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Posted By: Mils Looking for a new teacher - 10/23/19 02:23 AM
After discussing my issues ad nauseam, it seems that it would probably be helpful to find a new teacher.
I live in Sewell, NJ, which is about 25 minutes from Philadelphia but parking in the city is challenging. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know. Thanks.
Posted By: Tyrone Slothrop Re: Looking for a new teacher - 10/23/19 02:55 AM
I'd check the following 3 websites and there is also a teacher listed on p.40 of this in 08080:
My friend in Pittsburgh PA found a piano teacher to come to his home to teach his wife using the 2nd of the above, and this has worked for them for the past 2 years. His wife has a very nice teacher.

I'd also contact the NJ MTNA and ask for referral to local piano teachers. They appear to have on online directory of teachers, but the link isn't working - maybe they took it down. The MTNA NJ office though should be able to refer you to someone. Check for contact info at that website.

The Music Teachers Association of Pennsylvania also has a search engine with 83 teachers within 25 miles of Sewell NJ (not all are piano teachers, however).
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