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I have created a music related tool that I plan to release as a web site that anybody could use. I thought that I could make a thread into this forum to tell people that the tool exists, and to see if people have interest for that kind of thing and ask if people have requests what kind of features they would like to have. This would help me gauge peoples interest for tool and help me decide if I should keep on developing the tool.

Tool is pretty much still work in progress, but it does already have basic functionalities that could be used.

Now the question: Can I inform about my tool in this forum? Rules states that:
Please do not use the forums to advertise or promote your business, services, or products.

I'm not promoting business (there is no business) or trying to draw income (free web based tool), so how rules should be interpreted in this case?
I don't think the rule applies to a free web-based tool. I think it's to avoid spammers and people who use the forums to advertise instead of paying for adds (which are a source of revenue to keep the forums going, BTW).

You can drop an email to the web site owner to ask: webmaster@pianoworld.com
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