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How do I upload songs?

Posted By: ADWyatt

How do I upload songs? - 04/24/19 03:40 PM

If I want to upload songs to Piano World, how do I go about doing it? I'm sure there's a simple method, but I've never done it before. Any help anyone can give me will be much appreciated.
Posted By: Sam S

Re: How do I upload songs? - 04/24/19 03:51 PM

Except for the online recitals, PW has no way to upload recordings.

You'll need to use something like soundcloud or youtube or just a cloud file sharing site to host your recording, then share a link.

Or wait for the next quarterly recital, which will open for submissions May 1st.

Posted By: cmb13

Re: How do I upload songs? - 04/28/19 04:26 PM

Yes, upload audio to Soundcloud or video to Youtube, then post from there.
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