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con sordina

Posted By: synthman

con sordina - 04/01/07 04:47 PM

Hi, I am still working on Debussy's Clair de Lune, and at the beginning there is the notation "con sordina". Does anyone know what this is supposed to mean for a piano score? I know that for horns it means to mute, but what is it for a piano? Maybe it means to use the soft pedal (una corda)?

Also, I have a recording of Clair de Lune (I forget who by) and the beginning seems extremely slow (certainly slower than I have been playing it) and then speeds up somewhat. I guess Debussy is not supposed to be robotic wrt tempo! At a very slow speed I find it tricky to get the timing right without counting, but I don't really know how fast to count. What should I set the metronome to?

Posted By: bluemarine

Re: con sordina - 04/01/07 07:45 PM

con sordina = una corda
(using left pedal)
Posted By: Lisztener

Re: con sordina - 04/01/07 10:37 PM


Here is a link to a good musical notation site.


I find myself visiting it frequently. I hope you find it useful.

Posted By: synthman

Re: con sordina - 04/02/07 01:12 AM

Thanks for the info!

One thing - on the great website Lisztener mentioned, it says that "con sordina" means with the damper (ie pedal not pressed) while "con sordino" means soft pedal. But Clair de Lune needs the pedal, (as does most of Debussy's music!), and the beginning does sound better with the soft pedal. But perhaps it really does mean to not use the pedal, at least for the first few bars?
Posted By: brandy&+

Re: con sordina - 04/22/07 12:04 AM


I too am struggling with Clair de Lune. The sheet I am using has fingering, but no indication whatsoever as to using either pedal. Is it a free for all situation? I am as confused as Synthman and hope that we can get help.
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