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Any Seattle Area A.B.s?

Posted By: pianojuggler

Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/06/04 03:49 PM

One of the other threads (I think it was about Performance Anxiety) mentioned a group of Adult Beginners (I think in New York) who get together and play for each other and others once in a while.

Unfortunately, it looks like I'll miss the PNWPFP this month. But I was wondering if there were any other adult beginners and retreads in Western Washington (or from as far as you're willing to travel) who would be interested in meeting periodically.


(Heh heh heh... we could all meet a Nordstroms, and tell the guy in the tuxedo he has a phone call, then take turns at the piano....)
Posted By: sleepingcats

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/06/04 04:16 PM

This is in the Portland, OR area, but I called several major piano shops and got 3 leads. However, 1 group meets quarterly, another about every 2 months, and another about once a month, but seems some take summers off. Also, they are for all levels, and I was told very supportive. I haven't attended any yet since the next one isn't till August.

So you may try contacting some dealers and they may know of some. I'd like to make more friends, and try to get over my "stage fright" too!
Posted By: MLT

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/07/04 12:07 PM


What part of the Sound are you in? I'm a wee bit North of Seattle in the Lynnwood area and I like your idea.

Posted By: pianojuggler

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/07/04 04:04 PM


Lesser Greater Inner Outer Western Eastern Suburbs: Old Bellevue.

My piano teacher has three other adult beginners/retreads. I'll start asking around and see if we can round up some more interest.

What do you think a good core group size might be? Eight to ten?

Posted By: MLT

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/08/04 05:42 PM

Eight to ten would be nice but I wonder if there is enough continuing interest for a group that big. Maybe five would be a good threshold.

I will talk around and see what kind of interest is generated. It sounds fun to me, sort of a musical gathering with some bad piano music in the background.

Posted By: pianojuggler

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/08/04 08:11 PM

Five would probably be a good place to start...but will we get any chicks throwing their undies at us ???
Posted By: Mom of 3

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/17/04 11:03 PM

I might be interested, depending on the family schedule...
Posted By: MLT

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/18/04 09:15 PM

Alright, I think we are getting some momentum going here. Do I hear 4? Four!!

Posted By: Bob Muir

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/18/04 09:39 PM

I'd like to meet once a month or every other month or so. I think It'd be fun. We could either meet at different piano stores and then a B&N for coffee or pub for a brew or maybe we could meet at each other's house (or at least at the houses of those who feel comfortable with inviting guests).

I'll be going to Alex's get together, so I'll see some of you there.
Posted By: pianojuggler

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/19/04 11:25 AM


Or "Four!!!" Hey, are we playing the piano or bridge???

I will look at my calendar and propose a date in the next month or so for a kickoff. I'll also contact a few piano stores around and see if someone would be willing to let us invade.

Alternatively, I know of some public pianos around and about.

Yes, I think it's got potential!
Posted By: jodi

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/25/04 06:09 PM

So, can "not quite beginner but prone to piano train wrecks" adults join in if they happen to be in the area?

smile Jodi
Posted By: teachum

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/25/04 11:06 PM

Jodi - That sounds like me. I see from your profile you like equines. I have two chestnut Arabs. They are trail and mountain boys!
Posted By: jodi

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/25/04 11:26 PM

Do you live up near Couer d'Alene? We lived in Moscow for 11 years. I had dinner with your sister last night, although we sat at opposite ends of a very long table, so I didn't get to talk to her. The night felt like it was over before it even began. Must have been all that good wine, food and music! I did get some pictures, though - I'm still trying to shrink them down properly so I can post them. (stupid computer cursing laugh )

I'd love to see pictures of your "boys" if you have some. I am currently riding a pure spanish Andalusian mare. (there is a picture of her in a thread called "my ride" in the coffee room - probably 7 or 8 pages back)

smile Jodi
Posted By: teachum

Re: Any Seattle Area A.B.s? - 07/26/04 12:06 AM

Cool - One of my boys is a Bask Flame baby. I'm not sure if Bask is still alive. But at one point he was one of top Arab producers in the country. My other boy is actually registered 1/2 Arab as he is 3/4 arab (sire was arab) and his mom was 1/2 arab 1/2 saddle bred. I'll try and do some good pictures with the digital. They are both "seniors" now as they are 18 and 20, but you'd never know it. Yes, I live north of CDA. I back up to State and paper company land so I have great riding w/o having to trailer anywhere.

just put big pictures on (like those badgers!!!) Just joking of course.

Waiting anxiously for my new Estonia!

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