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what is.....?

Posted By: jaxkewl

what is.....? - 07/14/04 01:02 PM

Hi! This is my first post and I just started playing piano a week ago. I've been reading some topics and I have a bunch of questions that I wish there was FAQ for Adult beginner students.

1) I've read warmups that consist of scales, arpeggio, and Hanons?
-What is Hanons? and is there a way I can get free sample music for that?

2) A practice should consist of technique, sight reading, and repetoire.
What do those three things consist of? Is there a web site that explains them in more detail? I ordered a piano book online, but it hasnt come yet.

3) What piano book is good?

Thanks and this is a great forum. Such nice people.
Posted By: signa

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 01:37 PM

1) C.L. Hanon is the author of the book - "Hanon THe Virtuoso Pianist In Sixty exercises for the Piano" (Schirmer's library of musical classics). as you can see, he wrote 60 finger exercies for both hands. some like his exercises and some believe it is totally wasting of time. so, make your own judgement on this.

2) technique - anything a piano technique book would teach you; sight reading - being able to play through notes with a sheetmusic in front of you; repetoire - a set of pieces you have learned how to play, which could consist anything from a simply 'Joy to World' theme to a piano sonata or an etude.

3) piano book in which aspect, technique or repertoire? i am sure many people will jump in later to give you some titles. but at least i can recommend 2 good technique books i have:
- Mastering Piano Technique by Seymour Fink
- the Pianist's Problems by William S. Newman
Posted By: nan

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 02:01 PM

jaxkewl -- I would highly recommend the Alfred's series. That's: Alfred's Basic "Adult Piano Course" which comes in Level 1, 2, and 3. I started off from the beginning Level 1 with no music experience whatsoever and worked through the entire course in three years. Also go for Alfred's All-in-One course because it contains the same music plus music theory which you can work on too or not as you wish. The Level 3 contains what I consider to be hard pieces such as Fur Elise (original version) and I am surprised to hear in this forum some make it to that level in one year! (albeit there is a simpler version but I have seen some posts who claim they did the original version after about one year's experience) What's important is that you enjoy it and keep up a regular practice -- Good Luck!
Posted By: jaxkewl

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 02:08 PM

thanks i am looking up those books now.
Posted By: folly

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 02:09 PM

jaxkewl--you can find free samples of hanon here:
Posted By: devils4ever

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 03:04 PM


Based on your post, I take it you don't have a teacher? I would strongly recommend a teacher especially when you are starting out. It's easy to pick-up bad habits that might take years to eradicate. If you can afford it, go to a private teacher. Group lessons are next best but still not ideal.
Posted By: jdsher

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 03:47 PM

jaxkewl: You didn't mention whether you have a teacher or not. If you don't have one, I would highly recommend finding a good teacher. They will help you through all of these questions in detail. Just remember, alot of us started right where you are now, so we know what you are going through. Good luck.
Posted By: jaxkewl

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 03:47 PM

yeah i was considering a teacher, but my hours at work are so inconsistent. what is a typical piano lesson like? how much?
Posted By: HermanM

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 04:49 PM

Just wanted to join the raging chorus of those stressing that taking lessons is vital. I started fiddling about with the Alfred series books on my own, but there is nothing like the guidance you'll get from a teacher, not to mention that having to prepare for each lesson adds a level of motivation that is otherwise not there. I'm at the end of the first level book after 3 months of study, although the teacher provides added pieces to work on - Bach Minuets, Bartok, and whatnot. Good stuff, those.
what is a typical piano lesson like? how much?
My lesson is 30 minutes long. $20 a lesson. A bargain at twice the price.

Good luck with your studies!

Posted By: devils4ever

Re: what is.....? - 07/14/04 05:56 PM

yeah i was considering a teacher, but my hours at work are so inconsistent. what is a typical piano lesson like? how much?
A lesson is typically 30 min or 60 min. I suggest 30 min for absolute beginners. Costs anywhere from $20-$30 per half hour. If you can read music, then he/she will give you one or two pieces to work on during the week. Maybe a technical exercise (scales) also. Then, you'll play it back and he/she will make suggestions/corrections. You'll also talk for quite a bit about problems you're having, fingering, dynamics, etc.

If you can't read music, then I guess he/she will work on that.

I admit I get pretty nervous playing for my teacher. I think he knows this and always talks for 10 minutes or so, to try and relax me. I'm getting better though. smile
Posted By: jdsher

Re: what is.....? - 07/16/04 02:05 PM

My teacher charges $60/month for both me and my son. My son has two 30 minute lesson per week and I get about 45 minutes to an hour once a week. The lessons usually consist of playing repetoire, reviewing the theory books, and discussions regarding anything musical.
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