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Bach minuet in G Maj

Posted By: Anonymous

Bach minuet in G Maj - 09/03/06 10:11 PM

Is this a good peice for a beginner?will it help develop skills for more difficult peices?and would like to hear anyone opinion.I chose the peice radomly because there is such a abundance of music to chose from.I am trying to work up to Fur Elise, Vincent
Posted By: rockpeter

Re: Bach minuet in G Maj - 09/03/06 11:13 PM

I think this is one everyone tries at the beginning of their piano experience.
If you are a beginner, it will develop your skills to some degree.
Fur Elise is more difficult but not out of reach for a late beginner.

Posted By: Copper

Re: Bach minuet in G Maj - 09/04/06 01:19 AM

Yes, the minuet is a good choice. I think it is a tough piece for a beginner, but it is doable if you stick with it.

As a beginner it may be difficult especially playing hands together.

Try learning both hands separately then put them together. Some people will say that it better to learn with hands together, but it wasn’t for me.

Breaking it into small pieces of just few measures will make it less intimidating. These pieces don’t have to be learned in sequence. You may find it is easier to learn the more difficult measures first.

Play it slowly, the speed comes later.
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