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Posted By: davido

sheet music - 12/03/04 05:39 PM

I am new here so I am not sure if this is allowed if not delete it. but I am trying to find sheet music for john lennon's christmas song. Happy christmas. It sounds easy to play about 5 cords. i think
Posted By: ragtimebg

Re: sheet music - 12/04/04 01:47 AM

Anything still copyrighted...mostly anything that is less than 75 years old, is not supposed to be copied for free....I know it's not modern to observe copyright laws, but that's how it is...
Posted By: jdsher

Re: sheet music - 12/04/04 12:55 PM

If you really want it, you can buy it at sheet music direct for ~$4.00. Here's the link John Lennon X-mas song for easy piano
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