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Recital #4 General Discussion Room

Posted By: Bob Muir

Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 06:03 AM

Please utilize this room for any discussion of the pieces in Recital #4 that is taking place in the Recital Room.

When providing opinion or critique of the performances, please try to limit yourself to a single post - either write notes and post at the end or create a post and edit it as you go along.

Discussions and replies can be posted at-will.

Critical discussion should take place in the Recital #4 Critical Discussion Room .

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Posted By: Ragnhild

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 08:55 AM

What a great experience to start the day with a concert, thank you so much, Bob for making it happen thumb

I have listened to a little more than half of the perfomances and I think it is time for a break with some refreshments laugh (fact is I have to work).

I want to thank Frycek for recording the Chopin: "Lullaby little Jesus" which I have never heard before. It is so beutifully played.

Also thanks to Bluemarine for the Christmas tree piece by Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov. I have never heard about the composer but I like the music and Bluemarine, you play like a professional.

Deborah, your Silent Night is just impressing after only 2 months !

Tarik: very, very nicely played - this Brahms Intermezzo is really one of my fauvorite pieces. I have given it up, but after hearing how beutiful it can be, I will try again. smile

Kathleen: Lovely version of the chestnuts !

Monica: You made me dream myself away..

reliv4all (Matthew): IMO you belong to the Pianist Corner.

Balladeer: I think you are my favourite playing-by ear, wish I could do that myself..

Pieter: Hard work or natural talent (both) ?

Funburger: Your Video is magic !

LisztAddict : I am just proud to play at the same recital as you.

The quality of everything I have listened to is so good to be just amateurs, I have run out of compliments !

Posted By: Seaside_Lee

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 09:27 AM

Good Morning everyone

Just starting to listen

From the top then...

1. Mr Super-Hunky

This is IMHO your best yet...you captured the beauty and haunting melody of the piece beautifully and somehow made it with your own

Loved it, Bravo

2. Mel

What can I say that was simply gorgeous...almost ragtime-ish, loved it from the first note to the last...that run at the end! I need to know how you did that...STUNNING!

3. StephenC

I am already a big fan...you don't disappoint at all...I don't have words to say how much I love your playing it sounds just simply wonderful...I want a signed copy of your first album

4. Peyton Higgison

I am really starting to feel Christmassy now...what a wonderful original version of an old favourite, thanks

5. J_McClellan

weekly lessons since January 2006??? WOW!!! you and your teacher should be very proud...you sound like you must be practising 37 hours a day like I do LOL

6. Ragnhild

No Xmas piece? doesn't matter because that is beautiful, sounds perfect to my ears...thanks

7. Icekid

10 months!! you're kidding right? and a kid (I want to be you!!)

from the moment you played that intro I knew I was going to love this and that was just so jazzy. How the heck have you learned to play like that in 10 months?????

probably my favourite so far

8. Piano again

Nice playing thanks, sounds polished to me

9. Euan Morrison

Well it aint Christmassy Euan as you say...but, man its beautiful, I always look forward to hearing your piece and I love it...loved the fade away and the whole gentleness of the piece

10. Frycek

I am unfamiliar with this piece...but you played it beautifully, an exceptional talent... thanks

11. Kawaigirl1

You have such a wonderful touch and it always sounds like everything you play is effortless for you to play...its just so perfect isn't it?, lovely

12. Rockpeter (Peter)

delightful, loved it

This recital is once again even better (I can't believe how good the music is so far!! this is heaven)

13. Monica Kern

Oh Monica...that was as beautiful as it was haunting...what a lovely arrangement of the "Holly and the Ivy"

14. dh (Deborah)

Short and sweet, very nice...welcome to the recital...see, recording its not all that bad is it? Make sure you keep your recordings as they will be great to listen back to in years to come. Who knows, maybe next stop Carneghie Hall?

congrats you've earned your "red dot"

15. loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen)

hey it doesn't matter about the recording quality...your playing sounded wonderful

16. Copper

It may be simple as you say but, its beautiful in its simplicity...Merry christmas to you too Copper.

17. mahlzeit

Matthijs you are so talented, I wish I had taken to pianomagic as quickly as you, what a haunting version of an old favourite...simply superb. BTW I will pick your brains on this one (over there)

Stunning but, for someone who has been playing for a whole year!!! its unbelievable

18. Sandy Moore

Your teacher gave you goosebumps and your playing of this had the same effect on me...beautiful

I am loving this more than words can say

19. rocky

glad you made this one wink rocky my friend your playing is just wonderful you get better and better!(I also want a signed copy of your first album!!)

20. PootieTooGood (Tarik)

Delightful, I enjoyed your playing...I even liked the click of the recorder at the start (made me feel like I was in th room with you)

thanks for the music

21. Patty39

A lovely piece (one of my favourites) and you played it beautifully ...the recording quality sounded fine to me. thanks for the music, well played

22. YamahaG3&P-80 (Mike White)

Mike as always I want to play as good as you...I love the way you so easily build the emotion and drama toward the end. Nice contrast with the electric piano sound in the middle

23. Nighteyes

beautiful playing once again, what a lovely touch you have, thanks

24. Monster M&H, (Les)

Hi Les, always love the way you play and this is one of your best so far...I can feel the words mean so much to you as I listen...s'wonderful

25. Balladeer

Hi Tim, that is just simply awesome!!...you could play the phone book and make is sound good...the whole thing is just heavenly

26. NancyM333

Lovely playing sounded perfect to my ears thanks

27. TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner)

Hi Dennis...what you on about?? it sounded wonderful and you play beautifully, very nice, very pretty...thanks

28. Bluemarine

What a pretty waltz and you played it beautifully


29. AdagioM (Michele)

Hi Michele, another wonderful piece, you also play so beautifully (I don't have the words to say how much I am enjoying all of this...yours is gorgeous but, over too soon...MORE!)

I shall be listening to this recital in my car for weeks to come (no kidding its awesome!)

30. Serge88

You play wonderfully, another incredible piece...this just gets better and better, thankyou

31 Mountain Ash

sounding good for only 9 months well played

32. Seaside_Lee

uh? next time don't leave it so late

33. Funburger

Wahoo!!!..that video was awesome...loved the intro....Best so far (it was sooooo you!! and so much fun!! yeeessss!)


to be continued...
Posted By: stephenc

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 09:52 AM

Good evening everyone!

1. Mr S-H, I love it, huge bass hits, high trills. I agree with Lee, this is one of your best...was that a key change at about 3.05 in?

2. Dannylux - that was 4 or 5 months very well spent, Wow, this is superb, flawless! Love the trills, your playing is inspiring my sticking to Hanon exercises - it has done endless wonders for you, just awesome!

4. Peyton, I agree, you hadn't the faintest idea how to play the piece...until the theme repeated half way in!...then it just took off!, it was jazzy and almost virtuosic in places, I've never heard the piece played like that, thanks for sharing it!

5.J_McClellan, What a pretty piece, good job on the right hand to bring out that wonderful melody!

6. Ragnhild - very well, (and delicately) executed, loved the trills and the tempo chnanges were great!

7.Icekid767 (Hawk), find yourself a bar and set up shop, I could listen to your playing endlessly, this was a sublime performance!

8. Piano again, boy am I getting jealous of all these wonderfully executed trills, I'm sure this piece is hard, but piano again you made it sound so easy, wonderful!

9. Euan Morrison - glorious playing of a very reflective piece, that soundfont sounds excellent, the whole thing is very professional sounding, well done!

10. Frycek, what a sweet lullaby, great job on bringing out the tricky melody!

11. KawaiGirl, your playing is simply stunning always, you held the rhythm and tempo so well, you made the piece sound effortless.

12. Rockpeter (Peter) - this is one of those hauntingly beautiful pieces and you did it all the justice it deserves, it is obvious how passionately you play the piano.

13. Monica Kern, what a joy to listen to your playing it is. Your playing is so graceful on this beautiful piece - you're really developing a splendid touch on the keys, BTW that zoom H4 really is almost as amazing as your playing!

14. DH - Good job on your first recital. I liked the piece for its simplicity, keep at it and you'll be surprised how fast it comes together for you. BTW, timing sounded great and your hitting those chords just right!

15. Loveschopintoomuch - You've polished this one up nicely, this piece has a very nice melody and you really got the dynamics right, BTW, the ending was nice!

16. Copper - What a Joy to the PianoWorld your playing is, I especially liked your tempo variations, a very sweet version of a glorious melody.

17 - Mahlzeit Silent Night in C-Minor, very spooky, you gave this piece a whole new dimension. It actually sounded like something out of one of those Christmas movies involving someone plotting to terminate Santa Claus and Christmas. I liked the build up in the second half!

18 Sandy Moore - This is a very haunting melody, Im glad someone played it in this recital, and you did it wonderfully, I think your dynamics were great, it did sound effortless to me.

19 Rocky- You played this one very well, it flowed nicely and your touch was smooth and even, this is a sweet little piece, I really liked it!

20 PootieTooGood - The quality of the recording says nothing about the quality of your playing, you did a stellar job here. This is one of Brahm's finest. You brought out the melody so well here, you really played like a pro.

21 Patty39 - I've not heard this piece before, but based on your version I am immediately drawn into it, its sad yet joyful - a very beautiful song and you played it so well, sounds like some big chords in there.

22 Mike White - Your silver Bells was a golden performance as always, you really put some life into this very familiar melody, it would be a joy to listen to you play more Christmas tunes (please post some more!). This is just a wonderful arrangement.

23 Nighteyes - You must have worked hard in your first 6 months and it is paying dividends, this is very nice, your interpretation was grand. It flowed so well, good job! May you have continued success.

24 Monster M&H - This is simply superb, your playing was delicate yet powerful, loved the ornamentation, i'm hooked on this one!

25 TBC....
Posted By: mahlzeit

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 11:14 AM

Wow, almost 2 hours of music! smile

BIG thanks for putting this together, Bob! I've been looking forward to today. Lots of awesome new music.

1 - Mr Super-Hunky: Big sounds. Love it! Have you tried slowing it down a little?

Despite your recording woes, the piano doesn't sound too bad at all. For fun, you should compare the frequency spectrum of your recordings with the others. (If you don't know how, put WinAmp or whatever player you use in Spectrum Analyzer mode. Your recording is very full, while most everyone else's only uses the lower bands. I like the fullness of your sound.)

2 - dannylux (Mel): Lots of fast notes! I like the tune, nice choice. It sounds pretty hard to play, so you certainly picked the piano up quickly again after not playing for so long.

3 - StephenC: Nice, quiet, contemplative tune. I like your touch (on the piano laugh )!

4 - Peyton: Maybe it wasn't Silent Night "by the book", but enjoyable nonetheless. I liked it where things became a little more bluesy. I wouldn't have minded if it were longer, either.

5 - J_McClellan: Holy pianos, Batman! Very nice playing, especially for someone who started not a year ago! I like your choice of material. The quality of the recorded sound maybe isn't super, but it's far from bad. Enjoyed it!

6 - Ragnhild: Can't go wrong with Bach. smile Very enjoyable playing! And it's one of the longer pieces that have been submitted, and that deserves praise too!

7 - Icekid767 (Hawk): This whole Charlie Brown thing is alien to me, but I love the way you're playing this tune. Excellent!

8 - Piano again: Can't go wrong with Bach. smile Are they meant to be played this fast? Even so, I still like them.

9 - Euan Morrison: This Einaudio fellow sounds interesting. I shall have to listen to more of him. Well played, very controlled.

10 - Frycek: Interesting. Chopin is someone I should listen more to as wel. You make this tune sound really scary. laugh I like the variety in dynamics (although maybe you should have played a little less loud, heh heh).

11 - Kawaigirl1: Ah, more Einaudi. Maybe it sounds a lot simpler than it is to play, but you play it beautifully. Nice touch! The piano sounds great too, I almost bought one of those.

12 - Rockpeter: Very nice recording! You take your time and that's a good thing. It's a very pretty piece, especially when it does that phone sound.

13 - Monica Kern: I'm not an expert on Christmas Carols, but this one sounds very nice. You should take your piano and go door to door.

14 - dh (Deborah): A pretty fine debut it is! You're very courageous to submit a recording even though you have been playing only for a little while. The sound quality isn't too bad, and neither is the playing! We want more!

15 - loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen): No Chopin, eh? "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire" is a fitting title. I can see folks sitting around a fire, staring down the flames, lost in their thoughts, listening to you playing the piano in the background, all wishing they could put the piano into the fire as well. Nah, just kidding. Nice tune, and a bad recording is better than no recording at all!

16 - Copper: Simple music is often the best, and if all simple pianists play like you, then there's nothing wrong with being a simple pianist!

17 - mahlzeit: Awesome, simply unbelievable! (Actually, I think I should have kept a tighter rhythm.)

18 - Sandy Moore: Cool intro! I'm going to steal it. This is a tune that should be played sweetly, and you did just that.

19 - rocky: Why so short? If you play like this, we want to hear more! You truly made the piano sing.

20 - PootieTooGood (Tarik): The recording really isn't that bad -- it has the charm of an old vinyl record -- and there's a lot to like about your version! I didn't know the piece, but I'll certainly look it up. Your playing is a pleasure to listen to... One of my favorites of this bunch so far. And you should get bonus points for making the longest recording!

21 - Patty39: Hey, it meets my quality demands. By your playing, I can tell you love this piece, and a lovely piece it is!

22 - YamahaG3&P-80 (Mike White): Yes, that sustain pedal slip-up ruined the whole thing! Nah, of course not. It's obvious to hear that you're pretty comfortable at the piano, and I enjoyed listening to your performance a lot. Nice idea to switch instruments halfway, and back again.

23 - Nighteyes: Can't go wrong with Bach. smile Listening to it is not a punishment at all. You play it wonderfully, especially for 6 months!

24 - Monster M&H, (Les): Heh, that's a really sweet tune. I can easily follow along with the lyrics. By the way, are you "speaking along" too in the recording, or what is that sound? You sure sound like you had fun playing it!

25 - Balladeer: It's the undeniable Balladeer sound! Very cool. When are you going to record a CD?

26 - NancyM333: What I like about these recitals is that they introduce me to pieces I wouldn't have listened to otherwise. Thanks for playing this, Nancy! And very well played too -- it sounds difficult!

27 - TX-Dennis: The noise removal tool really hurts the quality of the sound -- it always makes everything sound very robotic. Too bad there isn't a "crappy playing correction tool", although you wouldn't need it! You have a great touch. Between 2:30 and 3:00 you get yourself into some trouble, but I definitely wouldn't say it sucks -- au contraire! And if not for those recitals, how else would we conquer these recording gremlins?

28 - Bluemarine: Interesting piece! Made me want to get up and swirl through the room. Nice playing!

29 - AdagioM (Michele): Better late than never, and I'm glad you submitted this. Too bad you didn't have time for more, because I really enjoyed it!

30 - Serge88: Can't go wrong with Bach. smile It seems a little rushed at times, but still a very enjoyable performance! Your piano sounds great.

31 - Mountain Ash: Don't let bad sound quality prevent you from submitting anything. Sounds like you're doing pretty good, especially for someone who hasn't been playing for very long. Your timing is spot on, and that's important!

32 - Seaside_Lee: Just awful! Heh heh. Nah, I like it just fine. You kept it simple, and sing-able. Too bad it's a little on the short side. (Hey, are those "da-boom chucks"?)

33 - funburger: Cool video! Cool suit too! Sounds very Halloween. Maybe we should have a special video recital... (By the way, "Candy Ferry"? Is that a special boat that takes you to Candyland?)

34 - LisztAddict: Wonderful piece of music, played wonderfully. Personally, I would play it a little slower -- then again, I don't really know how to play it at all. Impressive!

35 - psychopianoman: Nice! Put it in minor and you have my tune. laugh It's still played pretty fast for a contemplative mood, but I guess one can comtemplate quickly as well.

36 - Pianoga (Pieter): Take 239 ain't so bad. Maybe take 240 would have been better, but you have to stop recording at some point. And it's a lot longer than 10 seconds, so bravo! I like the swing rhythm near the end!

37 - BobMuir: I'm sure that organizing the recital is a lot of work for you, and I'm glad you didn't forget to submit your own recording. Maybe it isn't quite what you intended to play, but if you don't tell us, we would never know. It sounds fine as is to me!

38 - Opus45 (Jeff): Very smooth playing! But much too short... If you're going to play like this, I want to hear more!

39 - reliv4all (Matthew): A work in progress maybe, but pretty good progress it is! Maybe play it a little slower, but pretty good nonetheless.

40 - Haizel: Fitting to conclude this "holiday" recital with an actual Christmas Carol. You played it very gently, Haizel! No doubt the angels wouldn't mind singing along with your playing. At least, I think I heard one whistle (?) along at 0:18...

Thanks for your music everyone!
Posted By: Mary-Rose

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 01:36 PM

First, thank you all so much for such enjoyable performances. Every single one had something special about it. I think you are all very brave and clever. Braver than me, any way smile

These are my first impressions. I just had an enjoyable time listening to your e-cital for most of the morning instead of doing more important, practical and less appealing things. The thing that struck me is the way you all have different strengths– as many different talents as there are performers here, from the showmanship of funburger to the improvisational skills of peyton to the budding promise of the real beginners. You know, I enjoyed this varied amateur concert every bit as much as I have enjoyed some professional concerts I’ve been to.

Above all – thanks to Bob Muir for getting the show on the road, or rather on to computers around the world.

1 – Mr Super Hunky
You do stuff that I can’t do and you do it very well. After only a comparatively short time of playing the piano you could get a job in an up-market hotel any day thumb (No, I don’t mean as a bell-boy…)

2 – Dannylux/Mel
I’d not heard of this composer before but it is really charming music and your playing is spirited. I like the gypsy colour you inject into it!

3 – Stephenc
I don’t know this piece either but you performed it very musically with a nice wistful feeling to the performance.

4 – peyton
This is one of my all-time favourite carols. I listened with trepidation “will someone else’s arrangement ruin it?” but no – it’s a wonderful arrangement. Especially for someone who “doesn’t really know how to play this piece”.

5 – J McLellan
Gorgeous choice of music on a characterful piano. Definitely one of my favourites out of the whole selection given the short time the pianist has been learning.
Whoops – just noticed no feedback wanted – but seriously, I do want you to know how very much I enjoyed this!

6 – Ragnhild
You don’t need to apologise that it isn’t a Christmas piece as all of Bach is so spiritual that he fits well into such a season. I liked your playing on your nice Norwegian Knudsen piano – it’s exactly the touch I want to hear when Bach is played: totally lacking in self-indulgence, yet never cold.

7 – Icekid 767/Hawk
Another really new beginner playing very well indeed. Just imagine what next year’s performance will be like at this rate of progress. I am seriously impressed.

