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Posted By: Teodor Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 07:14 AM
Hello, I don't know if anyone remembers me, I used to be a regular in this forum for a couple of years ages ago...

I just want to share how happy I am to finally get back into playing after stopping for over 2 years.

To summarize what happened on my journey:

I started playing piano in 2009 when I was 21 years old and soon after had the crazy idea of pursuing a bachelor's degree in music, which is now complete as of 2017... In 2015 I stopped playing regularly as I moved to the big city for work in a completely unrelated field. During my music studies I met my wife-to-be and we are getting married soon.

Last week I purchased a digital piano and found it surprisingly easy to get back to playing. I'm now working on remembering how to play some pieces and doing etudes to build back technique and sight-reading skills.

One piece I really miss playing is Debussy's Gradus ad Parnassum, so I can't wait to be able to play it again.

Looking back on my journey I did not fulfill my dream of being able to play "any" piece within 10 years but I am at a decent level where I can learn pieces of intermediate difficulty with a lot of practice and can sight-read well enough. I also don't need to look at my hands much, they just know where they are. Not necessarily know what to do, but in terms of spacial awareness not much is lost, which really surprised me.

My ultimate goal remains the same - to play Beethoven's sonatas. Some day I will get there.
Posted By: WiseBuff Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 10:20 AM
Yes, you are remembered! Welcome back to your piano journey and congratulations on your upcoming marriage. Of course you will someday play the Beethoven sonatas...you're a person of dreams and achieving worthy goals.
Posted By: malkin Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 01:54 PM
I remember you too!
Thanks for the update and best wishes!
Posted By: Morodiene Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 01:58 PM
Welcome back! I do remember you, and congrats on completing your degree and your engagement 😀

Take your time and enjoy the journey. Don’t worry about lost time (as many people do who have a hiatus from piano), there’s so much great music to play every step of the way!
Posted By: jotur Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 03:31 PM
Yes - welcome back. And congratulations on your coming marriage!
Posted By: cmb13 Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 03:37 PM
Welcome back. I’ll look forward to hearing about your progress on your return. Maybe I’ll check out that Debussy piece.
Posted By: Teodor Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 06:13 PM
It feels wonderful to be back. I don't really regret not playing. I picked up a new thing in the meantime as I am studying programming and hope to change my career for the better. But piano is always on my mind. So now I'll try to make time for it as well. In order for this to work I'll need to get back to the basics for a while but that's alright.

I am working on two Burgmuller etudes from Op. 100. Yes they are deceptively easy but I'm trying to do them justice and not just play the notes. That part is difficult even for a simple piece of music. I'll also be attempting to get close to the prescribed tempo in the coming weeks.

I'm also refreshing my memory on Heller's Avalanche Edute, that's a wonderful piece and very fun to play and finally Dr Gradus ad Parnassum, this is also a joy to play once you get through the sheet music and get the hang of it. This piece is like a musical journey with many different nuances and several tempi throughout. If you guys haven't heard it, go check it out, it's a masterpiece. It's from Debussy's Children's Corner but don't let the name deceive you.

Posted By: Ralphiano Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 07:57 PM
It's nice to hear that your life has been full of good things. And, welcome back to the forum.

Have fun, you have a lot of life ahead of you.☺
Posted By: j&j Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/27/19 08:03 PM
Welcome Back! Congratulations on your Engagement! Congratulations on your degree! Best wishes for your new married life and ongoing musical journey. Musicians frequently do really well in mathematics and IT. I’ve played piano since I was 7 years old and worked in programming and have a Masters in Information Systems. I’m thankful IT was my day job. It pays far more than a local piano bar. grin
Studying music theory, you learn the lost art of doing fractions in your head.
Posted By: JimF Re: Back to playing piano! - 05/28/19 01:01 PM
The prodigal son returns! Welcome back Teodor!

For those who were not here at the time, few have come to piano with more passion and intensity than this young man.

Congrats on the new career and marriage.

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