style
Instrument used:Estonia L190
Recording method:Zoom H2 via Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I wasn't going to submit anything this recital, because I just got my piano back from repair, but decided a small piece is better than no piece. Plus the numbers looked low and I want to keep Monica in business...Thanks for listening to my small humble intermediate practice piece...

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:21 AM
Performer's name:Ode2Joy
From:Los Angeles, CA
Experience:Returning adult (18 months)
Couple of years as a kid a LONG time ago
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Bagatelle Op. 33 No. 3
Source of music:Henle Beethoven Complete Bagatelles
Instrument used:Yamaha C3
Recording method:Zoom H4
Wav conversion to MP3 in Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:dumplings

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #15 -- August 15, 2009 - 08/15/09 03:21 AM
Performer's name:kokomo61
From:Herndon, VA
Experience:3 years
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.holliworks.com
Title of piece:Blues in Three
Composer:Tim Richards
Source of music:Book - Improvising Blues Piano
Instrument used:Yamaha P-250
Recording method:Garage Band
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Needs more work, I think.

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