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choosing a piano keyboard

Posted By: Karl333

choosing a piano keyboard - 11/15/04 04:06 PM

I wish to teach myself to play the piano via my computer and the proper piano keyboard. The board should have a earphone jack, and a recording capablity, so that I might listen to my practice sessions.
If known, I would like the name of the manufactor, the model number, and estimated cost. I would want the ability to interface my computer and the board.
Posted By: Rodney

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/16/04 12:18 PM

There are many posts on this subject in these forums but a good place to start would be the Yamaha and Roland line of digital pianos and stage pianos. The price range is quite large so you'll need to be more specific as to your price range.

Posted By: mound

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/16/04 01:09 PM

I love my Roland RD-700.. I believe they have a newer model, so they have just been price dropped (or will be very shortly) - which means you'll find one in the 1000-1300 range. (USD)
Posted By: Stevester

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/17/04 10:48 AM

Check out the Digital Forum.
Posted By: rnewcomb

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/18/04 10:40 AM

Greetings -
Well, being so new I didn't want to spend top of the line $$ until I was sure I could maintain the enjoyment and progress - maybe in a few years. Anyways I bought the Yamaha Model: DGX500ADBH which is about $599 on the internet.

Here it is at a Sams Club near you!

Good Luck
Posted By: mound

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/18/04 11:29 AM

Doesn't look like a bad way to begin! At least it's got 88 keys, probably doesn't sound half bad either. If you decide to stick with it, you'll want to upgrade to something that has fully weighted keys, otherwise it will be more difficult to develop good piano technique.

Posted By: Donovan

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/18/04 04:39 PM

I'm thinking about purchasing the Casio PX 100...similar price to that Yamaha...sounds are decent...put most importantly, it's weighted keys feel great and are comparable to a grand piano...best weighted key digital piano I have played.

Has anyone else tried it? Your thoughts?
Posted By: signa

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/18/04 10:34 PM

comparing with Yamaha's digital models, Casio PX100 is not as good, but it is decent enough with its feel and especially its price ($500) for beginners. at least it is better than all of those keyboards with no weighted keys if the goal is eventually playing piano. DGX500 series are just keyboards without weight.
Posted By: Donovan

Re: choosing a piano keyboard - 11/18/04 10:58 PM

thanks...my second option was the yamaha p80
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