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Hey Chicks!

Posted By: -Frycek

Hey Chicks! - 06/04/06 10:02 AM

I'm starting to feel very lonely - - -

Posted By: ShiroKuro

Re: Hey Chicks! - 06/04/06 10:32 AM

Oh, I missed that. Ok, I am logging my minutes today, as soon as I finish practicing!

But first I have to get off this computer and do the dishes!
Posted By: Cindysphinx

Re: Hey Chicks! - 06/04/06 01:34 PM

OK, OK. I've been landscaping my head off, but I'll take a ride on the bench today. One hour, at least.
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: Hey Chicks! - 06/04/06 02:09 PM

I think we should win something. Yes, I realize we have won the greatest gift...hours of improvement (?) at the keyboard. laugh thumb

But I'd be willing to come up with a small token of our accomplishment (I have about 50 square magnetic squares on which I could print some type of grahic...perhaps a gold cup (too tacky??) eek and send them to any of the chicks you would want them. Then we can slap them on the front of our frigs and beam with pride everytime we open the door to dig out that carton of Ben & Jerry's. heart

Oh well, just a silly thought. I'm full of them.

Posted By: AdagioM

Re: Hey Chicks! - 06/05/06 06:43 AM

Hey, I'm with youse!
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: Hey Chicks! - 06/05/06 12:39 PM

Well, I am underwhelmed by the response on my offer. frown

Thanks, AdagioM. Your vote makes a total of "one." I'll wait a few weeks to see if I have any other takers. If not, expect a tacky frig magnet in the mail. smile

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