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Posted By: Pallen Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/26/18 09:52 PM
Greetings Piano World,

After reading several on several threads here as a newbie on PianoWorld, I find that I enjoyed this thread a lot so led to this first post. I do not know why I enjoyed that thread, Piano World is WAY out of my league,but I can see there is a large community of experience here. You see, I am taking online lessons for $10 from my Teacher, Lisa from East coast Canada(she uses a Kawai grand) and I am learning from the US West Oregon coast on a 61 key eMedia KB that was given to me. My goal piano is first, one that actually has 88 keys for starters. LOL. I like the sound of the Yamaha Digital P115 and am saving up for a used one during the coming year. The YD P115 can be gotten used for $399 and up from our local 'Guitar Center' and even that is a lot money to me. I am just pleased that pianos come in all sizes and prices ranges for all to to be able to enjoy the hobby. I will continue to read the posts many of you have shared for ones to learn from. I believe all your experience and insights into all things piano here will be of great value to me, and so want I thank you all in advance for what I will be learning at PianoWorld.

Excuse me but I see CLEARANCE SPECIALS! That may help me 'Save Big' while also supporting the site, :cheesy grin: Paul
Posted By: cmb13 Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/26/18 10:00 PM
Welcome and good luck in your endeavors.

Posted By: Chrispy Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/26/18 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by Pallen
Piano World is WAY out of my league

Totally not so, the adult beginner forum is a wonderful and welcoming place for all levels! When I joined I had just been taking lessons for a few months, and I was playing on a very bad Williams Allegro. Coming here I learned what to look for in a quality digital piano, I've got tons of technique pointers and joined challenges to make myself better. I think you'll find being here will level you up pretty quick smile

Posted By: earlofmar Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/27/18 12:30 AM
welcome Pallen, there is a wide range of experience here but also a large number of piano just starting out, so you are not alone.

My first piano was a Yamaha P115 and even after I bought my acoustic I still predominately use the digital so I can put headphones and practice without disturbing (or revealing just how great I am smile) to anyone.
Posted By: dobro Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/27/18 02:38 AM
Hey pallen, I just seen your message over at PVL. I’m glad you joined. No worries about being out of your league, they let me in. There are some very experienced people on here who are nice and patient enough to help us newbies out. I’m really enjoying the lessons that Lisa does. She explains and the examples she does really well. I’m in Unit 3 at the moment. Enjoy the progress.
Posted By: Finfan Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/27/18 05:07 AM
I started with a 61 key Yamaha that I got for $70 at a pawn shop so there's no shame in that. You will also probably pass me in no time since I'm a slow learner. Good luck and enjoy the adventure!
Posted By: NobleHouse Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/27/18 12:46 PM
Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of us with even less experience...
Posted By: Serge88 Re: Introductory newbie pianist post - 02/27/18 02:26 PM
Welcome to pianoworld Pallen.
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