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2 vs. 3

Posted By: HermanM

2 vs. 3 - 10/08/04 08:27 PM

My teacher showed me a thing today that was cool - we were talking in theory class about mixing 2 and 3 time simultanelously - she did this scale study, starting two octaves apart, where the left hand plays 3 beats, the right 2 (think of triplets in the left, eighth notes in the right). After playing two octaves of the right and three on the left, you'll end up one octave apart.

Once I can play a scale (at least that's the way I feel most of the time) I may give it a try!
Try it out yourself - hats off to you if you can pull it off. (I'm smart enough to not even try!)


p.s. I'm lovin the theory class. so much of it seems to be material on proper notation, but every once in a while something neat comes up. And I'm sure the notation thing will leave as we get to more advanced topics (at least I hope!). Speaking of theory, what happened to Matt?
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