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David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008)

Posted By: Piano World

David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/17/08 05:08 PM

I had the pleasure of attending my first live David Nevue concert Sat. Nov. 15.

Member LadyFord (Kathy) and I took David to lunch in the afternoon, then attended his concert in St. Petersburg that evening.

David is lots of fun to visit with, and very humble about his music.

We (Kathy and I) really enjoyed the concert, and David's stories as he explained how various pieces came together based on his life experiences.

I wouldn't want to classify David's music as New Age, although there is some influence there, or easy listening, although it is easy to listen to, or Christian, although there is an influence there as well.

I guess you just gotta listen for yourself.

You can find his music on Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio http://www.solopianoradio.com/
Or on his web site http://www.davidnevue.com/

This was a free concert in the Palm Lake Christian Church. Kathy estimated over 100 people in attendance.

David Plays Kathy's Piano
[Linked Image]

David & Yours Truly, Out to Lunch
(as you can see, we took him to a fancy place)
[Linked Image]

All of Us Working Hard (on our tans)
[Linked Image]

Concert Night / Kathy & David
[Linked Image]

Concert Night / David
[Linked Image]

For those about to ask, it's a Remington by Bramberger. I didn't have a chance to play it, but it sounded good under David's fingers.

Also, I forgot to mention...
We didn't find out until during the concert that it was also David's birthday.
Posted By: Babs_

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/17/08 06:46 PM

Frank, thank you so much for sharing the pictures!

I am one of Davids biggest fans. I have purchased all of his CDs. I find his music very soulful and very beautiful. He plays from his heart and soul and that is what makes his music so special. He has a way of coming up with some of the prettiest melodies! heart

I hope to attend one of his concerts one day. wink
Posted By: Euan Morrison

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/17/08 07:57 PM

Great photos, Frank. Thanks for sharing, and glad you enjoyed the concert!
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/17/08 08:52 PM

Oh, I'm so jealous. What a wonderful experience for you. Thanks for sharing the pics. laugh

David's story is so inspiring. He is such a wonderful promoter of his and other <s>new age</s> contemporary instrumental music.
Posted By: Lisztener

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/17/08 09:53 PM


These are wonderful shots. It's great to know that David Nevue is an unassuming and pleasant companion.


I hope you will attempt to get some snappies of your hero, Ludovico Einaudi, to share with us, soon.


Posted By: David Nevue

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/21/08 08:16 PM

Hey Frank,

It was great to meet you and Kathy. Thank you so much for the lunch and the company!
Posted By: Lisztener

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/24/08 08:24 PM


Frank must be a very busy man and missed your above post. I noticed that you have been a member of the forums since May, 2006. The following link is to a thread from that year titled:

"Let's ask David Nevue lots of Questions!!"


You were very gracious with your comments to that thread from ABF members, but since it was over two years ago, perhaps newer members since then would like the opportunity to send you greetings.

I'll begin with wishing you the best as you travel, entertain and create new music from which to share your soul. I consider it an honor that you responded to so many back in 2006, and regardless of the quantity of responses in this particular thread, you surely know that your music and personality have thrilled many thousands worldwide and hundreds here in the forum.

Thank you for your generous spirit and time spent here with your local and loyal ABF fans.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and please take a day or two to smell the roses before resuming your pursuit of them on the keyboard.

Best wishes and warm regards,

Posted By: Monica K.

Re: David Nevue Concert from Nov 15 (2008) - 11/25/08 03:08 AM

Good reminder, Lisztener. smile That's a classic thread and ranks right up there in my "AB forum Top 5" list. thumb

What I like about playing David's music is that there is something for all levels.
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