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Posted By: Sam S Power's out! - 08/10/20 11:19 PM
Big thunderstorms rolling across Georgia USA this week. Power's out. Doesn't bother me - kerosene lamp and a piano made out of wood, felt, and metal. What should I play?

Raindrop Prelude?
Singing in the Rain?
The Night the Lights Went out in Georgia!?

Posted By: ebonykawai Re: Power's out! - 08/10/20 11:29 PM
Oh, definitely Raindrop Prelude. ❤️❤️❤️

Take care, Sam, your weather is all over the news even in NY! 😮
Posted By: Ted Re: Power's out! - 08/10/20 11:58 PM
What about that bit in "Hawthorne" where the lightning strikes the proverbial during the hymns ?
Posted By: Stubbie Re: Power's out! - 08/11/20 12:49 AM
Sam, how's the indoor relative humidity doing in your piano room? Or do you not worry about it?
Posted By: Sam S Re: Power's out! - 08/11/20 01:11 AM
Originally Posted by Stubbie
Sam, how's the indoor relative humidity doing in your piano room? Or do you not worry about it?

I definitely pay attention to it. On my old Bechstein I had a full Dampp-Chaser system, humidifier and dehumidifier. I got one of those Acurite temperature/humidity meters and watched the humdity in the room. All winter I was in the good zone. So no need for adding humidity, and filling that tank on the humidifier was a chore. The summer is a different matter. At first I had nothing on the new (to me) Yamaha grand, but as soon as summer hit, the tuning went sour. The room will vary from 55-65% humidity. Outside is 70-80-90+. So I added two dehumidifier bars under the Yamaha. I also got an "Inkbird" humidity meter with a remote sensor, which I placed on top of a beam under the piano. The one thing about the Dampp-Chaser that they really need to improve, is some indication that it is actually doing some good. The Inkbird tells me that the humidity below the soundboard is about 10% less than the room humidity - that's the best that it will do. That seems to be enough. The piano keeps a very stable tuning, which is what I want.

Power's back on!

Posted By: Stubbie Re: Power's out! - 08/11/20 04:59 AM
Great that your power is back on. When the power goes out here, I worry first about the freezer and the refrigerator, and then about the humidity going sky high in the piano room without the AC and/or the dehumidifier to keep things in check.

We have head lamps similar to this one for reading while the power is out. Haven't tried it yet at the piano, but it should do the trick!
Posted By: thepianoplayer416 Re: Power's out! - 08/11/20 07:11 AM
Try the 1933 song "Stormy Weather" by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler.
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