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Self motivation. :)

Posted By: mydnyt

Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 05:17 AM

Hello all! I've been on this forum for a few months and I've only posted a few comments now and then so I thought maybe it's time for me to be more active. I believe that being involved more instead of just reading others post would get me more energized and in the mood to practice.

I recently came here in Texas. Before I was in the Philippines (south east asia) taking piano lessons for a few months. I no longer have piano lessons and a place to practice on an acoustic like where I studied at back home so I'm contenting myself on a hand me down keyboard. I wasn't feeling much like practicing since I got here but tonight I finally made up my mind. I told myself that in one week, I'll record a video of myself playing some pieces I'm working on right now no matter how much I progressed and post it on youtube. laugh With that, I know I'll be even more motivated to practice often.

What do you guys do when you're not up for practicing? I'd like to know your way of getting over a bump on the road as well. smile
Posted By: ll

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 05:36 AM

I tell myself, "heck, I've lost enough time--no more of that."

If you don't feel like actually practicing, but still want to work, you can do "table tappers" which are techniques that you can practice while watching TV or whatnot on any flat surface. Or, you could review music theory, ear training, notespeller, etc smile
Posted By: keyboardklutz

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 06:03 AM

I find practicing on a keyboard misery. A piano, I can't keep away from. Any churches or community halls you have access to?
Posted By: mydnyt

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 06:12 AM

Sadly no... I don't even know how to drive yet. Public transport has always been the main means of travel back home so I'm completely dependent on my parents at this point in time. My aunt did mention there was a place where she took lessons and could practice on their pianos. I still have to wait 'till I can drive though.

For now I'll just have to self teach. I already have her books and some of my own. She gave me Alfred's Lesson book and Theory book level 1b and and Hal Leonard's Adult Piano Method Book 1. How are these?
Posted By: keyboardklutz

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 06:27 AM

You play very well in your video. I can see you had a good teacher - your hand and arm use is excellent. I'm sure Hal Leonard's will be fine. Join the choir at your university and check out any keyboard classes.
Posted By: chiyosdad

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 10:35 AM

I added you as a friend on youtube. When are you going to update your blog?

I've never really had motivation issues. Whenever I don't practice it's because I'm too busy with other stuff. I'm always wanting to spend more time at the piano.

I think it's crucial to find pieces that you love. I could never be this motivated if all I had to play were boring pieces. But, with pieces I enjoy, I'm always thinking how great it would be when I'll finally be able to play them, and so I always want to practice so that I can get there.

Like you, I'm posting videos of my progress on youtube (you can check them out in my signature), and ideally, I'd like to do a new one every week, but I don't know if that's feasible given my other life.
Posted By: keyboardklutz

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 12:38 PM

Your Wish Upon a Star was nicely played chiyosdad. See if you can learn a bit of mydnyt's sweet wrist work.
Posted By: Euan Morrison

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 01:26 PM

Originally posted by mydnyt:

What do you guys do when you're not up for practicing? I'd like to know your way of getting over a bump on the road as well. smile
Hi Mydnyt,
My answer to the question is simple - I won't practice for a while! I should stress that I only play for fun, rather than serious academic study etc.

Often I will go and listen to music to hopefully re-motivate myself. And if that doesn't work, then I take a short 2 or 3 day break from playing. I get the motivation from that.
Posted By: LaValse

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 01:51 PM

Like Euan, I do something else. When I go back to the piano I invariably find that stuff I was struggling with is easier - it's resolved itself in the break... Sometimes when I've really hit a wall, I do it deliberately, relying on that phenomenon...
Posted By: Rickster

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 03:16 PM

Hi Mydnyt,

I enjoyed your YouTube video of your piano playing! You play very well and have a lot of potential. Plus, you’re young and energetic and have a great future ahead of you.

Keep up the good work and please post some more YouTube videos. thumb

Take care,

Posted By: kentm

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 03:27 PM

Like Euan, I do something else. When I go back to the piano I invariably find that stuff I was struggling with is easier - it's resolved itself in the break...
That is so true, and that's the motivation for me as well. I can end a practice session on a note of frustration, but come back to that same piece the next day and discover that I can play it a little bit smoother, a little more in command. It's those tiny little sparks that keep me going.

You're off to a great start...those pieces will all sound great when you finally get a real piano. wink
Posted By: Kymber

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 04:37 PM

Very nice playing smile

It think what will motivate you depends on what is keeping you from practicing...

It helps to have some goals to work towards. learning a particular song or scales/chords or whatever it is that you want to work on-break them down into smaller task that you can do on a daily basis.

For me sometimes the problem is I am tired when I get home form work and the idea of practicing for and hour or so is a turn off. So I will tell my self to ust do 5-15 minutes. That's all it takes to get me off the couch and before I know it I have spent and hour practicing.
Posted By: Mark...

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 05:22 PM

Posted By: ProdigalPianist

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 08:14 PM

It's not exactly 'self' motivation, but I have recently joined a local adult amateurs Piano Club. We had a meeting just last night, and were all commenting on how great it was to have monthly motivation for practicing.

In fact, as one of the founding members is moving, talk turned to how much the group as a whole had advanced in skill over the years. When the club started, apparently no one was taking lessons. Now several members take lessons from PhD students at the local university, or other very highly trained teachers.
Posted By: mydnyt

Re: Self motivation. :) - 11/21/08 11:31 PM

Thank you for sharing everyone. smile To all who watched my videos, Thank you very much for the kind words. laugh I'll be sure to work on my technique. There were also some places where I hesitate when I'm recording, I'l working to get rid of that too. I wanted to record some of them while playing on the piano where I had my lessons but I didn't have the means to do so.

Chiyosdad, I already approved you as a friend. I've seen all your videos too. smile You play really nice. Good luck on Chopin's etude! There's one etude of his that I want to learn too in the future. I added a link to my blog in my sig again since you asked about it but I'm not that consistent about posting. It's been updated recently though.

I think I'll be joining the MOYD for 2009. Thanks to Mark for suggesting it. smile I'm also thinking of getting Alfred's adult all-in-one when I can.
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