8 – Piano Again
What a commendable aim, to always be working and memorising from the WTC! It has obviously paid off. These performances are more than competent.

9 – Euan Morrison

9 again – only teasing. You did ask for it! But in truth, your piece was full of feeling – I would never have guessed you had been playing for only 13 months, nor would I have guessed that this is such a recent work. That Celtic/Italian mix really works.

10 – Frycek
A brilliant choice to fit both the season and your style of playing. I loved the tenderness and humanity of your rendition; qualities essential for playing the music of a man who had so much of both. You have inspired me to play this section of the Scherzo also.

11 – Kawaigirl1
The wistful beauty of this music is brought out well here. Bonjour Tristesse. Lovely.

12 – Rockpeter
A really “different” choice of music. I can imagine how it must sound with the strings added. You were so sensible not to over-stretch yourself and sound really polished here.

13 – Monica Kern
What a fresh take on a very familiar carol. Very festive and very nicely played!

14 – dh/Deborah
For a player with only 2 months experience, this is really well done. Deborah, I do hope you contribute to all the future e-concerts as I look forward to hearing your progress from such a promising start.

15 – loveschopintoomuch/Kathleen
This one made me feel all cosy and wanting to roast chestnuts wink I like your playing style here, Kathleen, your true musicality shines through and we would never guess that you are sick of it!

16 – Copper
You say simple – but simple often equals good, as here. Thanks for playing some Handel – I have great fondness for his music.

17 – mahlzeit
What a fun name for a different version of a well-known piece. I do admire people who can do their very own arrangements.

18 – Sandy Moore
A very pretty version of a tune I think of as “Greensleeves”. I can understand why you were excited when you heard your teacher play it and your love of the piece shows.

19 – rocky
This just goes to show what you can do in 20 months without even a teacher. It’s a real achievement.

20 – PootieTooGood/Tarik
Again, a complete contrast. A lot to learn by heart here I thought, and played from the heart too – beautifully done.

21 – Patty39
You’ve definitely done it justice Patty. It sounds so sad… just like it’s meant to.

22 - YamahaG3&P-80/Mike White
Another who is gifted with playing by ear. You sound so confident, Mike. The “bells” bit took me by surprise – very Christmassy!

23 – Nighteyes
So are you a Robin Hobb fan too?
Thank you for forcing us to “make do” with this famous prelude. I was genuinely impressed with the way you played so steadily and am amazed that you have been playing for only six months.

24 - Monster M&H/Les
Fun song, well played, and what a great piano. Thanks for the lyrics too!

25 – Balladeer
Ah, this song is such a classic, and you play it delightfully. You sounded pretty confident in D flat to me cool

26 – Nancy M333
I know so well what you mean about it taking longer to “polish” a work than it does to just learn the notes Nancy. That seems to me the hardest part. This is one of my favourite Nocturnes. For my own taste, I’d have a quieter bass and more “singing” RH, but as I can’t play it very well who am I to say? Good luck at the recital and let us know how it goes, please.

27 - TX-Dennis/Dennis Turner
So many here who gave up the piano and have now come back to it. Dennis, I so sympathized with your recording disappointment, but it sounded good to me, and no it DOESN’T suck. I think you must be one of those people who magnify their own faults that are invisible to others. Give yourself a pat on the back - you deserve it.

28 – Bluemarine
Clever choice of seasonal music – appropriate yet very different. I loved it, and I think you played outstandingly. Very pianistic. Thank you for introducing me to this composer. You must be one of the very best players on this forum.

29 – AdagioM/Michele
So glad you “went for it” at the last minute, and it’s nice to have some Granados on the programme.

30 – Serge 88
To be honest, I think the notes aren’t even enough - but then again I play it quite often, and mine’s not even enough either so I’m being a bit hypocritical here. Oh, and you should be more perfectionist, not lazy!! (And so should I.)

31 – Mountain Ash
Another beginner that I’m looking forward to hear progress in future recitals. You are at the beginning of a long and exciting journey.

32 – Seaside_Lee
I couldn’t begin to give advice to someone who can play by ear but this was a good rendition, particularly in view of the circumstances!

33 – funburger
Now I know why your name has “fun” in it. I enjoyed the video! You are a natural-born entertainer laugh Oddly enough, we call this piece “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” in Britain, not “candy fairy”. Mmm, I wonder if there’s such a thing as a chocolate fairy? [heads off to kitchen for refreshments]

34 – LisztAddict
You sound very accomplished. This is gorgeous, lush music extremely well played on a super piano.

35 - psychopianoman
I found this a very soothing and restful rendition of a much-loved, versatile carol. Well done for coming up with something as pleasant as this at short notice.

36 – Pianoga/Pieter
My heart went out to you when I read “a few miserable lessons as a kid”. I’m so glad you didn’t manage to let that put you off. Very well done!

37 – Bob Muir
This isn’t the tune I was expecting when I read “Away in a Manger” but it’s very nice, delightfully played and really appropriate.

38 – Opus 45/Jeff
This was an interesting adjunct to the forum’s most popular carol. Thanks for providing the words, too. Glad to hear you are more “on” than “off” nowadays! Well done.

39 - relive4all’s son Matthew
OK, the Waltz is as you explain a work in progress, but what promise! Very well done to a 12 year old. I would love to hear this again when it is finally polished. I think it is so great that Chopin continues to appeal to people of all ages.

40 – Haizel
Hey, wasn’t this composed by Mendelssohn? This makes a great traditional ending to the recital. Thank you.

I’m wondering what happened to Debussy? I was looking forward to “Le Petit Negre”. And IrishMak, where were you? Schubertian, what happened to the Bartok? Shirokuro?
Posted By: icekid767

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 01:49 PM

Hello. First I want to say that I am in the process of listening and commenting on everyone's great work.

I must point out that something must have gotten mixed up, because I have been playing a bit more than 10 months. I wish I could have learned so fast, but quite the contrary. I have been playing off and on since I was 13 (32 now). I took about 10 years off, but started up again this past January, so in essence, I have been playing about ten months after I started up again. Thanks for the comments, though.
Posted By: icekid767

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 02:11 PM

Mr.SH-I couldn't get your song to load, so I will try again later. I was looking forward to hearing it, since it is a song that I play as well.

Dannylux- Great job. Sounds like an incredibly challenging piece.

Stephenc- Very professional sounding. Great expression.

Peyton- Another professional! I must admit that it didn’t remind me of Silent Night Holy Night, but maybe you weren’t going for that. On the other hand, it was nice arrangement and it was beautifully played.

J_McClellan-I have never heard that piece, but it was very nice. The only thing at issue here is the recording, which doesn’t do any justice to the song. Very nice.

Ragnhild-I have a friend named Ragnhildur. She can’t play the piano as well as you though;)

Piano again-you should go and try to get hired at a fancy mall and play for the rich people. They love to discuss their stock portfolios over this type of music. Good tempo, nice and even, well played.

Euan- you continue to impress me with the limited experience you have. You learn fast. You have a nice touch, too. Good job!

I will have more comments later.
Posted By: Seaside_Lee

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 02:22 PM

Hi icekid laugh

thanks for the clarification (phew!)

I was seriously thinking of jumping off the nearest cliff after hearing you play wink (after 10 months!! eek he he!)

Lee smile
Posted By: icekid767

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 03:24 PM

I thought about going with it for a while, but I don't want to live a lie. Seaside, you are the perfect example of someone who picked up piano playing in record time. I don't know why you worry, you're an adult prodigy.

Here are some more comments. I probably skipped a bunch of pieces, but I'm a busy man and a very slow typer, but I'll try to get to all of them eventually.

Monica-I really like that Christmas song. I had never been a fan of it until you played it. You’ve inspired me to add another Xmas song to my repertoire.

Sandy Moore-That’s always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. I liked that arrangement and it was well executed.

Mike White-I don’t care what they say about “play by ear” people;) That song gets me into the spirit of the holidays and I enjoyed it immensely. I’m not a big fan of the second voice that you used.

Nighteyes-I have the notes for this piece, but I never had the patience to memorize it and play it ‘til the end. Very nicely played.

Monster M&H- One of my favorites so far. I would also like to mention that I am jealous of your piano. I love the old piano sound.

Balladeer- That was fantastic! I will definitely pirate this one and play it during Christmas time while I get cosy by my fake fireplace. Great job!

TX-Dennis- The recording isn’t too bad. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sure it enhances the holiday spirit in the comfort of your own home.

Bluemarine- Very grand! I haven’t heard this one before, but you might as well be a professional.

Michele- Very nice. Just make sure you pay attention to the next recital date

MountainAsh-Keep up the good work!

Seaside_Lee- I always look forward to what you will churn up. You’re recordings always sound flawless. Very Christmassy. I will add this to my CD.

Funburger-Firstly, I always thought you were a man. Secondly, that was a good performance.

Allen Clark-That was very enjoyable. Impressive that you had such little time to prepare.
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 04:16 PM

What a wonderful treat to be able to listen to all this terrific music on a cold, rainy Wednesday morning! Thank you, Bob, again for making this happen.

First batch of comments:

1.) mr_super-hunky: I couldn't get your direct link to work, but after I downloaded the zip file I could hear it fine. Man, does your M&H BB have an *unbelievable* bass! And you used it to great advantage in your intro to this piece, especially that deep note right at the 28 second mark. I agree with the others that this is your most polished arrangement yet. (Though I still love your Lake Erie Rainfall the best.)

2.) dannylux: I bet you were dripping sweat after playing the Gypsy Waltz! What rapid finger work. Your playing was absolutely smooth despite the rapid pace. Great trills. thumb

3.) stephenc: Having tried and failed to play two Brickman pieces, I know just how tricky his arrangements can be. This is a beautiful piece, and you made it sound so easy to play that I am tempted to try it myself. [somebody slap me.]

4.) peyton: I am so used to your country/folk songs of the month that I was not expecting such a traditional arrangement... you are truly a man of many talents! I really liked all the fills you used to jazz up the melody.

5.) J_McClellan: the sound quality was better than I expected for a laptop mic. I love slow, sad music and this piece was lovely in a brooding way. I predict you will shine at the live recital!

6.) Ragnhild: Congratulations on a great job for your first AB recital! I wish I knew more about classical music so I could offer more intelligent comments. I will say that I liked your playing. smile

7.) icekid767: Yours is one of my favorites so far. Beautiful, smooth jazz and it sure does sound like the Guaraldi arrangement.

8.) Piano again: A very nice set of pieces. My favorite was the Fugue, and I will beg to differ with you... they both sounded quite polished to me.

9.) Euan: I was so glad to see an Einaudi piece. I listened to this 5 times in a row before I realized I would never get through the recital unless I moved on. I think I will shamelessly copy you, and this will be the next Einaudi piece I attempt.

10.) Frycek: What an interesting piece! I'm glad you included the history. As I was listening to it, I was thinking to myself, "this doesn't sound calm or happy like a lullaby usually does," and your explanation helped put it in context. Very well played!

11.) Kawaigirl: Hurray! Another Einaudi piece. This time, however, I won't be copying you. I looked at this music a few months earlier, took one glance at it and then hurriedly turned to something easier. I agree with you... it is technically a LOT more demanding than it sounds, and you did a terrific job of bringing out the melody voice in the right hand.

...to be continued.
Posted By: psychopianoman

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 04:20 PM

Thanks everyone for the comments!

4. Peyton Higgison

I loved your arrangement. Very classy. I really liked the improv the second time around in the right hand. Very nice.

9. Euan Morrison

You can't go wrong with Ludovico Einaudi in my opinion. Very well played.

11. Kawaigirl1

Very well done! I will have to purchase another one of his cd's.

17. mahlzeit

Wow!!! I love this. I never thought of doing a song in a minor key like that. Very good job!

25. Balladeer

Very smooth and relaxing. thumb
Posted By: Piano Again

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 04:52 PM

Originally posted by icekid767:
Piano again-you should go and try to get hired at a fancy mall and play for the rich people. They love to discuss their stock portfolios over this type of music. Good tempo, nice and even, well played.
Hmmmm ... IME they prefer Mozart.
Posted By: icekid767

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 05:28 PM

Okay, maybe it's more appropriate in a solarium with a cup of tea and the New York Times...on Sundays. But seriously, I really liked the music.
Posted By: funburger

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 05:59 PM

First off let me call you guys a bunch of nutballs, in the other thread you all said how terrible your performances were---i must say You are all crazy. this is a fantastic recital!!! i am loving and enjoying every minute of it!!! you guys are nothing short of INCREDIBLE!!!!

1. superhunky-- great rendition!!! nicely played!!!

2. dannylux--WOW!!! absolutly superb, fantastico!!!! i absolutly love this, nice dancing piece!!! i absolutly love this!!! Love it!!!!

3. stephenc-- beautifully played!!! your right this is the time of year to feel freedom, and of course giving:)

4. peyton-- i love everything you play!! you have done a wonderful job of jazzing this up!!! i love it!!!

5. J Mcclellan-- WOW!! you play so beautifully and so well for such a short time playing!! very very very nice playing! the recording sounds great to me!!!!

6. ragnhild-- i love bach, you played this so sweetly!!! love it!!!

7. icekid-- this piece touched my heart. it has brought christmas to me and my home. this piece brings out so many emotions, your superb playing has brought out so much!!! absolutly beautiful!!!

8. pianoagain-- i love anything by bach, and your playing is awesome. i am loving it!!!

9. euan-- a world away--sniffling seems a bit sad, but your playing is absolutly beautiful!!! you never cease to amaze me!!!

10. frycek-- i am not a huge chopin fan but you play this very well!!! awesome playing!!!

11. kawaigirl-- you never ever ever cease to amaze me, from your pianobar postings to this, absolultly taking my breath away!!! i love your playing!!!!

12. rockpeter-- my husband wanted me to play this before but obviously you took me sheet music;) you play this very well and very beautifully my husband is now your biggest fan!!!!

13. Monica-- absolutly love it!!! and with that h4 i am sure it was easier for you, and your recordings sound clear. your playing is smooth as silk. i love it!!!! beautiful!!!

14. dh--sweet!! and for 2 months??? i love it!!! sweet and simple brings out the most beauty!!!

15. loveschopintoomuch-- i was surprised you didnt pick something by chopin.... however this song is one of my favs and your playing is awesome!!! Love it!!!

16. copper-- i love joy to the world!!! great piece to play!!! Love it!!!!

17. mahlzeit--spooky night!!!i love how you did this!!! loved this piece, absolutly beautiful!!! you had me from the first note to the last!!! very very very nice!!!! loving every second of it!!!!!

18. sandy---what child is this---this is great i love it and your playing is just awesome. this is magnificient!!! love it!!!

19. rocky--love it!!! perfect piece for christmas!!! rocky rocks!!!!

20. pootie--very pretty and very well played!! smooth as butter. i cant remember how long it said you have been playing, but i would say this is professional quality. love it!!!!

21. patty39-- beautiful!! nothing better than a love story for christmas!! although some of it seemed a bit sad to me, it was nothing short of beautiful!!! your playing is right on!!!

22. Mike White--silver bells, wonderful version!! you have made this song so full and alive!!! love the switch (organ right?) nice touch. very very very creative and your playing rocks!!! love it!!!!

23. nighteyes--6 months???are you sure you are looking at the right calendar?? this is great, nice touch!!!

24. monster m&h--so sweet to devote this to your wife, i need to download the lyrics later--although i have heard this before, the words have slipped my mind.. very beautiful playing!!!!

more to come shortly......

25. balladeer-- beautiful!!! love this song/piece, always nice to listen to and you brought it together so nicely!!! and my neighbors got a chance to hear it since i was blasting it they liked it very much too!!! smile big because your a hit around here!!!

26. nancy m333-- beautifully played, again i am not a chopin fan but you have inspired me to maybe try out some pieces now. your playing is simply fantastic. thank-you for sharing this today!!! wonderful to listen to!!!

27. tx.-dennis---this is one of my all time favs that i have been singing for years and years. it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written imo, and i think you played it beautifully, i love your playing its beautiful. regardless of what you say its beautiful to me. i can almost hear the words in my head as you played, of course i sang a few. i throughly enjoyed this piece because it is one that i have always loved. thank-you thank-you thank-you for playing this!!!!

28. bluemarine-- i dont know this piece but it sounded nice and your playing is beautiful!!!

29. adagioM--i cant believe you saw the recital on the 13th threw this piece together had it submitted within a day and walah---what are you pro??? that is some fantastic playing!!! beautiful and smooth!!!

30. serge88-- nothing like hearing the sweet flowing melodies of bach which you really brought out in your playing. absolutly fantastic!!!

31. monsterash-- i really enjoyed the first one how you really brought about the springy bouncy feeling in your playing. that was such an enjoyment to hear!!!

more to come.....

32. seasidelee---magic fingers. love this version!!! and about half way through how you jazzed it up a little--sweetness!!! sounds very professional!!! beautiful!!!

33. funburger--what a weirdo!!!

34. lisztaddict--very nice and relaxing, i could slow dance to this, or a relaxing walk. what a treat this is!!!very very nicely played!!!

35. pyschopianoman---man of talent. you threw this together on a whim, and really fantastic playing!!! i love the left hand chords, broken etc. just beautiful how you put this together. sounds beautiful and you were very creative and talented to do this on such short notice!!! glad you made it though!!! missed yas and your green face:)

36. pianoga--oh my!!! took my breath away on this one. i thought and swore you were reading sheet music--oh no, by ear!!!! by ear!!! and you havent played that long--incredible simply incredible!!! fantastic to say the least!!! i love to hear this song every christmas, we will definitly be listening to this on christmas day!!!! a bit jazzy--i absolutly love this!!!

37. bob muir-- you play by earers are simply fantastic!!! this version whatever you have done simply brought tears to my eyes. so beautiful sweet and flowing. i cant put my finger on what touched me so much, but the way it is arranged is just fantastic!!!

38. opus45--call me a tard but i have never heard this before. nonetheless your playing is simply beautiful. very sweet!!! love it!!!

39. reliv4all--12 years old??? 12 years old??? ok one more time 12 years old??? should i be impressed or jealous??? simply fantastic. he is lucky to have you as a parent to nurture such a talent!!! thank-you for sharing this, awesome and simply impressed!!!!

40. haizel---ok i really love hark the harold angels sing, only when you played i couldnt hear them singing!!! so i downloaded your file loaded it into audacity, edited it to amplify and then i normalized and then walah the angels began to sing for me. and i must say this is some seriously great music here. i love it!!! perfect finish to such a great recital. this will sound so great on christmas!!! superb playing absolutly superb and very christmassy!!! i hope your not mad but i made a link to the edited version i did, although i am sure others could do a better job this is all i can do so i did it.... hope your not mad here is your link....

thank-you bob for putting this all together, this has been a tremendous blessing to sit and listen for the most part of the day!!! this is one of my favorite recitals!!!
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 06:40 PM

12.) rockpeter: I've seen a few threads on the "Zanarkand" piece here and there and always wondered what the fuss is. Now that I've heard you play this piece, I don't wonder any more. What a beautiful melody. Makes me want to learn it.

