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How to use the minor scales? (harmonic, natural, melodic)

Posted By: interstellar

How to use the minor scales? (harmonic, natural, melodic) - 03/30/19 07:47 AM

I'm trying to understand how to use the minor scales that i practice daily (Melodic minor, Harmonic minor, NAtural minor) to build compositions and improvise.

I know that the diatonic chords often used in minor keys are
i-iidim-III-iv-V-VI-viidim Where the root of each chord is the notes in the Minor Harmonic scale. This creates more dissonance and release when doing a V-I progression because the leading tone is raised a half step from the natural minor.

I also understand that one progression that is often used for minor scales is : VII > III > VI > iidim> V > viidim > i where VII os actually Major (from the natural minor scale) , but the 7th degree scale then moves up a half step and becomes diminished when we want to go from vii-dim > I (to add tension and release for the home key)

This is all i can find on the minor keys online unfortunately. but there must be more information on these scales?
I what other harmonic progressions do you recommend for the minor scales? To what other common rules apply to the minor scales to give the audience what they expect (harmonically and melody wise)? When is it generally okay to switch between melodic, harmonic and natural minor? I'm trying to learn to basic rules that history of western music has taught us in order to give the audience what they expect for minor scales in terms of harmonly, progression, consonance and dissonance and so I can break them once i have a solid grounding in the smile
Posted By: Riddler

Re: How to use the minor scales? (harmonic, natural, melodic) - 03/31/19 04:19 AM

Suggestion: You might try posting your question here:

music theory

In fact, you could get some answers by just reading similar topics there.

Also, there are lots of discussions about music theory books there that would relate to your other post here about books.

Posted By: interstellar

Re: How to use the minor scales? (harmonic, natural, melodic) - 04/01/19 07:36 PM

Thank you, I will give it a try smile
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