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I lost a lot of links when my computer crashed, and am hoping that someone can help me locate a thread re teaching students to improvise.

Approximately five to six years ago, a teacher - from Australia, I think - posted exercises that he uses to help his students develop their improvising skills. Does anyone recall that thread, or even better, have a link to it?

You don't recall his name at all? Or anything else about the thread? If you remember even a few words from it, you can probably use them to find the thread by putting them inside quotes in the search box. Have you searched the site thoroughly.

You don't remember what kind of improvisation it was? The type of students it was aimed at? The forum in which it was posted? The approximate date of the posting?
The original thread was posted in this forum.

The improvisation took the form of exercises that this teacher had developed.

I think that the students were high schoolers

My only recollection of the thread says that it is at least five years old.

I haven't tried enclosing my search words within quoatation marks. Will do that now.

Could it be Tim Topham - or he should know - great web site.
Thanks for the referral. I didn't find improvisation education on his site, so I sent him an e-mail asking if he knows anyone who teaches students how to improvise.

Well, I have been to the site many times and he teaches a lot of boys and one of his videos has him teacher guys to play improvision. It is a big site but it has a good index.

Another improvisation teacher is Noam Sivan, off the top of my head. I've never heard him play, I just heard about him from a friend.
Michael 99, Topham replied. He said, in effect, that he did know a teacher who could teach students to improvise - didn't say if he was that teacher - and asked why I wanted to know. I replied that I wanted to help a young friend who I think would be a terrific music teacher and who has already done some improvising.

We shall see.

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