13.) me: Girl, you've GOT a metronome! You've got TWO of 'em! Why doncha try practicing to it every once in a while!

14.) dh: I find it hard to believe you've only been playing for such a short time. 'Silent Night' has such a beautiful melody and it works well in a simple arrangement. You are a great inspiration for all new beginners!

15.) loveschopintoomuch: You can't get much more Christmasy than "The Christmas Song"! I thought this was a great arrangement and well-played. A little background noise here and there, though. wink

16.) copper: I hope the Pianist Corner people aren't reading this. I had no idea that Handel wrote "Joy to the World"! eek Lovely playing.

17.) Mahlzeit: Wow! I absolutely LOVED "spooky night." It wins my vote for the most creative arrangement I've heard so far. The piece works well in a more ominous key. I also find it hard to believe you've only been playing a little over a year. btw, the link to the sheet music wasn't working for me. I definitely want to download it.

18.) Sandy: I don't think your pace was too slow at all, and you are right--this is a beautiful arrangement (and beautifully played). I especially like the delicate, light ending.

19.) rocky: "Let there be peace on earth" is one of my favorite modern Christmas songs, too, and I found myself singing along to your playing. smile

20.) PootieTooGood: Again, I'm no expert on classical music, but one thing I liked a lot about this piece is how it changed themes several times during the piece; you handled those transitions very well.

21.) patty39: I always thought "Love Story" was the cheesiest movie I ever saw but had one of the all-time best themes. I thought your recording quality was *great* for a laptop microphone.

22.) Mike White: quit your day job, Mike, and go into the biz. I always love your arrangements, and I think this is your best one yet. I really liked the transition between styles right around the 2:15 mark.

23.) Nighteyes: This was a classical piece I was actually familiar with, and it was so slow and bittersweet it made me want to choose it for my pile of classical pieces to learn.

24.) Monster M&H: Your piano sounds *terrific* (of course, I'm biased wink ). You are such a sweetie-pie to dedicate this to Mrs. Monster, and I hope you showed her this thread. This is a great Christmas song and I'm surprised it doesn't get more airplay.

25.) Balladeer: Another Piano Magic marvel! I think this piece sounds great in D-flat, and I could not tell from your playing that you weren't comfortable in it. Wonderful job!

...more later
Posted By: Opus45

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 06:49 PM

Originally posted by Monica:

13.) me: Girl, you've GOT a metronome! You've got TWO of 'em! Why doncha try practicing to it every once in a while!
Monica, this is the General Discussion Room, if you want to criticise yourself you should take the matter up with yourself in the other thread wink .
Posted By: mahlzeit

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 07:12 PM

Originally posted by Monica Kern:
17.) Mahlzeit: Wow! I absolutely LOVED "spooky night." ... btw, the link to the sheet music wasn't working for me. I definitely want to download it.
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. laugh

Here's the link to the sheet music: http://www.box.net/public/o9uvjhf728

Posted By: Piano Again

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 08:42 PM

I just want to say I've listened to everyone's pieces, and I'm impressed by the level of playing and the quality of the recordings. Thanks especially to Bob for organizing this.

I notice no one is participating in the "critical discussion" thread yet. Everyone is too nice. wink
Posted By: -Frycek

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 08:45 PM

Posted By: Copper

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 09:36 PM

Originally posted by Monica Kern:
copper: I hope the Pianist Corner people aren't reading this. I had no idea that Handel wrote "Joy to the World"! eek
The Casio Song Book where I found the music gives the credit solely to Handel.

Here is what an article in wikipedia says:
"The scripture-based words are by Isaac Watts. The music was adapted and arranged by Lowell Mason from an older melody which was then believed to have originated from Handel; not least because the theme of the refrain (And heaven and nature sing...) appears in the orchestra opening and accompaniment of the recitative Comfort Ye from Handel's Messiah, and the first four notes match the beginning of the choruses Lift up your heads and Glory to God from the same oratorio. However, Handel did not compose the entire tune."

Whoever wrote it, I'm sure they are proud that it is in the PWABF recital! smile
Posted By: pianoga

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 09:53 PM

I don't think I have offered comments before on recitals, don't take the following as the basis for your future musical endeavours!

1) S-H: I've got the DVD, it's my most oftened played CD ipod-album. As much as I love VInce, you really make the song your own, you give it the Lama-touch, it's as brilliant as anything you've done so far, It's the pinnacle peak of S-H!
Sound quality is good enough, a bit soft, more enjoyable than my digital though! Do your fingers practice yoga? They seem to stretch without effort!

2)Mel: 4-5 months well spent! It's witty, playfull, fast and uplifting! Thanks!

3)StephenC: I love what you do to your piano! Must be a happy piano! laugh

4) McClellan: Old music on an old instrument, it's a real journey! Very musical for 9 months worth of lessons (This is NOT feedback, just sharing with fellow forum members how I feel as I listen to it right now smile ).

5) ragnhild: very delicate playing, love the slow and softer bits, they bring a lot of depth.

6) Peyton: It sounds as if you are working with clay: you start with something rough, twist it, and after a while it begins to take shape, and finally turns into something gorgeous! You're a musician, man! (No, I did not say "Ghost")
(I had to look for you in iTunes, when added you showed up with only a track title, no artist, album or genre info. But you were there in the end!)

7) Icekid767: I'm listening on the computer, with my ipod playing the Guaraldi CD version in one ear. I can't say which version I prefer!

8) Piano again: I'm quite ignorant of Bach, but to me it's supposed to sound like there are more hands at work than there really are. If you only have 2 hands you did great.

9) Euan: That must be my favourite Einaudi recording so far, you just keep improving Euan.

10) Nancy: It's only after 10 seconds I realised I was listening to Chopin! Didn't know this Lullaby, it's very nice The sounds take some getting used to, it's just clever!

11) The melody sounds simple, but like all new age it's about what that simplicity can create and evoque, that's where your skills shine!

12) Rockpeter: one of the great things about these recitals is discovering new pieces. Loved this. (How was it on the phone at 1:20? There's a phone ringing for a while. Must be interference as it is a digital???)

13) Monica: whatever you play, your personality shines through, your piano sounds great too, thanks!

More tomorrow, I'm off to massage the feet of the person who is still carrying my/our baby, obviously no baby yet! wink
Posted By: Seaside_Lee

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 10:16 PM


34. LisztAddict

Ave-Maria...I love this piece and you play it beautifully and your piano sounds really beautiful, your adaptation works for me (I love the part around the 3 minute mark) simply wonderful

35. psychopianoman (Allen Clark)

Wonderful stuff there Allen and in 5 days? impressive indeedy...well played

36. pianoga

For your first recording with the red dot you did a great job, I look forward to hearing your playing infront of the mic getting more comfortable as time goes by...a nice steady rhythm you got there Pieter and some nice contrasts...almost turned into a "cowboy western rootin tootin" version for a moment somewhere in there...I like it...you've earned your "order of the red dot" with pride my friend

37. Bob who?

Loved the build of emotion around the minute mark Bob and the cute ending...you keep getting better "Sir Bob", good job

38. Opus45 (Jeff)

Hi Jeff...for a few years (off and on) you played that beautifully...could have been longer for me what a pretty tune that is.

39. reliv4all (my son Matthew)

That is wonderful at any age but, for 12 years old it is incredible!!! I'm jealous too

40. Haizel

Somehow, its just the perfect end to a wonderful experience of music...I shall treasure for a lifetime.

This website is all about the music and our passion for it, I am proud (I'm filling up here someone pass a hanky quick!!) to be a part of something so wonderful and to know so many wonderful people


Thanks Bob for all your hard work and thanks to hunkster and copper and Frank and all at pianoworld for helping this to happen

best wishes

Lee smile
Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 10:47 PM


First I want to thank everyone for the wonderful entertainment I had at work today...I have been unpacking all day and have been listening to the recital the whole day...it's been great! thumb

I really want and will try to comment on everyones performance, but my time is limited at work right now (I know, sounds like a copout)-our inspection lab has moved and I've been coordinating it...or maybe I should say, running around putting out fires...anyways, I started a doc with comments and will post later.

Second...thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments. Leeside, Monica, mallet- yes when I play, I do sing, low and off key-, Maryrose, icekid, funburger-btw, I play/sing a lot of my songs to my wife, just not when she's listening...don't want to scare her.

Thanks all for making me smile…as I know everyone else. It really is nice to read comments from others…good or bad.

Opus45 ..'bout fell outta my chair when I read your comment to Monica to "take that matter up with yourself in another thread" lol what a GREAT LINE...
Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/15/06 11:37 PM

Everyone -

BRAVO!!! You know, I enjoy each and every one of the selections in the recitals. After I download the zip files I burn them to cd and listen and enjoy. I have them playing right now on my Bose - WOW! Thank you one and all!!!

Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 12:22 AM

The first batch:


There are a lot of really, and I mean REALY good people here. Possibly consider toning down the attitude just a bit and how about practicing a piece for more that a day!; the results may surprise you!


Holy cow man what the heck was that?. "beginer" my arse!! wink , truly and incredible performance (even at the "pro" level"), your fancy fingering and perky notes were just amazing.


Another absolutely beautiful brickman piece that you managed to master once again. I will get the music and try to learn this myself based on your performance of it. very well done.


Very nice improvised version. I have to give you some extra credit for enhancing this sometimes over-played holiday song. You have breathed some fresh air into this piece; nice job.


Such a beautiful song that you performed very well. I agree that the sound quality could possibly be taking away from how nice you actually played and performed this piece. If you get an external mic sometime, I would really love to hear this song again from you.


I must say you submited a VERY crisp and clear recording. Very fancy trills as well; nice job.


Wow-ie mister, now thats some super smooth and releaxing holiday music. Sounded just like a real professional cd. I was VERY impressed by your submission. Where's the tip jar?


Another "Holy cow", wow, lots-o-notes!, you are very talented. This (these(, but especially the first one ) would also sound fantastic on a harpsichord. You should try it on a digital in the "harpsichord" mode. Great job.

Euan Morrison;

I noticed myself not only turning up the volume, but actually almost leaning in to hear every note. It was plently loud enough, but I just really enjoyed this piece; very soothing and relaxing. Thanks for the nice performance.


Very nice DEEP rich bass, very powerfull. I enjoyed it and loved hearing your piano as well.


You call this a very "simple" song, but by listening carefully to the fingering, I agree, it's not. However, it does come across very crisp,clean and, well, "beautifully simplistic", very nice to listen to as always.


For some reason, I had to actually download your song to hear it, but it was certainly worth it.
Very nice job, I enjoyed it very much.

Monica Kern:

Monica, you must know thatI have been listening to Manheim Steamroller since 1982!!. They are one of my favorite groups/bands/ensembles??....whatever they are. Anyway, once again, another beautiful performance from you and your mighty Mason. I think I am going to give your H4 a try as your recording sounds so nice.
Posted By: s54mo827

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 12:53 AM

I had some recording problems... with my equipment and in my head... but I intend to be heard next time.... You all sounded wonderful.... Have a very happy holiday, one and all!!! ~Sharon laugh

1. Super-Hunky - you totally put me in the Christmas mood - the holiday spirit... oh - your playing just sent me over the edge.... I love it.

2. Dannylux (Mel) - Wow - nice fingering - jumping around, but very smooth.

3. StephenC - Beautiful - nice spacing. I felt lifted by the music. Beautiful composition - echo a bit - Brickman... nice.

4. Peyton - I was going to play Silent Night. (My Anvil equipment gave out at the last minute... I also waited until the last minute... - but you - it's smashing - original - jazzy (and give ME ideas). It's just out there and very cool.

5. J_McClellan - Kind of dark, but cool. I liked it.

6. Ragnhild - It sounded fine. Nice Bach piece, very steady.

7. Icekid767 (Hawk) - (gotta love that name - Hawk) - anyway - beautiful. I felt like at a holiday party, with cocktail in hand, mingling with friends and colleagues. You play very nice, Hawk.

8. Piano again - sounds polished enough to me - magnificent, in fact.

9. Euan Morrison - Euan, you have dark side to you, don't you. So deep - your playing is very thoughtful.

10. Frycek - I think this may be the 1st time I've heard you play. Very lovely.

11. kawaigirl1 - Beautiful melody. You always play nicely.

12. Rockpeter (Peter) - nice - introspective piece - full sounding.

13. Monica Kern - Little children with freshly scrubbed faces peering out to watch and listen to the beautiful sounds coming from your instrument. Nice work, Monica.

14. dh (Deborah) - It sounds nice. I was going to play Silent Night, too. 2 months plus self-taught - BRAVO!

15. Loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen) - nice playing. The recording quality was fine. Nice spacing.

16. Copper - I like the intro. I like the octave switch... nice.

17. Mahlzeit - Ultra creative - it's supposed to be Silent Night. Hope PMMO is going well for you.

18. Sandy Moore - very nice playing.

19. Rocky - I liked it a lot. Will try this tune.

20. PootieTooGood (Tarik) - Delightful ... it sounded good. Thumbs up!

21. Patty39 - You played it from your heart - lovely.

22. YamahaG3&P-80 (Mike White) - Interesting opening (intro)... your playing is always great.

23. Nighteyes - Beautiful work...

24. MonsterM&H (Les) - Bouncy - I never heard this before... but I like it now... Cheers.

25. Balladeer - What I can I say. (Sorry I missed this one... I'm glad to hear you... Tim, as always.... just beautiful

26. NancyM333 - Lovely playing

27. TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner) - it sounded nice... real fine.

28. Bluemarine - Beautiful waltz... good timing.

29. AdagioM (Michele) - You play lovely, beautiful piece of music, too.

30. Serge88 - nice... smooth

31. MountainAsh - only 9 month - wonderful....

32. Seaside_Lee - mate - you came through... and you sounded fine....I'm sorry I disappointed the troops this time around.... There's always tomorrow. Peace.

33. Funburger - HUH? LOL. You are just so wild, girl... You're playing is amazing, BTW.

34. LiztAddict - Beautiful work.

35. psychopianoman (Allen Clark) - Thumbs up, good work!

36. Pianoga (Pieter) - creative - The Red Dot will come easier now!

37. BobMuir - For all you do - this Bud's for you... Amazing job... and you played very well.....

38. Opus45 - Smooth, wonderful stuff, Jeff.

39. reliv4all (my son Matthew) - excellent playing.

40. Haizel - Beautiful song and very fitting... I agree.

Congratulations to all those who participated. thumb
Posted By: rockpeter

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 12:55 AM

Oh my lord.....there is a phone ringing during my recital....I told everyone to shut there cells...geez....
LoL I figured this was impossible but here's the reason. I did use my record function on the clavinova and than played it backed directly into my pre-amp,which is plugged in my #3 input. However my microphone is in my #1 input and after listening to your comments about a phone ringing, by the way I had no idea because I didnt really listen to my recording enough to notice...but long story short, the #1 input volume was not set to 0, so I basically was recording two ways....direct and through the mic which I thought was off, so the mic picked up the phone ringing in the background.

comments on others to come.

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Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 01:02 AM

Wow...no way I'm doing all this in one fell swoop. I think just a few at a time.

#1. this is one of those Christmas tunes that can get so tiring hearing over and over but YOURS breaks the mold. Refreshing. It must be all that improvisation. Nice glissade there at the end too SH! Two thumbs up.

#2, Boy, we're having fun now. What a great piece Mel. Man, I bet you are jumping all over the place. I had to listen again to hear that great ending. THAT must have taken some time to get down.

#3. Good title. What can I say...really nicely played Stephenc, and a moving piece.

#4. Peyton...don't quit your day job.

#5. I don't know, Bach always seems kind of Christmasy to me. You're going to kick at that recital. Real nice job. Nice to hear that old piano too. But do get a real mic smile

#6. More Bach, Yes! Wow Ragnhild, really nicely played!!! Wonderful seperation and great left hand. That was an upright? Gotta say, it sounded like a little electric. Maybe it was just the recording?

#7. Some real Christmas tunes now. Hawk, You have a great feel for piano. Very professional playing. Sounds like you improvised some? Love the bluesy licks. Had to listen to this one twice. Hey, maybe I'll put this on the Christmas party tape. Really feels like I'm in some lounge.Now if only my wife would let me smoke a cigar in the house!!! Ahhh.

#8. More Bach. Good.Can't get enough. Man that sounds hard! Reminds me a little of the Goldberg variations. Good for you to bring it up to speed. You said it needs some polishing but I doubt it needs much.
Great job.

#9. I love this! First piece I've heard so far that I really want to learn. Euan, You played with such feeling! I have never seen the music but I'm wondering if you need so much pedal? A few places it seemed you could have come off more. Really like the sound of the piano too. That soundsfont is excellent.

#10. One of those pieces I've heard and never pursued. So now I have ANOTHER piece I want to learn. Frycek, I don't think the recording did your playing justice. It seemed like it clipped on the louder notes? I loved it though.

#11.Kawaigirl1, what a beautiful recording. I had to turn the first part (my favorite part) up because I thought I heard strings. I don't know what to say, you just put this together so seamlessly. Wonderful playing. Loved the sudden ending too.

#12. Peter, I can see why you like this so much. And it kind of had a christmas sound to it yet oriental. Hey...answer the phone (don't you hate it when that happens:)

#13. Great playing and I really like the arrangement. Good recording of that grand too! Where did you put your mics?(close, far?). Monica it might have been the recording or acoustics (recording grands is so tough) but I bet you could use a little less pedal. Thanks for that.

#14. Hey, a real version of Silent night (not like that Peyton person...). That was great!! And the hammering in the background gave it...atmosphere. Just two months and self taught? You're going places baby!

#15 I always look forward to your recordings Kathleen. That is sweet! Really. I know you didn't mean for it to be but it almost sounds like an old old recording of some one like Marian McPartland. Just wonderful playing!!!! I love everything about it. But now...we need to talk about recording quality. first off...get a chair that doesn't squeak! And get that mic over to the other side away from where you are sitting.. smile

#16. Nice job Copper. Gooden simple!

#17. There I was thinking.."OK, how is THIS silent Night?" And then...there it is. Cool arrangement. I like the different variations on the theme. Light, then darker.

#18. Sandy, that's one of those pieces I just can't get enough of. great playing. I like the long intro up to the melody.

#19. Good job Rocky. Great left hand. I had a little trouble with the sound of the keyboard. Bet it really sounds wonderful on piano.

#20. Wonderful playing Tarik, very professional sounding!. So far however i give you the award for strangest sounding recording. It starts off with some very clear mic sounds and then goes into this scratchy sounding old record. It really sounds like an old recording. Kind of cool.

