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Posted By: diinin Which Chopin Waltz in B minor? - 10/15/08 01:59 AM
I finally got around to starting Op. 69.2, only to find that there are two versions--the Jagiellonian Library version and the Fontana version. It seems that the J. Library one may be more authentic, since Chopin himself donated it, while the Fontana one was published after he died.

When I was learning the C# minor Nocturne, I think I found four different versions! I ended up combining what I liked most of two or three of them, but mostly went with the Urtext one.

Anyone have any opinions on which is the better of the two? I know the Fontana is a little harder in one section, but that may not necessarily make it sound any better. I'd like to find recordings of both and listen to them before I decide. I've played around with both, and have found things I like about both, of course...
Posted By: sotto voce Re: Which Chopin Waltz in B minor? - 10/15/08 03:51 AM
I don't have an opinion on which is better, but wanted to share an incidental tidbit FYI.

Chopin didn't donate the manuscript to which you refer. Rather, he gave it to Guillaume Kolberg in 1829. Kolberg's brother presented it to the Jagiellonian Library in 1881.

(My source is the Commentary at the back of the Paderewski edition of the waltzes.)


p.s. Unless you're learning the piece for a recital or an audition (in which case the choice might be relevant), I recommend you learn the one you like better. smile
Posted By: diinin Re: Which Chopin Waltz in B minor? - 10/15/08 04:27 AM
You're right--Chopin didn't donate it (given that it was donated in 1881! laugh ), but it was at least handed down from him, through a couple of people.

I just wonder if Fontana didn't make some changes before he published the other edition. Since we know Chopin agonized over everything he composed (especially when it came to writing it down), possibly he had a few versions floating around.

It's hard to find a recording of the J. Library version. I'd like to compare them, if I can find it. It seems that everyone plays the Fontana, even though it seems only slightly more difficult.
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