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happy birthday gt7891a!

Posted By: cruiser

happy birthday gt7891a! - 01/15/09 11:56 AM

I've just seen the great photos of you - you look like an 18 year younger version of myself wink - and your family here and noticed the birthday cake next to your username and so...

...a very happy birthday gt7891a, and joy in the music!
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: happy birthday gt7891a! - 01/15/09 02:14 PM

Happy birthday! And as I mentioned on the photo thread, I *still* can't get over how cute your kids are. smile (And tell your wife she doesn't look a day over 30.)
Posted By: Kymber

Re: happy birthday gt7891a! - 01/15/09 03:47 PM

Happy Birthday!!!

I was looking at all the pictures - they're great. Monica for some reason I pictured you with dark hair (maybe b/c of the avatar-LOL. Nice pictures though.
Posted By: jotur

Re: happy birthday gt7891a! - 01/15/09 03:59 PM

Happy birthday, and make sure at least part of your birthday cake is the kind *you* like, not just the kind your kids like if it's different - Dad's just gotta have fun!

Have a great day.

Posted By: gt7891a

Re: happy birthday gt7891a! - 01/17/09 02:08 PM

Holy! I just found this thread! Where have I been?!

Thanks everybody. My b-day was...memorable.

Posted By: saerra

Re: happy birthday gt7891a! - 01/17/09 04:19 PM

Happy Birthday!

smile BTW I used to be gt5900a - a very long time ago (so it feels, anyway!)

Hope it was "memorable" in a GOOD WAY!
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