#21. Nice addition to the recital Patty. Haven't heard that in so long. What a nice job you did. Ummm...what's the giant hum in the background? laugh

#22. Mike, did you make that up? Really like your version. I like how you changed the whole feel half way through. Very dramatic! OK...I could have done without the bells at the end... laugh

#23. Nice to hear Nighteyes.I always love this peice and you do a great job.

#24. Hey Les, now that was fun! Are you kind of singing there in the background? smile Great sound from the piano too!

#25. Balladeer, I really like the way you took your time. Very relaxed and sweet. And you did all that by ear? Wow.

#26. Since we have been working on this in the Nocturne study group I've been waiting to hear your playing. I especially like your work on 76-90.

All for now. I'll try and listen to more later. Thanks!!
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Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 01:54 AM

1: Great job, Super-Hunky. I've always liked this piece. Your version is certainly your own. While I didn't love the intro, I got into it after that. Well done. That BB of yours has one heckuva bass!

2: dannylux, I wasn't familiar with this piece, but I like it. Nicely played. It really does sound like Gypsies. laugh It does sound rather challenging to learn this one. Excellent job!

3: Very nice "new agey" piece. Well played. Unlike mine, I detect no errors in yours.

4: Peyton, Interesting arrangement of a classic Christmas song. Nice job.

5: Asked for no feedback, so none given.

6: ragnhild, I like this piece. You have done an admirable job on it. I always find longer pieces like this to be difficult as far as maintaining concentration. I don't think you had that problem, though. For a piano you described as an "old small upright" it sounds great.

7: icekid767, I like this one, too. Funny, I always thought this was a Guaraldi arrangement as well. I just looked in my copy of the book, and it is the only piece in the book that doesn't say arranged by Vince Guaraldi or written by Vince Guaraldi. Excellent job. I like this tremendously. thumb

8: Bach seems to be very popular this time around. Nicely played. I don't think it could be much more polished. Sounds pretty darn polished to me.

9: Euan, this is fantastic! I don't know the piece, but it is hauntingly melodic. Your playing is, as usual, excellent. 13 months? You're joking, aren't you? laugh I like the soundfont, too. It sounds very convincing and non-digital.

10: Frycek, Very nice job. Thanks for the background on the piece. That makes it even more enjoyable.

11: kawaigirl, excellent interpretation. I've really never listened to Einaudi, but after the last couple of recitals, he's atarting to grow on me. This one is especially nice. It doesn't sound easy to me. Beautiful job.

12: Rockpeter, This is ufamiliar to me, yet I think I hear a bit of Silent Night in it. Is it just my imagination, or is there some similarity in parts? Nice playing and a hauntingly beautiful and interesting piece.

13: Monica Kern, this is a very nice arrangement. I like the way it starts out simple and adds complexity and texture. Very nice playing, again.

14: dh, only 2 months self taught? Go, girl. You are doing fantastically well. Great job!

15: loveschopintoomuch, another Christmas song that I love. Who doesn't? Nice job, but I'm wondering if you're going to win Super-Hunky's crappiest recording award? laugh Yes, I think you have it so far. I'm speaking of the recording quality, not your playing which is quite nice.

16: Copper, nice job. Simple music, perhaps, but you played it quite well.

17: mahlzeit, Spooky Night? Your arrangement is rather haunting. I like it. It sounds quite challenging to play, and you played it tremendously well. This one's a keeper.

18: Sandy Moore, you're right; that is an amazing arrangement. I've always enjoyed this piece in both its guises, but I haven't heard an arrangement like that one. I don't think it's too slow. I think many people play it faster than it was probably intended to be played. Very nice.

19: Rocky, nice job on that pop classic. I haven't played it in years, but I used it as a recital piece when I was 12 or 13, I think it was. Brings back memories.

20: PootieTooGood, there has to be a story behind that screen name. laugh Seriously, very nice job. The recording quality isn't great, but it's not horrible, either. Your playing? Excellent!

21: Patty39, I like this song, too. I never saw the movie, but have always enjoyed the music. I play this one occasionally for my own enjoyment. I think you've done extremely well, particularly in light of the 2 years, 4 months from scratch part. This song is more difficult than it sounds.

22: Mike White, that's an interesting arrangement of Silver Bells. I like your intro especially. Those darn digital pedals can be slippery devils. Nice job.

23: Nighteyes, I think you've interpreted this piece extremely well. I like your dynamics, and I think it is meant to be played slowly. thumb

24: Monster M&H, I didn't think I knew the piece until you started playing it. Then I realized that it was quite familiar. I can even recall some of the lyrics from memory. Fabulous job.

25: Balladeer, I like your arrangement of this Christmas classic, and I like the key change. Fabulous job! Thanks, and Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to you as well.

26: NancyM33, a Chopin nocturne well payed. The recording quality is quite nice as well. When you hit the bass notes it almost sounds as though you're being accompanied by a bowed bass. Nice job! I think your teacher will be impressed.

27: Me, oh well, better luck next time. I think I'm running a close second for crappiest recording quality. I love this song, but I don't think I've done it justice. I still have time to polish it up for Christmas, though. Maybe I can do better. mad

28: Bluemarine, I am unfammiliar with Rebikov (thanks for the link.) This is quite a nice piece, and you played it fantastically.

29: AdagioM, this is another unfamiliar piece to me. I like your playing of it, though. It's quite nice. I'm really not sure what you're talking about when you say it's not ready.

30: Serge88, nice job. I'm not sure where the few mistakes are. I only detected one. laugh Very enjoyable.

31: Mountain Ash, Nice job. I don't know the pieces, but you play them nicely for so little experience. Keep it up!

32: Seaside Lee, this is a very nice version of White Christmas. Very enjoyable.

33: Funburger, Jello on the ceiling? You have to explain that one. It doesn't sound like you had much trouble with it in spite of your insistence that it was a "much harder" version than you would have liked. Excellent job!

34: LisztAddict, I enjoy playing this piece myself. The version I have is slightly different than what you played here. I like this one, though. You did a great job with it. Parts of this sound almost as though you have an extra hand.

35: Psychopianoman, nice job on Silent Night. I don't detect the mistakes you say are there. despite your insistence that it isn't meant for singing, I found myself singing along.

36: Pianoga, nice job on White Christmas. I wish I could play by ear. You put some interesting variety into this one.

37: Bob Muir, I like your Away in a Manger. Very nicely arranged, and played excellently. By the way, thanks for all your hard work in hosting the recital!

38: Opus45, I haven't heard this one before. Well played and interesting song. It's always nice to hear something new.

39: Reliv4all, only 14 months? Impressive effort. Nice dynamics and accurate playing in the fast bits. Great job!

40: Haizel, Hark the Herald Angels Sing; what a great way to end the recital. Very nice job!

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Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 03:55 AM

Hello fellow recital participants.

I haven't had enough free time to listen the recital yet, but I wanted to let you know that I will certainly find some time this weekend.

This has always been great fun for me and I'm looking forward to the pleasure of listening to your recordings!
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Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 04:34 AM

I finally got the 5 zip files downloaded after more than 6 hours. Tomorrow I can start listen to them. smile yippie

Originally posted by TX-Dennis:
Parts of this sound almost as though you have an extra hand.
When I first read the score, I said "this is impossible, I need to have 3 hands to play this". Well, no extra hand. The left hand plays the left hand accompaniment part, the right hand plays the right hand accompaniment part, and both hands pitch in a finger or 2, interlace, and whatever you can do for the melody part. But make it sings!

Here is part of the first verse. [Linked Image]

Similar to above but in the second verse. [Linked Image]

Now you know why I am addicted to Liszt music. laugh
Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 04:43 AM

wow You've gotta be freakin' kidding me eek . Is this the stuff you guys are sightreading???

I glanced at this for only a few seconds and now my eyes are sore!

As if it's not complicated enough, check out all the clef changes as well. You guys are nuts but we still love you!
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 04:58 AM

Forty participants, wow! thumb

Before I share my comments, let me just say "Thank You!" for your very kind reviews of my rendition of "Silent Night." It's great to participate and earn my red dot.

On to the reviews ...

1. Super-Hunky, that was Super-Enjoyable! I really find it amazing that you can tackle pieces the way you do, but it certainly does work out well. By the way, I don’t think you owe anything to your Super-Mistakes Fund.

2. dannylux (Mel) - I loved the joy of your selected music — It’s got rather a sense of humor, doesn’t it? — although I suspect that you might have been feeling something other than joyful at the prospect of making it through the recording in one piece. You did, though, and good job!

3. StephenC - The more I hear of Brickman’s music, the more I like it. “Freedom” is a beautiful work, and your playing is a real pleasure.

4. Peyton - Your arrangement of “Silent Night” is absolutely beautiful. If you ever transcribe that, I’d love the sheet music. Not that I’ll be able to play it anytime soon!

5. J_McClellan - I quite enjoyed your playing. And don’t worry about the poor recording. Lots of us have that problem. Good luck at your recital!

6. Ragnhild - Very enjoyable, thanks! I thought the piece was just fine for a holiday recital. No need for everyone to do Christmas music.

7. Icekid - Lovely. You chose a really enjoyable piece, and I loved listening to you play it. Smooth and delightful.

8. Piano again - Very nice job. You’re working through the WTC? My eyes cross at the thought. Of course, I’m still learning music with the BIG notes, you know?

9. Euan - I don’t mind at all hearing a somber piece amidst all the festive ones, particularly when it is as beautiful as that one. (I'm convinced. Einaudi is a genius.) And your playing is very fine and expressive.

10. Frycek (Nancy) - I enjoyed your performance of this intriguing piece! Thanks for your notes on the recital thread; when you first started playing, I was very surprised by the music's decidedly un-lullaby’ish qualities.

11. Kawaigirl1 - You’re one of the people here who is making me fall in love with Einaudi’s compositions. That is a terrific piece — absolutely haunting — and your playing is really up to it.

12. Rockpeter - Very nice. That’s a lovely piece of music and you play it beautifully. I would really like to hear it with orchestra and strings as you mentioned, if you ever feeling like recording it that way for us.

13. Monica - Your piece is lovely, from those delicate opening notes right through to the end. The "The Holly and the Ivy" is one of my favorite carols, so this was a real treat for me.

14. dh (Deborah) - Good grief, woman, what are you doing to that piano? NEXT!

15. loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen) - My dear, it’s better to hear a bad recording of you playing beautifully than to not hear you play at all, so I’m glad you sent this in despite the technical woes.

16. Copper - I quite enjoyed your “simple music for a simple pianist.” There’s a lot to be said for the traditional carols. Your choice was perfect for getting me in the mood for the holidays, thanks!

17. mahlzeit - What a surprising — and affecting — take on a holiday classic. Your playing is wonderful and your arrangement is simply stunning. Thank you so much for the sheet music. It's at the very top of my "Music I Really, Really Want To Play Some Day" stack.

18. Sandy - That is an achingly beautiful arrangement of a song that was lovely to start. And your playing is wonderful from where I sit!

19. rocky - "Let There Be Peace on Earth" is an lovely song, and it was a pleasure to see (hear) it played here. You did a nice job with it, too.

20. PootieTooGood (Tarik) — I really liked the piece you chose; it has a lovely dreamy quality about it. Your performance is quite enjoyable, very deftly played. Also, you win the "Wildly Optimistic Pianist" Award for having selected the longest piece. Congrats on having pulled it off!

More to come ...
Posted By: ShiroKuro

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 11:10 AM

Well, here are my comments so far. I want to say that you have all done a magnificant job and you should be so proud of the wonderful music that's collected here.

Bob, as always, hats off to you!

Mr. Super-Hunky wonderful! I really enjoyed your rendition of this (one of my Christmas favs) You have the perfect “lounge” touch! And I esp like the glissando at the end. (is that a glissando?)

Mel I’ve never heard of Levitzki, but I love the “gypsy” feel of this piece, and your dramatic flair! Is it the bass line that’s jumping around? I like the path it travels. Is it just me, or would this piece go nicely with the Croatian Rhapsody?

StephenC Your lovely rendition reminded me that I need listen to more Brickman music, I hardly know any of his pieces. Thank you for sharing this, it’s so relaxing and soothing! Wonderful job.

Peyton Your own arrangement, considering that you “haven’t the faintest idea how to play this piece,” works for me! smile If I may add one piece of feedback, it would be to either bring out the melody more, or change your recording method (perhaps mic placement?) so that the upper register is more prominent.

J_McClellan Very nice, I’m sure your upcoming recital will go wonderfully!

Ragnhild I have been working on Inventions with a teacher, so I really respect your ability to tackle WTC on your own! Very nice, thank you for sharing!

Icekid you’ve got me all ready for Christmas! I never associated this with Vince Guaraldi, but that may just be me. Either way I really enjoyed your rendition!

Piano again I really enjoyed your Bach! Very inspiring, listening to you makes me want to hurry up and finish Inventions (though hurry up is never an expression that goes well when talking about practicing Bach.)

Euan Un Mondo a parte, A world away, very beautiful! I haven’t heard the original, but I love how it is piano-only. Perhaps it’s not very festive, but it makes me think of a snowy forest at dusk, when the snow has stopped falling, there’s no wind, and the last remaining light of the day is caught up in the snow, which glows a kind of white-blue. Your rendition took me a world away…

Frycek I think I said this before, but this piece and your performance of it are really wonderful! It sounds to me like a lullaby for adults, just what I want to hear after a long day.

Kawaigirl Yea, more Einaudi! Your rendition is really wonderful. Do you know what In un'altra vita means? I think I know what you mean in saying that this piece is not as simple as it might sound, listening to it with the thought of playing it, I can hear that it would be challenging, but you make it sound easy.

Rockpeter I’ve always been curious about Uematsu’s music (since he’s quite famous here of course) but I’ve never really heard much of his music, so thank you for sharing your lovely rendition. I actually have a collection of FF sheet music even though I don’t know any of the music, I’ll have to see if this is in it. BTW your ending sounded perfectly natural.

Monica as always, wonderful! Wonderful selection, wonderful performance! I have heard a few different solo piano versions of this, and this one that you’ve chosen is really nice. Your recording sounds very nice as well, I’ll have to start reading more about those H4 thingies.

Deborah Brava on your Debut! 2 months? You’re doing wonderfully! Merry Christmas!

Kathleen I’m sorry your recording isn’t better because it’s sounds like you’re playing this very nicely. And your ending is just right. Many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you too! jingle bells, jingle bells…

Copper sounds very good, you have this piece in a very good place, just in time for Christmas! If I may give you some feedback, my advice would be the following: go through and listen to your recording and sing along with yourself. Hear where you want to take a breath, and which lyrics you’d like to make sing out. This will show you which places you might want to pause (add a breath) in your playing. The other thing I would suggest is to focus on having a more even tempo throughout, you don’t need to speed up, but try not to rush through notes that you could hold for their full value.

Mahlzeit I love this! Wonderful! If Victor played a Christmas song in “The Corpse Bride” this is what he would play! The difference between the first half and the second half is also quite nice. Did you say you’ve only been playing about a year? I’m just going to pretend I don’t know that, so I can avoid turning green with envy! smile

Sandy very nice arrangement, and you play it wonderfully! I don’t think you’re playing it too slowly, but I imagine you’ll naturally speed up the more you play it. Also you may put it away at the end of the holiday season this year, then when you come back to it an re-learn it, you may wind up with yet a different tempo. It sounds like it would work well at a variety of tempos.

Rocky very nice! You are all making me cry with all these nostalgic favorites!

Tarik I’m sorry your recording isn’t better, because there’s a lot to like about your playing! Fortunately, the recording is good enough to give us a taste of that.

Patty I think this was in the first score book I ever bought (along with the Romeo & Juliet theme) and I remember playing it when I first started, so your recording is leaving me a misty-eyed over here. You have made a wonderful contribution to the ABForum!

Mike White I used to sing this song with my grandma and my mother. Can you hand me a tissue please?

Nighteyes 6 months? Wow! And a wonderful rendition of this lovely Prelude. Your tempo is nice too, I don’t like it too fast. Thank you for sharing this!

Les I hope your wife appreciates this wonderful Christmas present! I’m quickly running out of tissues over here…

Balladeer yours is the last straw, I can’t turn off the waterworks over here. Especially since I won’t be home for Christmas this year frown but only in my dreams…

Nancy I think your recital is going to go very well, your performance of this piece is really lovely! I think my giving you feedback is a little bit out of line since I can’t play this piece myself, but I’ll just share my thoughts and you can do with them as you please. I really like how you present the music approaching the 3-minute mark and on through to the end. The only thing I thought was I would like a little more drama in the first half, or not drama… what the word? I would like to hear you spend a little more breath on each note… maybe to slow it down just a tad, esp in the first minute. But this is just about interpretation, not your playing, and I think both your interpretation and playing are wonderful, so you should probably just ignore my comments! :p

Well, I had hoped to listen to and comment on all the recordings, but I need to get off here so I can practice my own music! eek

Everyone so far has been wonderful and inspiring, and I deeply regret that I couldn’t make the time to get a recording of my own to add to this group, it would have been an honor to be a part of this recital, I think it must be the best so far!
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 03:55 PM

Thanks to all who were so kind. heart I appreciate it, and it's given me the encouragement I needed not to be so hard on myself.

I am going to use the whole weekend to listen to everyone's piece. I am looking forward to it. smile

Posted By: IrishMak

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 04:26 PM

First, let me say a huge BRAVO to all of you! Such talent is shown here- it's wonderful!! Thank you for all the lovely music I had to listen to!

Hunky- Amazing improv! I am just astounded at how easily you do what you do!

Mel- Very even sounding. You handled the jumping very well. Sounds like a fun peice to play.

Stevenc- Lovely piece, very peaceful and played so well! Your dynamic changes were quite nice- I wish I could control mine so well!

Peyton- I think you have more than a "faint" idea how to play this piece! Lovely arrangement of one of my favorite carols.

J_McLellan- Very nice! Although I'm not familiar with this music, it sure sounds like what I would think of when I see Largo.

Ragnhild- Very nice job on the Bach. Sounds very evenly played to me and very pretty, as well, which isn't alwasy easy to put together.

Icekid- Pretty! I have to admit, this has never been a favorite of mine, but I could listen to this arrangement over and over.

Piano again- I am always impressed by those who can play Bach so well. Very nice job!

Euan- Very dreamy sounding piece. I like it.

Frycek- This is another piece I was not familiar with. Very nice sounding- you play so well!

Kawaigirl- Very pretty. You kept it flowing very nicely.

Peter- This is a very nice piece- another pretty, kind of dreamy feel.

Monica- I think Jackson Berkey would be proud! I love Mannheim Steamroller and you played this so nicely!

Deborah- Ah, one of my favorites! Nice arrangement, and nicely played for 2 months.

