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[URL=http://www.pic-upload.de/view-30630290/Unbenannt.jpg.html]piano marvel [/url]

You can play some scales? Awesome. How about a song?
but ive already shared this in a different post.. learned this from piano marvel.. big ups to piano marvel its awesome
Very nice playing, I think this is a far greater achievement than a page full of scale trophies. How long did it take to put 400 hours into piano marvel and did you start from scratch or use any other sources?

Btw your video is very hard to listen to because of the TV in the background.
Great job, Erik. I wanted to give Piano Marvel a go but their beta iPad app doesn't work for me (registers key up-strokes as key presses so every played note is registered as double) and my computer is too far from my piano. I'll just have to learn the old fashioned way. smile
good work Erik, just don't know how you can play with the distraction of the radio/tv
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