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I just had a really good lesson

Posted By: Jeffrey

I just had a really good lesson - 01/05/05 11:31 PM

I am trying to learn Bach's Prelude in C (from the WTC). I was upset because my practice has been less than I wanted over the last few weeks, because of a new baby and a more hectic work schedule. I thought the lesson would be really bad and almost cancelled.

But I am glad I didn't. I played the few bars that I felt I had down pat. Then we spent the rest of the lesson identifying the different chords (inverted, 7th, diminished, etc) and their progression (C-D-G-C-Am, etc) and how Bach chose to move from one chord to another and why. I really felt I can now understand the piece and how Bach composed it, and not just "type" the notes.
Posted By: Horace

Re: I just had a really good lesson - 01/05/05 11:41 PM

Sounds like you have a good teacher! Understanding a piece on that level really helps with memorization (among other things I'm sure).
Posted By: HermanM

Re: I just had a really good lesson - 01/06/05 08:33 AM

I went through the same procedure with that piece - one week I worked on taking a stab at what I thought the chords were (some are obvious, others not so much), then my teacher and I went through and 'graded' my work. Suprising how much that one piece can teach you about chord progressions / theory. That, and its so much fun to play. I'm working on memorizing it now (just about have it knocked out, I'm happy to report!).
Posted By: Cindysphinx

Re: I just had a really good lesson - 01/06/05 12:22 PM

Congrats, Jeffrey!

My teacher also broke down that piece for me.

Only I, uh, didn't understand. frown

Go forth and nail it next week!
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