Kathleen- This was very nice. A very traditional sounding arrangement and nicely played.

Copper- Merry Christmas to you, too! Nice job on a great carol.

malzheit- Very neat arrangement of Silent Night! Love the minor sound.

Sandy Moore- What a pretty arrangement, quiet and relaxing.

rocky- Nice job! Very well played.

Tarik- Not a piece I am very familiar with, but it is pretty, and from what I can tell, you played it well.

Patty39- very nice playing! It sounded quite lovely and I think you got the wonderful emotion into it as well.

Mike White- As always- just wonderful! I loved the ending- much more aggressive than you usually hear on this one.

Nighteyes- Very nice playing. A bit more laid back than one usually hears Bach played, but your are right- the music certainly works well played that way.

Les- Aww, how sweet to dedicate it to your wife! Especially with this performance- really nice job!

Balladeer- I really loved how you played this! So soft and dreamy- very, very pretty! I do envy all you play by ear folk!

Nancy- Very nice job on the Chopin! It sure sounds like all the work you put in has paid off.

Dennis- How lovely- a very nice piece, and well played!

Bluemarine- Nice piece. I wish I could "keep up" in fast passages like you do!

Michele- If that's "not perfect" I can't wait to hear you play something that is! Nicely done!

Serge88- Mistakes? What mistakes? It sounded great to me.

Mountain Ash- I really liked the second one- I could hear the ducks! Nice job!

Lee- I really love the way you play. You bring out so many nuances in the music. Very, very nice!

funburger- Video! Wow! Nice job. I have a hard enough time with just audio recording- I'd never be able to do that good a job with video!! Love it!

LisztAddict- Very pretty! I don't know exactly what you adjusted, but it sounds lovely to me.

Allen- Oh, my, this was absolutley beautiful! I really like what you did with only 3 chords! Very impressive.

Pieter- Very nice job! I like the way you varied the sound each time thru- keeps it from getting repetitive sounding.

Bob- Very sweet and lovely sounding- I like this version, whether you intended to play it this way or not.

Jeff- I have always loved this medley! Beautiful job playing it!

Matthew- Wow! What a great job! 12 years old, huh? You sound great!

Haizel- Nice job- sounds very stately and joyful.
Posted By: SAnnM AB 2001

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 04:48 PM

I should be working but I'm listening to the recital....shhh.... the first half..

01. S-H Christmastime is here.
I'm still amazed at your ability to improvise. You're a natural. This is lovely. No one would ever believe that you've been playing for such a short time.

02. dannylux - Valse Tzigane.
Sounds light and fun and also very difficult. I really enjoyed it but wouldn't want to attempt it! Great job!

03. Stephenc - Freedom.

I love this piece! You're right about how we should all feel. It really feels peacefull. I haven't played any Jim Brickman yet. This makes me want to try. Great job.

04. Peyton Higgison Silent Night.
You are obviously so comfortable with your piano and making music! I could never do this. I did lose the melody often but it sounded wonderful anyway and I loved the piece all the same!

05. J_McClellan - Bach largo piece. You've done a great job voicing the melody. Good luck with your recital - you sound well in control of this piece!

06 Ragnhild - Bach: Prelude WTC II, no 12 F. Great job! It's been awhile since I learned a Bach piece. Time to try again! The last one was 45 sec long and took me three months! How long did this take?

07. Icekid767 (Hawk)
Loved this. It will be on my ABF Christmas CD!

08. Piano again
Wow. Lots of Bach this recital. I have the recording of the first one and didn't think anyone could really play it that fast!! You did and very well! I did prefer the second one - I'm not a fan of all the trills I think.

09. Euan Morrison - Un Mondo a Parte. Maybe not festive but certainly peaceful! This is a wonderful piece and you played it with a lot of feeling.

10. Frycek - Lulajze Jezuniu. Thanks for the great intro to this piece! The loud section were very loud on my player but I really enjoyed your playing. I hadn't heard this piece before.

11. Kawaigirl1 - In un'altra vita. This sounds very professional. You have great control and timing. It's something that my teacher is constantly telling me "the listener will hear..." well the listener loved this! I can hear so well what he's been preachng to me!

12. Rockpeter (Peter)
- To Zanarkand FFX, Nobuo Uematsu. Couldn't download. will try at home.

13. Monica Kern. The Holly & The Ivy. Loved it! I'm listening again as I type. Another one for my Christmas ABF CD!

14. dh (Deborah) - Silent Night. This is wonderful for only two months! Be sure to post it again in the December Piano Bar!

15. loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen). Christmas Song. This is one of my favourites! You did a nice job. It'll be on my CD.

16. Copper - Joy to the world.
A different arrangement of another favourite. Nice! Simple but very nice! and most likely not so simple. They never are!

17. mahlzeit - spooky night. This was one of the pieces I listened to several times. It gave me goosebumps. I bet it's wonderful to play - you sound like you really enjoy it!

19. rocky
- Let there be peace on earth. I'd forgotten how much I love this piece. Thanks so much for playing it. You played it beautifully! I'll be listening to this over the holidays!

20. Couldn't download. will try at home.

21. Patty39 - Love Story. Gosh it's been so long since I heard this! It was great to hear and you play it beautifully! It sounds like you've been playing longer than a couple of years.
Posted By: Pathbreaker

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 05:06 PM

Thanks again for putting this together Bob. I appreciate the comments some of you gave me. You're too kind =)

This week has been pretty hectic for me but I have been enjoying this recital piece by piece wink
Some of the music that really hit me:

Mr. S-H: I love what you done here. A real treat to listen to.

Mel: Great choice! I've never heard it before but it sounds great in your hands.

Stephenc: Another beautiful selection. Very introspective and thought-provoking and your playing is from the heart. I think I'll look for the music for this one for myself =)

Peyton: "I haven't the faintest idea how to actually play this piece..." Shenanigans! Sounds like you know exactly what you are doing!

Hawk: Charlie Brown rules. So does your playing of this piece. If I get to learn any christmas songs I'll have to consider this one.

I'll have to continue this later...
Posted By: Balladeer

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 05:07 PM

Hello All ...

First thanks to Bob Muir for his efforts (and anyone else who helped put this together.

Next, thanks to you all for the music, the experience and the interaction. This is great fun and a very positive thing for us all to be involved in. smile

S-H ..... Simply your best. Period! I hear "new tendencies" in your playing - and your variety of sound has increased measureably. This is very texturally rich - I could go on, but I'm worried about your head.

Mel .... What a zesty piece beautifully presented! Superb dynamic control. Wonderful.

Stephenc .... You have made this one of Brickman's more appealing pieces - at least to my ear. Very even and smooth.

Peyton .... Innovative! Great passing chords and a dreamy interpretation of the melody. Nice command of the instrument.

J McClellan .... Excellent job of maintaining the tempo while changing dynamics.

Ragnhild .... You can never go wrong with Bach. What a great demonstration of good technique this is!

Hawk .... Wonderful phrasing! It is clear that you love this one - and I did too!

Piano Again .... You certainly have some impressive skills. Thanks for the music.

Euan .... I think you have captured the spirit Einaudi intended for this one. Beautiful.

Frycek .... Thanks for introducing me to this lovely piece. I thought you did particularly nice work on the grace notes.

Kawaigirl1 .... Simple .. and beautiful .. and simply beautifully played! Nice offset octaves.

Peter .... I am not familiar with this artist or tune, but I certainly will not mind listening to you play it again! Thanks.

Monica .... That Mason is sounding pretty darned good under your hands! You have definitely captured the Chip Davis flow, and this is very soothing.

Deborah .... What a terrific job for just a couple of months! Very nice and solid - keep going!!

...... to be continued ......

Posted By: Crypto

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 07:53 PM

Now that I've been through the pieces a couple more times, I thought I would add my comments. All in all, I really enjoyed the recital. I'm glad this forum is around:

1)Mr Super Hunky: I really like the chords in this piece. Even though I'm a classical junky, I wish I had a piece or two like this to have for those late nights when people are around and I could just work through it in the background.

2)DannyLux: I love the sound of this piece. I'm looking it up now to see if I can work on this on the side.

3)StephanC: I think this works for a Holiday recital. I like the sound of the Roland, and you have the dynamics just right for the piece.

4)Peyton Higgison: Very nice arrangement. I like the jazz section in the second part. Makes me want to hit the scales more often to get this kind of sound.

5)J_McClellan: Dear god man, pick something other than Bach. You've been in 2 recitals and you seem to be stuck. Move on. There are more composers out there. Plus, buy a microphone. We want to hear what the piano really sounds like.

6)Ragnhild: I always like Bach but I always hear items from Book I. Glad to hear something from Book II. And without a teacher? Very nice.

7)Icekid767 (Hawk): You have the technique of someone who has played for quite awhile. I love the turns in this piece. Again...now I have to go practice more.

8)Piano again: I had to go back to your direct link to get the Prelude of this one. This is great that you played both, and your 4th pair at that. This is one of my goals in the future also, I'm just not there yet. Very nice.

9)Euan Morrison: I love the sound of this piece. Your choice of soundfont was perfect.

10)Frycek: I always like Chopin when I'm in a mood. Good selection. Nice.

11) Kawaigirl1: This piece almost has 3 voices going. I'm sure it is alot harder than it sounds. I've had this one on repeat once or twice over the last few days.

12)Rockpeter (Peter): I like the mood of this piece. The middle theme comes very close to a silent night.

13)Monica Kern: I really liked listening to this piece. This is a nice arrangement of the song.

14)dh (Deborah): Short and sweet and nice place to start. Welcome to your first trip out.

15)loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen): Very nice playing. And this is still one of my favorite Christmas songs. I'm going to learn this for next year.

16)Copper: Handel played for Christmas. We won't dispute the arguments of whether he wrote it or not...he wrote parts. But, well played.

17)mahlzeit: I love this arrangement. Almost makes me wish that Department stores, when they start their Christmas stuff so early in the year, would use arrangements like this. Christmas on Halloween. Nice.

18)Sandy Moore: I do not think you are playing this mechnically. Sometimes a piece like this needs to stay closer to tempo and let the chords do the moving for you. I think you have found good match here.

19)rocky: I like this song. Smooth and just the right touch.

20)PootieTooGood (Tarik): I want to hear this again if you get the recording items squared away. We don't hear enough of Brahms around here. And, it sounds like you have a very nice and have this down.

21)Patty39: I used to hear this all of the time and now I think back and haven't heard it for years. I like that you brought this back. You did very well.

22)YamahaG3&P-80 (Mike White): Ok, you've got some experience at this and it shows in this recording. I only wish I had this technique. Again, more practice for me.

23)Nighteyes: I played this for the second recital. You have me beat. But, as you said, the nice thing about this piece is that no 2 people seem to play it the same way. You are left on your own to see where it takes you. I liked it.

24)Monster M&H, (Les): I like the sound of this older piano, but I'm bias. I've listen to this one a few times now. A jazz touch that I would kill for.

25)Balladeer: I'm shocked sometimes at what the PM people can do with chords. I really liked this.

26)NancyM333: This is one of the works I have down in the future to cover. I probably have a year or two before I can reach it. You should be ready for your recital. Nice. I always like how it changes mood right in the middle.

27)TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner): I liked the sound of this recording. You played well. I liked it.

28)Bluemarine: Nice selection with the Russian selection. I had never heard of this composer before. I need to take a closer look. I'll keep this recording around for awhile.

29)AdagioM (Michele): I'm glad you decided to submit. This was nice and smooth. Very nice putting this together at the last minute.

30)Serge88: Bach again (what is the count on Bach vs. Chopin around here?). I still like how everyone does this piece just a little bit different. Good job.

31)Mountain Ash: You had the first selection down. Steady rhythm in the second. Nice.

32)Seaside_Lee: I love this song. Especially if you find all of the lyrics. Your changeup in the middle works perfect.

33)funburger: I enjoyed this video. I don't think I could play in the hat and cape. This is one song which almost needs a keyboard or very large organ to make it work. You had the sound.

34)LisztAddict: Changing things up always works. The changes you made work for this piece. And, I love the sound of your piano.

35)psychopianoman (Allen Clark): From chord sheet? I feel inferior.

36)Pianoga (Pieter): For your first recording you did very well. And being able to do it from ear? Again, I don't know how people do it.

37)BobMuir: First, a big thank you for handling the nitty gritty of the recital. Good job. For the piece, very nice. I liked the end.

38)Opus45 (Jeff): I like the changeup with a piece to go along with Silent Night. The counterpoint works and you did well with this piece.

39)reliv4all (my son Matthew): Matthew is 12? Playing this waltz? Tell him he did great while I go sulk on the number of years I need to catch up.

40)Haizel: This was the perfect piece to end the recital. Very nice.
Posted By: Nighteyes

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/16/06 10:30 PM

Firstly, thanks all for the nice comments. I'm glad most of you seem to agree that this slow tempo does well with this piece. As someone commented, it gives the piece a sad feel. I liked it most this way too.

Maryrose, yes I am indeed a Robin Hobb fan. Funny you picked up on that. I liked the Farseer and Fool's trilogy a lot.
And my choice of words when I wrote that you guys had to made do with the prelude was maybe not that well chosen, I was just a tad dissappointed I couldn't get the Mozart ready in time. But the remark doesn't do the beautiful piece justice I agree with you.

McClellan, I'd like to hear your version of the prelude if you still have a link around. I tried the one in the #2 recital but it didn't work. And while I can't say that I'm not flattered about you saying I have you beat... I doubt if that's the case and more importantly besides the point, we seem to agree that this piece is quite prone to different interpretations and I'd like to hear yours! (I find other ABF member's interpretations more interesting than professional recordings so I'm very curious to hear pieces I have played myself.)

Next post I'll post some comments on the pieces, I listened to most a few times by now, and it has become a very pleasant collection of piano music I must say! I burned them to a cd and have it playing in the stereo installation also. Nice job all, and I'm quite proud to have been a part of this.

Right on!
Posted By: Mountain Ash

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 12:42 AM

Thank you all for the kind comments... it’s quite intimidating posting simple pieces against a backdrop of such wonderful performances.

1. Mr_Super-Hunkey – I see you’ve finally got the acoustic recording thing worked out. You obviously have wonderful improvisation skills to make such a nice recording from limited practice. Oh and nice sustain on that piano.

2. dannylux – what a charming little piece, that jumping base makes the piece sound alive. Your recording was very consistent and well metered.

3. Stephenc – this music was so soulful and played very well. One of my favourites. smile

4. Peyton – it was nice to listen to your arrangement of silent night. Very well done.

5. J_McClellan – not bad for the internal mic of your computer! Judging by this, your recital will be fine.

6. Ragnhild – I love a bit of Bach, especially when well played like this.

7. Icekid767 – more Christmas spirit, and well played. I especially liked the crazy arpeggio ending.

8. Piano again – sounds polished to me. Played at a nice tempo too!

9. Euan Morrison – some people can’t be with their families at Christmas so your song is entirely appropriate. Well done.

10. Frycek – the “anxiety” came through very clearly, brought alive by your expert playing. It was refreshing to hear a Chopin piece I had not come across before.

More later...
Posted By: Kawaigirl1

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 04:27 AM

Wow, First of all I want to give thanks to all the encouraging feedbacks. I also want to applaude everyone who had participated in this recital and sharing all the wonderful music. Special thanks to Bob for putting all this together.

S-H: First of all, very nice sounding piano. Now I know what people mean by the M&H having a powerful bass. I agree with most people's comment here saying that this is one of your best improvised piece. That was lovely!

Mel: After listening to your rendition of that piece, it seemed like you never stopped playing for 15 years. Very nice rhythmic piece and you played the trills very well. You should be classified as a pro.

Stephenc: That was a very tranquille piece. After listening to your rendition of the piece, I would like to learn to play it.

Peyton: Great improvisation of Silent Night.

J Mcclellan: What an emotional piece. Well done.

Ragnhild: Well played. I thought you had expressed the piece very well.

Icekid 767: Truly enjoyed your playing. I love listening to Jazz piano music. Very relaxing indeed.

Piano Again: I thought your piece was very polished. Loved those trills too.

Euan: You played this piece with such emotions and feelings that I think you did Einaudi proud. This is such a beautiful piece. Now I'm tempted to learn this piece.

Frycek: Very nice. I love to listen to anything by chopin. I thought you had brought out the melody nicely.

Kawaigirl1: Hmmmm......well the playing could have been smoother.

Rockpeter: Enjoyed your rendition of this piece even though the phone rang...but you played the piece very well and you didn't try to hurry the piece.

Monica: I've always enjoy lsitening to you play. It's been such a long time since I heard this piece. You played it beautifully. That Zoom H4 digital recorder produces such clear sound which makes the listening that much more enjoyable.

dh: That was great playing on your part. Well done.

lovechopintoomuch: I've always enjoyed this xmas piece. Nicely played.

Copper: I too like Monica did not realize Handel wrote this piece. That was wonderful.

Mahlzeit: This is such a hauntigly beautiful piece! this is your own improvization??? eek That was awesome & I Loved it!

SandyMoore: You brought out the melody very nicely and you had played it gently. Well done.

Rocky: Well done! That was marveous.

...to be continued
Posted By: mahlzeit

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 10:30 AM

Thank you very much for listening and for your nice comments, everyone! 3hearts
Posted By: Ragnhild

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 12:54 PM

Thank you so much for all the nice comments. thumb

MonsterM&H: I have not heard of Kolltveit (my fault, probably) I live north of Stavanger.
I like jazz, so I like your playing, I am not good at playing anything more mothern than Grieg, working on it.. smile You seem a little bit shy in the beginning but then it's only getting better..

I hope I will have time to listen more to everybody !

Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 02:37 PM

Originally posted by Ragnhild:

As a typical Norwegian I am still longing for the critics, though laugh
Of Norwegian desent here, glad to see that I'm not the only one that likes to hear it... thumb
Where in Norway? (not that I've ever been there) Last name is Koltvedt, I know of a city named Kolltveit, but don't know if it's my HOME LAND lol
Posted By: SAnnM AB 2001

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 05:13 PM

second half...I may get fired..

22. Mike White - Silver Bells. I enjoyed the variations you used on this piece. Do you play it the same every time or "where ever your mood takes it" People who can do this amaze me!!

23.Nighteyes. Only 6 months!! wow!!
I'm really enjoying this piece. I think I'll try this one for my next Bach piece! Thanks for playing it. It was beautiful.

24. Monster M&H, (Les) Must have been the Mistletoe. I bet your wife swoons! I really enjoyed listening and will again and again...

25. Balladeer - I'll be home for Christmas. This is such a nice arrangement. I've listened to it a few times now and forget that it's an ABF recording!! Awesome!

