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Worth your while?

Posted By: Matt G.

Worth your while? - 06/29/04 10:21 PM

The appreciative feedback I got from a number of you regarding my input in the studying music theory thread got me thinking. (Yes, always dangerous, I know.)

If I were to post a weekly theory blurb, would anyone be interested? I realize, of course, that many of you are at different levels, and I thought that perhaps I could give a nutshell version of a theory subject at various levels of advancement.

Look, I spent thousands of my own hard-earned dollars studying music theory, and I've never been able to put it to much practical use other than my own. I'd love for someone else to share in the benefit.
Posted By: apple*

Re: Worth your while? - 06/29/04 10:29 PM

Am I on planet earth? Did I really read that? Can you go slow?
Posted By: PattyP

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 12:05 AM


I'm all ears!
Posted By: signa

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 12:09 AM

go ahead, why not?
Posted By: sleepingcats

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 12:15 AM

That would be great! Turns out that I won't be able to take formal classes at the local university because of time and budget, and since I'm not seeking a degree or hoping to become a teacher, any help would be welcome!

Posted By: Terrytunes

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 12:52 AM

I have a stack of magazines that my Mom collected; Sheet Music. On the last few pages they usually have a question and answer section on music theory. Question 1 would be the easiest and worth 10 points while the 5th question might be worth 10,000 points!

Oh, well.. points or no points the idea sounds great to me!! thumb
Posted By: apple*

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 12:57 AM

you could also put a little garden tip in for your ps..
Posted By: Liesle

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 04:50 PM

I too will welcome your contributions MattG.
Posted By: AvidLearner

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 05:04 PM

That's great. I'll be waiting for your weekly theory lessons.
Posted By: ChickGrand

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 05:49 PM


That's the best idea I've heard around this parts in a long time. I've thought in the past that a forum that was music education-oriented could be one of the greatest assets of this whole place but refrained to suggest it because I wouldn't presume anyone should make the time and effort without recompense. Anything that helps us understand music better and makes better musicians out of us is good for the whole piano community/industry. I'd like to see this seed grow into the remarkable thing it could become with others formulating little lesson plans.

While I read books on theory, the problem I find with many of them is the cursory manner in which they merely outline concepts, too often merely citing identifying characteristics about a concept, without clearly stating the concept and without illustrating why it's important in composition. It's like one engineer writing for another engineer. If one already understands a concept, the implication is implicit in the writing. If one is coming in as an ousider, it often isn't explained in a way that illustrates the concept well. If you can do at all better with this volunteer effort to make the implications of theory more explicit to us needy souls, you will fill a great void. (Not to imply that you don't already. laugh )
Posted By: jdsher

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 06:56 PM

I know I would greatly appreciate anything you can teach me. What day were you thinking about? Monday would be cool. That way you'd have all week to answer all the questions are musically inept brains could come up with.
Posted By: BeeLady

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 07:17 PM

MattG not only would I be grateful, but I am betting my teacher would be pretty happy too! I think she is getting tired of trying to drum it all into my head!

Even a little "theory thought of the week" would do me loads of good!

Thanks so much for offering!
Posted By: Liesle

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 11:30 PM

Monday's fine with me.
Posted By: Cindysphinx

Re: Worth your while? - 06/30/04 11:40 PM

Awesome, Matt!

Can't wait to get started!
Posted By: cathys

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 12:41 AM

Matt - That's great (theory is my weakest area) I'll be sure and build a file for your tidbits!!!

Posted By: AndreaH

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 09:59 AM

Count me in! Monday works for me, too.
Posted By: Matt G.

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 10:45 AM

All right, then, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, mesdames et messieurs....

Monday it shall be. That gives me the weekend to assemble my thoughts! smile Since this is the Adult Beginners forum, and we're dealing with a rather non-interactive medium here, I am going to make a few assumptions:

1. Everyone here already knows how to read notes (treble and bass clefs) and note values (I will only use the US style of nomenclature -- no semiquavers or breves).

2. The scope of the lessons (I am somewhat uncomfortable with that term, but I can't think of a better alternative) will be limited to nothing beyond what I would consider first-year college theory.

3. The main points will devolve around the musical practices of the "classical" tradition dating from about 1650 to 1880. We may discuss other styles of Western music, but only in terms of how they relate to the above.

4. I will attempt to use graphical representations of concepts where other means are impractical. (For example, I can't verbally describe a figured bass exercise.) My ISP is going to kill me! laugh

5. Each lesson will be assigned a level as part of the thread's title (I, II, III, IV) from basic (I) to more advanced (IV). I will attempt to rotate through the various levels as regularly as possible. I'd like to do this so that this doesn't turn into a "course" in some kind of linear fashion. I know that's best for each student individually, but everyone here is starting at a different level of proficiency. I'm hoping that this way, people of varying levels can all glean something useful from each lesson. If a lesson is over your head, print it out and save it for later when you have the experience behind you to grasp the content. If a lesson is beneath your level, then go read the posts in the Coffee Room! wink

6. I accept suggestions and criticism graciously, and I've never heard a "dumb" question about music theory. If you have a question, just ask (PM me if you don't think it applies to anyone but you), and if you don't think I'm doing a good job, let me know how you think I can improve.

7. None of the lessons should be construed as a substitute for theory study with a real, live teacher. As I've said before, self-study robs you of the opportunity to ask "why," and while I can answer a lot of questions here, the interaction is a little too slow for most people's brains.

8. If I'm up to speed, I will announce the following week's lesson subject at the end of each lesson.

So, with all of that out of the way, here's Monday's theory topic:

SCALES -- I'm neither a fish nor overweight, so why should I care? (I)
Posted By: plays88skeys

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 11:09 AM

Looking forward to the challenge, Monsieur Matt!
Posted By: TomFL

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 11:16 AM

Much appreciated, Matt thumb

I look forward to your "lessons"! laugh
Posted By: RKVS1

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 10:49 PM

i havvaa go baffroom. will you turn on the light for me?

I know!! I know!!

Caaaaaalllll meeeee!
Caaaaaalllll MEEEEeeee!

FIRE, FIRE, my lunch pails on fire!

psssstt ..., Juggler ...shuuush .... watch Plays when she leans over to pick up this eraser!

where? ......... um, well, my dog ate it.

There's a BEE in here!

But you didn't SAY we had to show our work.

Mr. G, make that new person from England stop making funny faces.

Well, Mrs Kerseine never makes us take our galoshes off till after late recess.

(just trying to get it out of my system before the new semester starts. laugh )
Posted By: apple*

Re: Worth your while? - 07/01/04 10:58 PM

you should save your lesson posts, in case you should want to start a theory webpage or something.
Posted By: Neus A.

Re: Worth your while? - 07/02/04 10:14 AM

I blow you a kiss from the other side of the planet.
Posted By: JD

Re: Worth your while? - 07/02/04 11:31 AM

This is wunderbar! Thanks Matt.

FWIW, Knowing that folks will probably be coming in and out at different times I recommend setting up a separate discussion item for each weeks lesson. That way it will be easier for us to interact with you and each other on that weeks lesson. Otherwise, after the first week things will get a little confusing.

Looking forward to Monday.
Posted By: plays88skeys

Re: Worth your while? - 07/02/04 03:02 PM



Were you the kind of kid that threw spitballs in class and put green beans up your nose and stuff?

Mr. G,

I'm not disruptive, I swear! Can I sit in the front row?
Posted By: ycul

Re: Worth your while? - 07/03/04 09:33 AM

Looking forward to it .
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