26. NancyM333. couldn't download. willtry again from home.

27. TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner). Mary did you know. My all time favourite Christmas song. Thanks! I loved it! I didn't find the quality too bad but I can see what you mean - maybe a little "sharp." (the playing was great!) I'd love to have this again for my CD. If you record it again, can you post it in December Piano. Or you can PM me with it! p.s. Where is the sheet music from? I'd love to start learning this piece and maybe have it ready for next year! Ok.. on to the next. I've listened to this 4 times already!

28. Bluemarine
Fairy Tale "Yolka" (The Christmas Tree) Very nice! I hadn't heard this before and am reallly enjoying it. It sounds quite difficult and you sound like you have been playing for more than 4 years! Awesome!

29. AdagioM (Michele) Dedication. This is really nice! Quite peaceful. Your playing is so gentle and steady. I loved it!

30. Serge88
Prelude in C, Bach. More Bach!! Nice! I haven't listened to it in a while but I think my recording of this has a bunch trills. I like it much better without them! Great job!

31. Mountain Ash. These two little pieces were great. I don't think I was playing with both hands after that much time. Your timing sounds really even too. Good job!

32. Seaside_Lee
White Christmas. This is wonderful! And by ear! Amazing. I just don't get it!.. You really don't learn how to do this studying classical music....

33. funburger - Dance of the Candy Fairy.
It sounds fun! I really liked it and you look and sound like you've been playing longer than 9 months!! Great!

34. LisztAddict. Ava Maria. Rats...Have to download later.

35. psychopianoman Silent Night. Nice! I've been attempting playing from lead sheets and while it's fun, it's not that easy.. You did a great job!

36. Pianoga (Pieter). White Christmas. This sounded great! I'm not sure that the red dot gets easier though.. I got a little "country" sense (hope that's ok). Really enjoyed it!

37. Bob Muir- Away in a Manger. I really liked the simple introduction. You did a wonderful job. only 2 takes!! The red dot doesn't appear to slow you down much!

38. Opus45 (Jeff)
Night of Silence. I'd love to hear these two sung together! This was a lovely melody. Thank you for sharing the words as well!

39. reliv4all (my son Matthew). Waltz in C# minor / Frederick Chopin. 14 months experience! You're kidding right! That's a lot of talent! Great job!

40. Haizel
- Hark the Herald Angels. I really liked this but had a hard time hearing it. I'll try again from home and better speakers. It was really nice. Soft and even.
Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/17/06 05:55 PM

Originally posted by mr_super-hunky:
wow You've gotta be freakin' kidding me eek . Is this the stuff you guys are sightreading???

I glanced at this for only a few seconds and now my eyes are sore!

As if it's not complicated enough, check out all the clef changes as well. You guys are nuts but we still love you!
I'm with ya Super-Hunky...waaaaayyyyyy outta my league. That looks like something for an orchestra eek
Posted By: Balladeer

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 01:46 AM

...... continuing.....

Kathleen .... Beautiful intro chords - and a little counter-melody kept dipping via the bass line. Wonderful!

Copper .... A well played classic. You continue to show growth.

Mahlzeit .... Beginning with the Alberti bass was the perfect choice for this morsel! Excellent!

Sandy Moore .... Really full sounds in the last chorus followed by a delicate ending. Yummy.

Rocky .... Let There Be Peace on Earth - you reached your goal Rocky. Good spacing, too.

Tarik .... Thanks for the Brahms. This is full and rich, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Patty39 .... You've done well in your couple of years. Nicely presented. Thanks

Mike White .... I'm a big fan of "echoes" as a decoration and you have them mastered - (along with 327 additional techniques). Great mood shifts. Wonderful spectrum of dynamics.

Nighteyes .... I am no classical expert, but I know what I enjoy. This sounded seamless and on target. Nice skills.

Les .... what wonderful tweaking to an already smooth and cozy tune. It's easy to tell you enjoy playing this one. Great work, Les.

Balladeer .... the flood of endorphins released by listening you play has resulted in the most sublime cacaphony of euphoric feelings I've .... oops.

NancyM333 .... I'm always a sucker for a Chopin nocturne. Thanks for this one and from the sound of you, your recital will be a success!

TX-Dennis .... I think you're being too hard on yourself. Very nice package here. I love your use of suspensions. Quite enjoyable.

BlueMarine .... Rebikov, huh. This was simply gorgeous. I am being lured into the classics again. Thanks for the music.

AdagioM .... Very thoughtfully played, Michele. Your presentation makes for excellent listening! I'll have to look this one up.

Serge88 .... mistakes? what mistakes. The only mistake would be not enjoying this. Thanks.

Mountain Ash .... 9 months? What a nice start you have. The recording quality is fine for me.

Seaside Lee .... White Christmas ... uhhhh ... now we're cookin! A couple of very cool chords you sneaked in on me there. Thoroughly enjoyable, Lee!

Funburger .... You are toooo much! Besides playing the piano, you have the 'entertainer gene' in spades! Thanks for the song and the fun!

LisztAddict .... What a tremdous delivery of this classic. A great mix of delicacy and power. Very accomplished!

Allen .... you accomplished your mission. 3 chords and a little imagination and freedom is all you need! Very good work.

Pieter .... congrats on conquering the RED DOT! I thought the 'stride' section was particularly effective.

Bob Muir .... Your progress is showing, Bob! As you got into the piece you sounded quite relaxed and managed some nice phrasing. Good work, Bob.

Opus45 .... this sure does make a sweet counter-melody to Silent Night. I would love to hear two pianos, but this one stands nicely on its own under your accomplished hands.

Reliv4all .... Matthew, this is quite something. If you can continue the fun, you are headed for great things! Thanks for playing.

Haizel .... I see you are playing a Schimmel (drool). Very nice and even playing, Haizel. Thanks for sharing.

A big thanks to everyone. May you all have a blessed holiday season.

Posted By: CTPianotech

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 02:00 AM

I just about never head over to this part of PW, so thanks much to lillylady for posting a heads up in the piano forum, or else I'd have missed out listening to it!

What I've been enjoying most is hearing the expressiveness in all of your playing. Great job all!


(whose ears grow tired of too much fast&loud!)
Posted By: TX-Dennis

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 02:26 AM

Originally posted by Sandy Moore:

27. TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner). Mary did you know. My all time favourite Christmas song. Thanks! I loved it! I didn't find the quality too bad but I can see what you mean - maybe a little "sharp." (the playing was great!) I'd love to have this again for my CD. If you record it again, can you post it in December Piano. Or you can PM me with it! p.s. Where is the sheet music from? I'd love to start learning this piece and maybe have it ready for next year!
This is from the book It's Christmas arranged by Dan Coates.

Posted By: ShiroKuro

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 09:29 AM

Picking up where I left off on page 2 of this thread:

Dennis your recording definitely does not suck! I think you’ve done a lovely job! Your rendition is very soothing, and there’s a nice flow throughout and wonderful ease into the ending. Getting used to recording and dealing with that extra nervousness just takes time, and repetition. The more you record, the more comfortable you will be and then closer your recordings will get to your actually playing ability. So keep up the great work!

Bluemarine I don’t know this composer or his work, but I really enjoyed your rendition of the Christmas Tree Waltz. I like how the beginning doesn’t sound like a waltz and then it moves nicely into a more traditional sounding dance-waltz, and then back the theme from the beginning. You handle all those transitions really nicely. Thanks for sharing!

AdagioM what a lovely piece, played wonderfully! Glad you decided to send this in, I enjoyed listening to it. I sure wish I could whip something up so nicely!

Serge88 thank you for sharing your version of this wonderful prelude. I never lose interest in this one. I think you did a very nice job. If I may be so bold as to give you a little advice, it would be maintain a more even tempo throughout, and make sure that the notes receive their proper values. Don’t rush through any sections or groups of notes, I like to think of it as “cherishing” each note (but that’s just the weird way I think.) smile

Mountain Ash is this your first recording, or first submission to an online recital? Welcome and congratulations! It sounds like you’re having fun, and I look forward to hearing more successful recordings from you!

Seaside Lee you’ve got me dreaming too! Very nice, as always! Glad you made it in time to share this with us. I esp like the way you changed the style (? for lack of a better way to put it) a little more than halfway through, I actually would have liked to hear more of that part, but the beginning, with all your lovely flourishes, was also great!

Funburger wow, vibraphone setting! I can’t think of a better piece for that sound than this one! What fun! smile The only feedback I would give you is to slow down to the most comfortable tempo you can maintain, and then play that tempo throughout rather than having a few sections that are faster than others. BTW I always thought this piece was “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” not Candy Fairy? Is there a difference?

LisztAddict I really enjoyed your Ave Maria! I don’t have a score to check, so I couldn’t tell that you made any changes. It sounds wonderful! I have always preferred the other Ave Maria (the Bach-Gonoud one, is that right?) but your recording has made a fan of me and now I want to play this one! I bet it’s too hard for me though. Sigh.

Psychopianoman I was going to ask you where you got the sheet music from, until I read your comments! What’s a stuffed octave? (I don’t know, but I’d almost like to change my user name to that!) So, is it accurate to say that you played this by ear/improvised it, since you used a chord sheet? If that’s right, well, that’s just fantastic. It’s fantastic even if that’s not the right way to put it! (If nothing else, it’s your own arrangement, right?) I really liked the intro a lot, the only thing I thought was that a little more “drawn out” ending might be nice. Of course, maybe I only thought that because I wanted to hear more of your playing! And esp the second half, I really enjoyed what you did with that, and your transition into that was really nice! Also, you said it’s not meant to be sung along to, but you really make the melody sing, so that gives it a wonderful feel. Hmm, so there’s no sheet music for this…. Could you make some? I would love to play this the way you do. BTW help an ear-less ABFer out, what key are you playing in?

Pianoga I had to laugh at the title that comes up when your recording plays in Windows Media Player! But then I had to shut and stop laughing so I could hear your lovely recording. So is this your first time to participate in an online recital? Bravo! Wonderful job, and I look forward to hearing more of you in the future.

Bob, our shining star, I thought your piece would never come up in the cue! Finally (erm, I’m one to talk since I’m not even in the cue this time..) I really enjoyed your “Away in a Manager,” it had a lovely sweetness, and the ending was of course charming! Thank you for sharing this one!

Opus45 well, you have me wanting to play this piece! (Gotta finish my winter concert first though.) Your recording, or more specifically your playing is really wonderful, the tempo is just right and your expression too. Soft without being wish-washy, just right I thought! And the music does stand on its own, but I am taken with the idea of it being performed in unison with Silent Night. On my third listening, I tried to sing along with your recording, I sang “Silent Night” (regular lyrics) Wow, that is wonderful! So, does that mean that this would be a good piece for three hands? As in, one person plays “Night of Silence” and the other person plays just the melody of “Silent Night.” Have you tried to play along with your recording? Maybe you could record the RH for Silent Night and dub it on to this recording (record it as a second track.) I bet that would be really pretty.

Reliv4all one of my favorite Chopin pieces, and your son does it very nicely! His playing has a nice momentum. I’m jealous of his place after 2 years! Thank you for sharing his recording!

Haizel What a lovely way to end the recital, perfect for the last piece in a wonderful program! Your playing is very grounded and solid, as I always think this song should be, and your steady, even tempo throughout allows the melody to sing just perfectly in my head. Thank you for adding this treasure to the collection!

Ah, now I am very sad, because the recital is over! Everyone played so beautifully, I can’t express how moved I am. I am going to go to the keyboard and take the inspiration that you all have given me and just try to pour it into my own practice.

Thank you everyone. Here’s my standing ovation!
Posted By: Peyton

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 04:20 PM


27. Love your story of recording for an hour and then finding out it was set to zero. God, how many time I have done that. And how does your sub conscious seem to know it's not recording and allow you to do the best job? :rolleyes: But not to worry, the one you got carries a lot of feeling and is played well.

28. Wow... Very professional sounding. Maybe it was that "big Hall" reverb laugh I loved it!! You played it like you've been playing it all your life.

29. Last minute or not that was a very sweet little piece.

30. Can't get enough of this one. Nicely done. Good recording too.

31. Good work. Yea the sound was a little on the brittle side...but hey, you're just starting out, we can't all sound like Horowitz right out of the gate wink

32.Ahh, back to the Christmas lounge.. and my danged cigar went out mad But a little more scotch should make up for that... Nice touch, nice feeling and a great arrangement! Keep those protein shakes comin.

33.Oki-dokie....THAT was different! I'm glad you put it up there on video. Normally (especially on a piano forum) I would have a real problem with the 'sound' of the synth but watching your "dramatic" presentation I laughed out loud. Nice job funburger.

34. Lisztaddict, Dude...I don't even know what to say. You kicked some serious *** laugh thumb I have the music for that and it is TOUGH!

35. I like that left hand treatment. Very new age.. Man you could probably have jammed on that for lot longer eh? Good job!

36. Hey, take 239 wasn't too bad laugh Keep em coming, that's a great start.

37. Nice rolls Bob. It adds a real nice touch. Great improvisation. (Like that little one note ending too smile )

Thanks for all the hard work on this recital!!

38. That is such a nice arrangement Jeff. It must be really fun to play. You make it sound like it is anyway. Thanks.

39. Only 12? Damn!!!! Can't he find a "prodigy forum" somewhere to post so I don't have to feel like such a dufus?

40. Haizel, I don't know why but the volume was way low on this but I could hear it just enough to know you did a nice job. Really sorry i couldn't hear it better, it's a great way to end the recital.

As always, I'm way impressed at the talent and abilities of the folks here. Thanks all and thanks Bob.
Posted By: Bob Muir

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 05:07 PM

I want to thank everyone for the very gracious comments and for taking the time to set down their thoughts on the pieces. I know how much time that takes, (time that I unfortunately don't have this week), and I wanted to say how much I appreciate your words. thumb
Posted By: Euan Morrison

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 05:20 PM

Ditto from me,

I admit I have only got to zip3, but I love what everyone has played, and will listen/comment in the next week.
Posted By: Bob Muir

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 05:24 PM

Haizel, I don't know why but the volume was way low on this
Peyton, it may take some time (because of my slow 768k upload bandwidth), but it's worth it to download the zip files. All of the recordings have been normalized and MP3 tags annotated. That way you can create a playlist and one piece won't be really soft and then the next really loud.

Posted By: Peyton

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 06:01 PM

Originally posted by Bob Muir:
Haizel, I don't know why but the volume was way low on this
Peyton, it may take some time (because of my slow 768k upload bandwidth), but it's worth it to download the zip files. All of the recordings have been normalized and MP3 tags annotated. That way you can create a playlist and one piece won't be really soft and then the next really loud.

I forgot about that. Thanks.
Posted By: LiszThalberg

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 06:16 PM

sorry i couldnt make the deadline, but as suggested by bob, my recording is in the piano bar for this month
Posted By: Patty39

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 09:00 PM

I don't know what to say, it is incredible! So for now just a big THANK YOU to everybody for sharing talent, passion, taste, moods, technic ... such a wonderful world of music!

I have been totally busy the last weeks, but I have you all on my MP3 player now - that will make a long train trip very short!

Thanks again for your kind comments - what an ego boaster!

Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 09:32 PM

Several notes about this and other recitals, past and future ...

First of all, Bob, thanks a million for normalizing all the recordings and creating the zip files. They are well worth the download time. (FYI, Piano again's Bach Prelude is missing from Zip #1. If you add it, just number it Track 8; it'll show up alongside her fugue, and you won't have to re-number the remaining 30+ other tracks. Also, a couple of pieces [J McClellen's Bach? Peyton's Silent Night? I forget.] didn't have the same ABF Recital #4 album title and got temporarily lost when I copied all the files to my music library. Just FYI in case you want to fix. Seriously, it's amazing that so little slipped through the cracks considering the size of the task and the speed at which you must have been working.)

Here's a big thanks also to whoever creates the sticky topics. It's nice to have the Holiday Recital right up where people can find it easily.

I'd be interested in a show of hands from all of you about whether or not to keep the earlier recitals as sticky topics as well. I'd like it, but I wasn't in those recitals and don't know how others feel about having their earlier (and presumably more beginner-ish) works so gosh-darned easy to find. laugh

Another note to Bob: Any chance you could make the zip files for Recitals 1 and 2 available again? A lot of the individual recordings are also gone, so you're my only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi. laugh

Of course, people might have yanked their files because they didn't want to leave them accessible forever. *sigh* All I know is, I wanna listen!!

And, finally another question for the group: For future recitals, would any of you mind if we included "Location (optional)" as part of the information provided with each recording? I find it interesting to know where in the world everyone is — but I'm such a dunce that I keep looking at the location on Bob's posts to find out where the pianist hails from, and it's just Lakewood, WA, over and over again. (Boy, that'd be one hoppin' town with all of you in it!) In any event, it would be nice, I think, to add that bit of info.
Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 11:13 PM


I think we should only keep the most recent recital posted with a sticky on an individual basis and keep it posted individually until the next recital is posted.

In addition to the current individual recital sticky, I also think we should have either another sticky or some link to previous online recitals so others can review all the past ones at will.

We need to be careful however of not having endless "stickies" that take up half to 3/4 of the first page. They are already starting to build up!.

The world famous ABF online recital is a constantly evolving endevour which has improved dramatically over the past year.

As soon as everyone is very comfortable with it, I may even propose to take it to the next level (for thoses who dare!), and that is possibly consider submitting an audio AND video recital piece!! eek

I know, most people will be like....."there is absolutely no way!!", but for those who really want to get as close to the real thing.....it's a possibility!, and "optional" one of course!

Just my 10 cents! (inflation!)
Posted By: Mountain Ash

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 11:25 PM

Great idea Super-Hunky, I loved funberger's little video! laugh
Posted By: Bob Muir

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 11:26 PM

FYI, Piano again's Bach Prelude is missing from Zip #1
Actually, one of the rules we originally set for the recitals is that only one entry be submitted. I don't think I mentioned it in my instructions. But that's why I didn't include both pieces in the zip file. I didn't catch it for the information post or I would have asked Piano again which they wanted to use.
Also, a couple of pieces [J McClellen's Bach? Peyton's Silent Night? I forget.] didn't have the same ABF Recital #4 album title and got temporarily lost when I copied all the files to my music library.
Actually it was Pianoga's song that was messed up with the album name. It's now fixed in the 5th zip file. Thanks!
Here's a big thanks also to whoever creates the sticky topics. It's nice to have the Holiday Recital right up where people can find it easily.
That would most likely be Frank, the site's owner.
whether or not to keep the earlier recitals as sticky topics as well.
The problem is that the stickies start taking up too much screen real estate. I do want to like to the previous recitals in the most recent one. That way they're always just a link away. smile
Any chance you could make the zip files for Recitals 1 and 2 available again?
I can do that just as soon as some spare time comes my way. thumb Also, by then, the rush will have died down on the current zips and the bandwidth won't be so narrow.
And, finally another question for the group: For future recitals, would any of you mind if we included "Location (optional)" as part of the information provided with each recording?
That is an EXCELLENT idea Deborah! I will include that in the next recital. thumb
Posted By: Bob Muir

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 11:35 PM

I can't edit my post because the recital thread is locked, but here are the links to all the recitals:

Recital #1 February 15, 2006
Recital #2 May 15, 2006
Recital #3 August 15, 2006
Recital #4 November 15, 2006
Posted By: LisztAddict

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/18/06 11:45 PM

video recital? eek
Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 12:07 AM

Originally posted by LisztAddict:
video recital? eek
YUP! laugh

An audio presentation is wonderful....for now!, but in a "real" recital, we all get to see the performers "presence, delivery, body movements" etc.

Plus, now we don't have to just worry about what we sound like, we need to be aware of how we present out piece to others as well!

Remember, its just am idea and most probably won't go for it but if you really want to someday perform in front of others, this IS the natural next step!! wink
Posted By: -Frycek

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 03:11 AM

I've listened to all the pieces and while I feel I'm not competent to offer any meaningful comment on any of them I enjoyed each and every one. I'm impressed with everyone. I so much loved hearing eveyone play. Thanks for an enjoyable couple of hours. thumb
Posted By: Mountain Ash

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 08:24 AM

I'm looking forward to some nice video's in the piano bar. thumb
Posted By: SAnnM AB 2001

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 01:58 PM

Originally posted by mr_super-hunky:
Originally posted by LisztAddict:
[b] video recital?

An audio presentation is wonderful....for now!, but in a "real" recital, we all get to see the performers "presence, delivery, body movements" etc.

Plus, now we don't have to just worry about what we sound like, we need to be aware of how we present out piece to others as well!

Remember, its just am idea and most probably won't go for it but if you really want to someday perform in front of others, this IS the natural next step!! [/b]
You mean I'd have to get dressed (up)! eek
I'd have to comb my hair and put on make up eek
I'd have to tidy my house (at least my piano area) eek
I'd have to diet and exercise eek eek

Sounds like a great idea! laugh laugh
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 02:27 PM

Like Frycek, I thought the recital was great, and I enjoyed listening to everyone's submission. I also don't feel qualified to make any serious critical remarks, since my playing is pretty far from perfect. However, I did want to write something about each and every one because I knew how hard everyone worked and how difficult it can be to "put yourself out there."

What a great performance…in every way! The music was rich and melodic and you played it with just the perfect touch of drama and in the correct tempo to bring out its minor mode. Wonderful!

Yikes!! Off to the concert stage with you!! I couldn’t help but tap my toe and smile while listening to your outrageously brilliant performance. I recognized something in there that sounded so familiar. To tell you the truth, I listened to it about 5 times…each time, it managed to thrill me even more. Spectacular. Can I adopt you? Just to have my house filled with your playing each and every day, well, I guess I can dream, can’t I?

As always, so lovely, so unique, so personal and so wonderful. I know I’ve told you just how talented you are, but it never hurts to hear it again. To take an old and trite song and breathe new life into it the way you did is as special as you are. I loved it.

That’s Bach! Gee…I always thought I didn’t him that much. What great playing for only taking lessons for such a short time. Hey, it’s great playing no matter how long you’ve been taking lessons. I have a 1913 Lyon and Healy Grand. But yours sounds much better than mine, or it could possibly be that you are a better pianist. Congratulations.

More Bach. I guess I had better pull out that book of his music I bought several months ago. Your playing was so precise and delicate, so suited for his music. Excellent command of the keyboard. Light and airy, quite lovely.

Icekid767 (Hawk):
Great…after I heard your rendition of the same piece I played, I wanted to bury my head in the sand. I definitely love that jazzy touch; in fact, I loved it all. Now aren’t you glad you came back to the piano…so are we!! Really super performance.

Piano again:
No kidding. I thought I was in some huge cathedral. What control and focus. Maybe that’s why I can’t “do” Bach. But I am certainly glad that you can. It was “heaven” to the ears. Extremely enjoyable.

Euan Morrison:
So beautifully haunting. You have a definite feel for this piece, and it sounds lovely under your fingers. Be proud of yourself. You’ve come so far in such a short time.

There is no sense in my trying to be impartial here. This particular piece is beyond beautiful and,Frycek, you played it perfectly. You do Chopin proud. I definitely am going to record it on my computer so I have it handy whenever I feel the need for a pat on my soul. Brava to you, dear heart.

I haven’t read all the threads on this post yet, so maybe this has been addressed previously. I couldn’t hear your recording. It was so soft. BUT what I managed to glean from holding my laptop up to my ears, it sounded quite charming and very well played. Perhaps you can post again. I really would like to hear it as it should be heard.

Rockpeter (Peter):
I can see why you loved this piece the moment you heard it. It is so lovely…lilting and sad. You played it wonderfully…with a gentle touch and a quiet respect. Excellent performance.

Monica Kern:
Truly elegant and stately playing, Monica. It’s a gorgeous piece to begin with, but you made it sound even more so. Superb!

dh (Deborah):
I find it amazing that you’ve only been playing two months (is everyone saying this?). You did a more than admirable job, and I know you will continue to do well in the months and years to come. Welcome to the forum. By the way, I like slow songs too. Good for you!!

loveschopintoomuch (Kathleen):
Hey, I read somewhere I won the “Crappiest Recording” prize. I humbly accept. But I have to thank those who made this possible. First, my ego, that lives in fear of hitting the wrong notes thus making my playing uneven and rushed. Second, a really squeaky chair, and last, and certainly least, my inability to figure out that darn Audacity program and where to put my cheap mic. Thanks again to all for making this experience one I will always “cherish.” laugh

It was a “joy” hearing you play. A little softly, but those chords rang out solid and true. Excellent. A wonderful choice, I might add.

It took me about 15 seconds to recognize the melody (although the title should have been a clue). You are quite creative, and it certainly is a whole new approach for improvisation. I respect your ability to do this and also I thought you played very well, indeed. And…it certainly was spooky!

Sandy Moore:
Sandy, I can understand why you got goose bumps. Again, another one of those haunting and soulful melodies that just begs to be played. And I thought you played it wonderfully. I didn’t hear any wrong notes at all, just a lot of sparkling arpeggios and dynamic chords. Excellent.

I’ve always loved this song…the words and melody are pure and simple and true. Your playing was even and strong and wonderful. Congratulations on being a self-taught pianist. Be very proud of yourself and keep the faith. I know the frustration that comes with trying to teach yourself. But little by little, that light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting brighter and brighter.

PootieTooGood (Tarik):
What an ambitious performance! I’ve never heard much of Brahms before, and the music is somewhat unusual in the true “romantic” sense of the word. However, I thought you played with authority and confidence and certainly have the requisite technique. A strong and splendid concert.

Patty, that was really super. Honest! I especially loved that dramatic section near the end, the big chord part. What a great song and how wonderfully you played it. And only after two years of teaching yourself. Congratulations on your obvious progress. It’s very kind of you to want to thank this forum; I do also. It is a valued life-line, filled with terrific people like you

Monster M&H, (Les):
You are master of your domain, Les…the piano. Easy, relaxed and lyrical performance. Thoroughly enjoyed listening and wishing I could play half as well.

Mike White)
Hi Mike: You’re still my hero. Unusual but wonderfully played version of this piece. I liked the chime effect. That couldn’t have been easy, but you certainly made it sound so. It’s almost making me want to go out and do some Christmas shopping. Excellent performance.

Excellent. I play this piece everyday for a warm up and always find it lovely because, as you say, you can put whatever emotion or lack of into it. For 6 months, a very fine performance. The trick to this piece (and one that I’m still working on) is getting the legato as smooth as possible. My teacher told me once that you shouldn’t hear a break between measures…and certainly not between LH and RH. Difficult to say the least. And also she suggested no pedal. Yikes, I was depending on it too much. Anyhow, keep up the good work. You are doing a super job.

How very lovely! Your piano sounded so bright and clear, and you played this great old standard with lots of love and feeling. Strangely enough, I was just singing this tune to myself, thinking about how Frank Sinatra sang it. I envy you your talent. A really super performance in every way.

Was that Rubinstein I was listening to? Wow!! Terrific! Since our Chopin group is working on it, we all know how difficult it is to play. I’m hoping to maybe get it (at least) listenable by March! Again, a truly professional and exciting performance.

TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner)
Dennis, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Your playing was wonderful - light and bright and gentle to bring out the almost mystical feel of this piece. I’ve never heard it before, but I loved it. As far as the mishaps of recording…we all have some frustrating stories to tell. I was once almost finished recording a Chopin prelude (the best I’ve ever played it) when a fly landed on my music and (forgetting I was recording) I stopped playing and tried to swat it, knocking all my music down on the floor. Very nicely played indeed.

You played wonderfully with a definite feel for the music. I enjoyed the waltz section better than the introduction. The piece certainly has a Russian sound to it. Different, but intriguing. Bravo!

AdagioM (Michele)
Very charming piece, and you played it with grace and style. Very nice.

Bach certainly seems to be a favorite here. I like the tempo with which you played. I can never seem to speed it up very much. And, of course, your legato was perfect. Congratulations.

Mountain Ash:
I loved that bouncing ball!! You’re doing just great as a relative beginner. And the recording sounded just fine to me. Good luck and keep on playing. I look forward to hearing you again at the next recital.

So very sweet. I was waiting for Bing Crosby to chime in at any moment. You can quit your day job and get one at a piano bar some where in town. You really have a natural touch and a great ear. Brilliant playing.

Now I know why you chose your name! What a absolutely charming and well played performance. That’s a difficult piece to take on for only playing for 9 months, and you did just great. I liked watching your hands moving across the keys. They barely seemed to touch…very light and bright. Very, very enjoyable.

Probably one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and you certainly did it justice. I could listen to it over and over and over again. Another beyond wonderful performance. I loved your arrangement also. Thank you so much for choosing it to play and giving us the gift of getting to hear it.

psychopianoman (Allen Clark)
What a wonderful and joyful rendition of this lovely song. Your arrangement was super and your playing even more so. Wish I had the talent to “throw” something together as easily as you do. Perfect!

Pianoga (Pieter)
I don’t remember what I was playing when taking lessons for only 2 months, but I know I never sounded as good as you. That red dot is a mind-freak but once you’ve learned to tame it, it’s going to be smooth sailing (yeah, right!). Anyhow, I thought your performance was just fine. Congratulations on your progress.

Bob, my daughter used to cry whenever I played this song. She was crying at the thought of there being no place for the baby Jesus and not at my playing (at least that’s what I think.). To this day, at the age of 37, she still gets weepy. Anyhow, I thought your playing was lovely…gentle and sweet, as it should be played. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And yeah, we have to figure out something to get rid of the red dot jitters. I’m going to come up with some evil scheme one of these days. Great, Bob.

Opus45 (Jeff)
Here are your ego-boosting comments, Jeff. So beautiful and so beautifully played. Delicate with a perfectly light touch for that lovely melody to come through. I just loved it! And thank you for the words…very moving.

reliv4all (my son Matthew)
You have to be extremely proud of your son. He belongs on the concert stage. Extremely gifted and astounding to listen to. Please tell him I wish him the very best in his chosen advocation. Amazing, to say the least.

I am so sorry, but I couldn’t hear your submission. Maybe you can post it again in the piano bar.

The End...I hope I didn't leave anyone out. eek

Bravos and bravas to everyone who participated. I sincerely enjoyed listening to everyone, and I am so proud to be a part of these great group. smile


Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 02:52 PM

would you believe I had this taken in anticipation of Mr super-hunkys video suggestion??
[Linked Image]

OK...would you believe.... we both stood up in the brother-in-laws wedding, the bride/bridesmaids got dressed at our house...had the photographer take some pics... laugh
Posted By: -Frycek

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 02:57 PM

Is this Mr & Mrs MonsterMash and the Monster itself?
Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 03:02 PM

That it is laugh
[Linked Image]
Posted By: funburger

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 04:04 PM

Monster M&H--i love those pics, beautiful.

thank-you for everyone listening to the piece i submitted, for clarification for everyone who has asked the difference between sugar plum fairy and candy fairy, same thing, just different name.
ps i cant tell the jello story and do it any justice at this point......

A Note for you guys,
also i know i have said this before, but my, oh my, this recital just rocks!!! you guys put forth alot of effort and portrayed such beauty in your playing, i cant compare this to any experience ever, i can only say this recital rocks to the highest degree and i am proud to be part of such wonderful group of pianists!!!!

Thank-YOU again,
touched and teary eyed
Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 05:20 PM


Those are a couple of great pics! Looks like you will be ready for a "video recital" should we have one in the future.

Btw, you should post up those pics in the "Show us your pics" thread....would'nt want these to get lost, they are very nice.
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 06:05 PM

I agree with super-hunky, Monster... those are GREAT pictures and should be immortalized in the "show us your pics" thread.

You mean you're not always that dressed up? wink

p.s. to super-hunky: It will be a long, cold day in you-know-where before I post any videos of myself playing. laugh It's hard enough to press that red dot. I don't want the pressure of trying to keep my face calm through each and every mistake.
Posted By: Kawaigirl1

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 06:21 PM

Monster M&H:

What a beautiful couple! Gorgeous pics!! thumb
Posted By: minywheats

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/19/06 07:27 PM

RockPeter!!! Thats the song that made me start learning piano. God I love this tune, I remember playing the game and everytime that song was in the back ground it really pulled at the heart strings. Its still alittle much for me but I would say another 6 months. Only been playing 3 ( I have moonlight sonata down) and I'll get it

thank you again
Posted By: rockpeter

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 12:04 AM

Nice playing. Felt like a piece we hear sitting at a lounge with a good drink and enjoying the time smile Good job.

Excellent finger work. Nice piece to hear. Enjoyed the piece.

A beautiful piece to relax to. Nice melody and you play it well. Nice timing good feeling song. Might want to learn this one.

Nice playing. Good job with interpretation. You gave it your touch.

Wow this was....oops must respect your wishes smile

Get Bach to your playing...heheh..just had to say that. Good job with it.

More to come.
Posted By: LisztAddict

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 04:29 AM

ShiroKuro - yes, the other famous Ave Maria version is by Bach-Gonoud; Bach Prelude in C major with the melody by Gonoud on top of it. I can't find any good transcription for piano solo for it yet. I may have to make my own arrangement one day.

About this Schubert-Liszt version, I made only 3 tiny changes from Liszt's arrangement of this Schubert's song. Other than that, I played exactly as written.

Change 1 - I added 2 notes
[Linked Image]

Change 2 - I took out those 32nd rests because I felt it sounds too funky with the right hand not together with the left hand [Linked Image]

Change 3 - I added 2 notes in the 2nd verse like I did with the first.
[Linked Image]

So far, I found only 2 recordings of this piece: 1 played by Lazar Berman and the other played by Valerie Tryon. I think it's a beautiful piece of music for the piano that is so little heard/played of. Thank you for listening.
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 06:33 AM

Originally posted by loveschopintoomuch:
dh (Deborah):
I find it amazing that you’ve only been playing two months (is everyone saying this?). You did a more than admirable job, and I know you will continue to do well in the months and years to come. Welcome to the forum. By the way, I like slow songs too. Good for you!!
Thanks, Kathleen. It was a lot of fun learning the song. I do feel like I lucked out a bit in managing to record a decent performance. I actually recorded myself just playing it over and over again for a couple of hours. (Does that sound awful? It was actually a very relaxing experience as I had simply set my mind on practicing the song rather than performing it.) I am still terribly fumble-fingered with the thing and can mess it up in a heartbeat.

As for my two months of experience, well, I’m developing a headache about that. Here’s the thing: Technically, one could argue that it’s a grand total of about three or four months — but I don’t know if I should count all of it. I started learning piano the first time in the spring of 2005, but quit after about six weeks and didn’t touch the piano again for well over a year. (Long story.) When I got back to it this September, I’d forgotten everything I’d learned earlier and started right back at “Where is Middle C?” smile

So, I dunno. Two months? Four months? I don't guess it matters all that much, and it will matter less and less as time goes on. But it is the sort of thing that makes me sigh and wish I'd just written "a few months" when I e-mailed my recording to Bob. :rolleyes:
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 06:41 AM

And now, for the rest of our musical programme ...

21. Patty39 - It was fun to hear the theme from “Love Story” music again! The music is as lovely as ever. Don’t worry about the recording. The important thing is that you participated — and very capably!

22. YamahaG3&P-80 (Mike) – It’s really something to hear people playing all my favorite Christmas songs by ear, and I thoroughly enjoyed your version of “Silver Bells.” The addition of the “bells” sound was great, and the contrast made the “piano” parts sound even more dramatic.

23. Nighteyes – Your beautiful playing carried me right along through Bach’s wonderful music, thank you. I appreciate the extra insight you provided in your notes about the recording and look forward to trying my hand at the piece someday.

24. Monster – I love this piece. I’ve heard the theme before, but never knew the lyrics, so thanks so much for the link. Did Mrs. Monster melt? Oh, you don’t have to tell me ... I saw the pictures you posted!

25. Balladeer – Oh, my. You surely lived up to your screen name on this one. “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is one of my favorite songs, especially when played to make the most of its plaintive qualities. Thank you for a lovely rendition.

26. Nancy – Thanks very much for sharing your very, very fine playing. The piece sounds very polished to me. Good luck at the recital!

27. Dennis – “Mary, Did You Know” is a beautiful song — and you did it justice, start to finish. It’s a shame about the recording, but I’d rather hear a (slightly) poor recording than not get to hear you play at all!

28. Bluemarine – That’s a very evocative piece; I can picture forests, snow and windows illuminated by candles ... and hear bells, singing and dance music. Your marvelous playing brings it all to life.

29. AdagioM – Are you saying you just up and learned that music at the last moment? It’s a lovely piece and very smoothly played, so I find it hard to believe you hadn’t been at it for a while. I guess that’s what eight years of experience will get you. smile

30. Serge88 – Another Prelude in C — and a very nice rendition of it, too. It’s really interesting, and enjoyable, alternating between your recording and Nighteyes' to hear how each of you handled it.

31. Mountain Ash – I’m so glad you participated. Woo-hoo for us baby beginners, hey? The pieces you chose are fun, and your timing/tempo is spot on. Very nice debut!

32. Seaside Lee – You had me floating with this one — and I liked how you spiced up the middle with a bouncy little section. Very enjoyable.

33. Funburger – Candy Fairy, Sugar Plum Fairy ... Whatever you call her, your video performance has moved that music up several notches on my “Must Learn” list. Sadly, I’ll have to play it on a plain acoustic piano. Your use of the vibraphone setting was positively inspired!

34. LisztAddict – The section of the score that you showed us is mind-blowing, but it certainly explains the amazing textures of that arrangement. What still isn’t clear to me is how you managed to play it without tying your fingers completely in knots. Bravo! (Or Brava!)

35. Psychopianoman (Allen) – Nice to see you at the recital. And, of course, I approve your song selection most heartily. I really enjoyed your arrangement although I have no idea what rubato or stuffed octaves are. (I know what stuffed olives are, if that’s of any use.) A fine performance!

36. Pianoga (Pieter) – This is your debut? Good job! I liked a lot of what you were doing with your arrangement of “White Christmas.” Mark your calendar: Feb. 15. We expect you back again. smile

37. Bob Muir – A lovely job of bringing out the sweetness of a classic carol. I particularly love the lullaby-like quality of the closing notes ... not that I was glad to hear your piece end, you understand! And I’m very thankful you found time to make a recording to include in the recital. It wouldn’t be the same without you here.

38. Opus45 (Jeff) – That’s a lovely song; thanks for sharing the lyrics. I’ve never heard it before but can imagine how affecting it could be when sung in combination with “Silent Night.” And you played it beautifully.

39. reliv4all (Matthew) – Twelve years old and only 14 months experience? Your son is very gifted! It was a treat to hear his performance, and I’m glad he insisted on submitting it.

40. Haizel – Thanks so much for sharing your performance of this Christmas classic. Your playing is very smooth and polished. A fitting closing piece for our holiday recital!

Thanks, one and all for a tremendous Holiday Recital!
Posted By: Lisztener

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 08:14 AM

There are so many threads to follow that it's difficult to stop reading and take time to post.

You gals and guys are super! You sure brighten many spirits with your beautiful gifts that you so freely share. Thank you.

I have recitals #3 & #4 thanks to Bob's zipping, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next recital to collect more good stuff.

Keep up the good work, it's for sure I'll be listening.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted By: Mountain Ash

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 09:08 AM

Dear dh, thankyou for your kind feedback...

On the issue of time spent playing, it isn't usually a straightforward "3 months" or the like... I have tried to make a rough estimate about mine because it really has been an off and on thing for me. At the end of the day I think the most important thing is to participate. wink
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 06:08 PM

Originally posted by Mountain Ash:
At the end of the day I think the most important thing is to participate. wink

Besides being a lot of fun, it’s a terrific way to learn how to learn a piece of music. I was enthralled with the process. Some of what I learned was completely novice stuff, like ... pay attention to the time signature! Doh. But much of it was the sort of direction that I see stated in these forums over and over again and which applies to everyone (except for, you know, all those perfect pianists out there): Go slowly, notice the patterns, get the notes in each hand before attempting HT. And, most importantly, everybody makes mistakes, just keep playing even when you think you messed up your recording!

I’m particularly thankful for that last lesson. The recording that I ended up posting had sounded just awful to me while I was playing. I seemed to hear mistakes everywhere and only kept going for the practice ... But it turned out to be way better than any of the takes I thought were just "perfect." :rolleyes:
Posted By: Serge88

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/20/06 11:02 PM

Congratulation to everyone, that was my first recital and not the last.

After listening to all the tune and mine, I'm now able to see what I can improve on my playing.

Posted By: Haizel

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/21/06 09:05 PM

I would like to thank every one for their kind words. I have listened to everyone's recital and enjoyed hearing the music of composers I was not previously familiar with. Furthermore, I was so impressed with everyone’s work that I will be adding the music sheets to my collection.

This was my first recital and I hope to be able to have a decent recording for the next recital that I participate in.

Thanks again for all your kind words, and a special thank you to Bob and funberger for correcting my recording problem. Happy Thanksgiving.
Posted By: Copper

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/21/06 09:45 PM

Another terrific recital deserves some statistics and a map.

Here are some statistics for Recital #4
(and the numbers from #3 in parenthesis - increases are bold)

Number of Players: 40 (34)
Males: 20 (12)
Female: 11 (9)
Gender Unknown: 9 (13)
Oldest: 60 (60)
Youngest: 19 (20)
Average Age: 41.5 (42.1)
Unknown ages: 14 (14)
Total experience: 229.9 years (121.5)
Average experience: 5.7 years (3.7)
Number of Digital instruments: 24 (22)
Number of Acoustical instruments: 16 (12)
Most popular digital brand: Yamaha 10 (11)
Most popular acoustical brand: Yamaha 3 (2)
Shortest: 0 minute 43 seconds (1:31)
Longest: 6 minutes 11 seconds (7:25)
Total Length: 2 hours 06 minutes 29 seconds (1:56:26)
Average Length: 3 minutes 10 seconds (3:25)

There is only 1 “unknown” – Off to Hawaii with him.

We lost the 2 new continents that we picked up for the last recital – South America and Asia!

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Nighteyes

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/21/06 09:47 PM

Cool! I would like to claim youngest in that case, I'm 18.
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/22/06 02:10 AM

Copper: Is there no end to your talents? smile Or is it that you have nothing else to do with your time. laugh laugh

Anyhow, (now here's one for the record books...a woman actually admitting she's older than what people think), I'm 67. I think you had the oldest as 60. Believe me, I don't mean to be picky because it obvious you've done a lot of work on this great schematic map and stats.

It's just that if anyone ever meets me and thinks that I'm 60, but I actually am and look 67, well....you know what I mean. :rolleyes:

Great job!

Posted By: Mountain Ash

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/22/06 02:28 AM

Copper you are amazing...

Anyhow here are the rest of my comments:

11. Kawaigirl1- Very nicely and smoothly played. It started sounding a bit Japanese at about 3:25... but that could just be me!

12. Rockpeter – ah now this is the one that is SUPPOSED to sound Japanese! Nice playing.

13. Monica Kern – I liked the way the piece started with just the melody and then moved to a full and beautiful harmony... lovely.

14. dh – great job deborah, I think you DID do it justice.

15. Kathleen – The audio quality can’t hide the nice music hiding behind it. Nice tune, nice playing.

16. Copper – Great to hear another Christmas song with an interesting arrangement.

17. mahlzeit - Intriguing arrangement you have put together here, and playing it in a minor key makes it so dark and captivating.

18. Sandy Moore – What a nice little piece and you are definitely getting a good hold of it!

19. Rocky – I probably should know this tune but I don’t. Nice job.

20. Tarik – Relaxing, dreamy music played very proficiently.

21. Pattie – you’re making great progress with your playing judging by this performance. It’s especially important in my opinion to play pieces that resinate with you like you have.

22. Mike – I liked this song, and the way it heats up half way through. Very clever use of digital voice as well.

23. Nighteyes –You make this piece sound a lot easier than it actually is. I like the tempo you played at as well, it gives the piece a nice flowing feel, and the notes are very even.

24. Les – Great song, and thanks for the lyrics link. Your playing was excellent.

25. Balladeer – nice key change, and the playing wasn’t bad either.

26. Nancy – You know I loooooove Chopin. You do this piece justice, very well done.

27. Dennis – I really liked this song and the way you played it.

28. Bluemarine – A Christmas piece with a difference... your playing was superb.

29. Michele – Those treble notes just sing out over the bass, wonderful!

30. Serge88 – You really managed to get the tempo up to scratch here serge!

31. Mountain Ash – Note to self: please buy a piano (preferably a nice upright, at least 48’’), and some recording equipment; thanks.

32. Seaside Lee – I love the changes in style and your timing is spot on. Oh and that’s a pretty cool arpeggio at the end.

Customer: “Could I please get a...”
Lee: “Hold on, cant you see I’m trying to play White Christmas over here. Honestly!”

33. Funburger – Oh I’m so glad I watched the video, it added another dimension to the experience.
34. LisztAddict – Amazing! That score would have been flying out the window after bar 1 if I had been doing it.

35. Allen – that was a lot more interesting than a bunch of block chords and a melody... thanks for spicing up the bass.

36. Pieter – What???? A few months? I loved the way you changed it up each verse.

37. Bob – Nice job. Good to see you didn’t miss your own deadline!

38. Jeff – Lovely song, very well played.

39. Matthew – Now you do realise this is my favourite song... when I read you were playing this I thought “you have got to be kidding” but you played it very well indeed, especially the descending 16th?? notes. I really enjoyed listening to it. Keep playing the piano, OK? Promise?

40. Haizel – an appropriate song to finish with. You kept time very well.
Posted By: Copper

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/22/06 03:13 AM

Originally posted by loveschopintoomuch:
Copper: Is there no end to your talents?
Well umm, yes there are actually many ends.

By my count there have been 79 total people in the 4 recitals. Maybe sometime I'll try to put together some total stats.

But now it's off to Thanksgiving for a few days.
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/22/06 04:01 AM


26.) Nancy: What a beautiful job on the Chopin Nocturne! I was particularly impressed with the quality of the recording. What kind of setup did you use? I don't think you have much polishing at all needed before your live recital.

27.) Tx-Dennis: I have always thought that "Mary did you know?" was one of the most beautiful melodies in a modern Christmas carol, and I loved your arrangement of it. Wonderful rendition!

28.) Bluemarine: I thought this was a beautiful piece. I will confess to never having heard of Rebikov, so I was grateful for your link to information about him. I learned something!

29.) AdagioM: You introduced me to Granados with the "Orientale" from the first recital (which, ahem, is still in my "trying to learn" stack of sheet music). So I was delighted to see another Granados piece. I really like his music, very moving and delicate. And great recording quality on yours, too. smile

30.) Serge88: You are being overly hard on yourself... I didn't hear any mistakes and thought it was very well done. One of these days I will learn some Bach.

31.) Mountain Ash: Your "Bouncing Ball" piece is appropriately named! You did a great job of conveying a bright, lively mood, and it was very evenly paced.

32.) Seaside Lee: I'm going to have to order me one of those voodoo dolls from mr_super-hunky. I am extremely jealous that you can rattle off something BY EAR that sounds THAT GOOD in so little time! Grrrr!

33.) funburger: Girl, if your learning curve goes any faster or steeper, you are going to be leaving us all in the dust! I still remember your first recital piece, when you wowed us after having played only, what, 8 weeks? Well, this piece sounds like you have been playing 8 years. And it was downright fun to listen to with all the effects.

...more later
Posted By: Seaside_Lee

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/22/06 03:26 PM

Thankyou so much everyone for all the kind words, I was worried about this one and will prepare better for the next one (promise). I feared I'd be in the critical room for sure this time (LOL)

Mountain Ash:
Customer: “Could I please get a...”
Lee: “Hold on, cant you see I’m trying to play White Christmas over here. Honestly!”
Funny laugh

Quickly tell you a story with that recording...it was the last of my 3 attempts and it was going well and I knew it had to be the best of my recordings but, I had to cut it short because someone came in AND WANTED TO BE SERVED!! mad customers tsk! :rolleyes: and that cool arpeggio was something I quickly played on the fly to end it gracefully and quickly (Not sure what I did? to be honest LOL)

. Seaside_Lee
White Christmas. This is wonderful! And by ear! Amazing. I just don't get it!.. You really don't learn how to do this studying classical music....
Yes correctamundo, I haven't studied anything other than what good old Mikey has taught me at pianomagic.


I'm going to have to order me one of those voodoo dolls from mr_super-hunky
Yikes!!!! Oh-no thumb
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/22/06 05:50 PM

Originally posted by Copper:
Shortest: 0 minute 43 seconds (1:31)
Longest: 6 minutes 11 seconds (7:25)
Total Length: [b]2 hours 06 minutes 29 seconds
My Recital #4 playlist (in iTunes) shows a total of 41 pieces, for 1.9 hours of playing time, with the shortest piece (mine!) at 54 seconds and the longest (PootieTooGood's Brahms) running 5:36.

I don't think I'm missing anyone ...


EDITED TO ADD: Terrific job, Copper! I don't mean to imply otherwise. Obviously, you spent a lot of time putting all the stats together (again!) and it's greatly appreciated. Wonderful to have the info. Thanks.
Posted By: rockpeter

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/23/06 12:25 AM

Hi all, Well I listened to some more and here are some comments...not much, sorry for not putting more effort to respond properly....You all deserve good reviews.

#7 Icekid767 :
Sounds nice. Played well and good overall timing. Like those rolls you put in there and those little shots of speed.

#8 Paino again:
Wow that was good. I liked it. You made the different melodies stick out and played them evenly. Good job.

#9 Euan Morrison
Nice piece. Reflective. Never heard this before. Refreshing.

#10 Frycek
Ah chopin is always nice to hear. Although I’ve listened to many nocturnes and waltzes, I still havent taken the time to listen to many Scherzo’s yet. This was nice.

#11 Kawaigirl1
I like this genre of reflective music. You played it very well and gave it the feeling required. Even flowing and nice timing. Great job.

#12 Rockpeter
Pick up the phone !!!!!!!!

Nice playing Monica. I can already imagine the snowflakes outside falling to the ground while the wind gently wispers echoes of holiday spirit. Hehehe.

More to come
Posted By: Copper

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/25/06 04:46 PM

Originally posted by dh:
Originally posted by Copper:
[b] Shortest: 0 minute 43 seconds (1:31)
Longest: 6 minutes 11 seconds (7:25)
Total Length: [b]2 hours 06 minutes 29 seconds (1:56:26)
My Recital #4 playlist (in iTunes) shows a total of 41 pieces, for 1.9 hours of playing time, with the shortest piece (mine!) at 54 seconds and the longest (PootieTooGood's Brahms) running 5:36.

I don't think I'm missing anyone ...


EDITED TO ADD: Terrific job, Copper! I don't mean to imply otherwise. Obviously, you spent a lot of time putting all the stats together (again!) and it's greatly appreciated. Wonderful to have the info. Thanks. [/b]
Using Windows media player - yours is 0:43.

I have Pootie at 5:34, NancyM333 at 5:38, Kawaigirl at 6:08 and Ragnhild at 6:11.

I only have 40 pieces, Bob's original recital post has 40 pieces. I guess iTunes sees things differently.
Posted By: mahlzeit

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/25/06 04:54 PM

Windows Media Player is wrong. After the song reaches the 0:43 marker, it keeps playing for another 11 seconds. Weird... It probably has to do with the "variable bit-rate" encoding, although you'd suppose it wouldn't be so hard to calculate the exact length... laugh
Posted By: AdagioM

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/25/06 05:55 PM

Originally posted by Monica Kern:

29.) AdagioM: You introduced me to Granados with the "Orientale" from the first recital (which, ahem, is still in my "trying to learn" stack of sheet music). So I was delighted to see another Granados piece. I really like his music, very moving and delicate. And great recording quality on yours, too. smile

and I'm still willing to give you my "frankensteined" easier version, if you'd like. It seems like a long time ago that we discussed it before; I believe I was sitting in a hospital room next to my hubby, who had just had part of his lung removed! There are a lot of things I'm thankful for this year, and glad this year is almost over. smile
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/25/06 07:45 PM

Originally posted by mahlzeit:
Windows Media Player is wrong. After the song reaches the 0:43 marker, it keeps playing for another 11 seconds. Weird... It probably has to do with the "variable bit-rate" encoding, although you'd suppose it wouldn't be so hard to calculate the exact length... laugh
I don't suppose it matters, as long as the pieces aren't playing fast or slow. And I didn't miss any recordings!

Hey, Copper, did you know you can use iTunes on your PC? Just a thought. wink
Posted By: dannylux

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/25/06 08:00 PM

Many people consider Windows Media Player a piece of junk.



Winamp basic is free and is an excellent audio and video player.

Posted By: Copper

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/25/06 08:52 PM

Originally posted by dh:
Hey, Copper, did you know you can use iTunes on your PC? Just a thought. wink
I was using iTunes for a while. I forget why I uninstalled it. I think it did something that made me mad.

I think it was connecting to the internet without telling me and maybe without giving me an option to stop it. I can't remember exactly what it was but I think it was some kind of spying.

I know, I know it was spying to help me.

I know the MS player tries to spy too, but it least it asks if you want it to spy on you.

Winamp was also distributing spyware for a while. I haven't looked at it for a while, but it was famous for doing some evil stuff.

Microsoft would love to spy on you, but they get so much publicity about their security they can’t get away with much.
Posted By: piano_deb

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 11/27/06 06:07 PM

Copper, I understand your frustration and annoyance. The latest versions of iTunes even automatically open with the "mini-store" turned on and data actively feeding back to Apple and/or one of its vendors/partners. It appears, however, that turning off the mini-store stops the program from sending further info. Not that that's much of a fix for what is, essentially, an invasion of one's privacy for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is happening all the time with software for both Mac and PC.
Posted By: reliv4all

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 12/13/06 04:58 AM

I would like to thank Bob Muir for putting this recital together. I would also like to thank everyone who commented on my son, Matthew. THIS WAS LONG OVERDUE! I showed Matthew all your comments and he loved it!

As I have noted in the recital, his piece was a work in progress. He has polished it further and needs to work on a few more minor details.

Maryrose, as requested, here's a more polished piece of Chopin's Waltz in C# minor:

Happy Holidays to all!
Posted By: funburger

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 12/13/06 06:29 AM

reliv4all---thats incredible i watched some of the other videos, how in the heck did he advance so fast in such a short time??? did you just say here play this and waalaah?? you must be given him some piano potion or something!!! simply incredible!!!
Posted By: TX-Dennis

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 12/13/06 04:26 PM

Originally posted by reliv4all:
I would like to thank Bob Muir for putting this recital together. I would also like to thank everyone who commented on my son, Matthew. [b]THIS WAS LONG OVERDUE! I showed Matthew all your comments and he loved it!

As I have noted in the recital, his piece was a work in progress. He has polished it further and needs to work on a few more minor details.

Maryrose, as requested, here's a more polished piece of Chopin's Waltz in C# minor:

Happy Holidays to all! [/b]
Only 15 months playing? Matthew is one seriously gifted young man! I hope you are encouraging him to continue with music.

Posted By: reliv4all

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 12/15/06 02:06 PM

Thank you very much for your nice comments.

Very briefly, he never showed any interest in playing the piano (especially classical music) until last year Sept. '05 -- he was 11 at that time. We got him an inexpensive keyboard and soon after replaced it with a digital piano. He has progressed very quickly so we replaced his digital with an upright (now he wants a grand). We enrolled him in Sept. '06 in a conservatory prep school. Prior to the prep school he has had 2 piano teachers where the 2nd one (one of the known forum members here in PW) helped mentored and prepped him for the conservatory audition.
Posted By: Mary-Rose

Re: Recital #4 General Discussion Room - 12/15/06 06:25 PM

reliv4all - thank you so much for letting us hear Matthew again. I think this performance is absolutely exceptional for his age, quite apart from the short time he has been learning. How fortunate that you are giving him the support he needs. And what good taste he shows in choice of repertoire wink

Funburger - I liked your idea of "piano potion"!! If only there were such a thing....
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