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Sight Reading Book Recommendations

Posted By: BWV 846

Sight Reading Book Recommendations - 01/30/13 12:05 PM

I am an adult and have been taking lessons for about a year and a half (using John Thompson course). My piano teacher said I should get a sight reading book. I bought the Hannah Smith book. Are there other books you would recommend? Thanks.
Posted By: joyoussong

Re: Sight Reading Book Recommendations - 01/30/13 03:45 PM

I've used the Hannah Smith book, too - it's great for providing a lot of short practice material, but I put it aside for a while about half way through because I found the level of difficulty increased faster than my ability. My teacher just started me on the Four Star series. He recommended I start at level 3 and at first it seemed too easy, but I signed a few levels out of the local library to try them out & he was right - Level 3 seems to be a good place for me to start. It includes a bit more theory and analysis than Hannah Smith does & I think it's going to be really helpful. But there are lots of similar series. If you have access to a library, maybe you could browse their music section & sign out a few sight reading books to try out.
Posted By: Bobpickle

Re: Sight Reading Book Recommendations - 01/30/13 07:35 PM

Lorina Havill's You Can Sight-Read provides a nice method in a two-book format that in my opinion would make a great supplement to the Hannah Smith exercises. You'd really only need book one, in my opinion, before going off into [very] easy repertoire for sight-reading.
Posted By: malkin

Re: Sight Reading Book Recommendations - 01/31/13 02:14 AM

If you have an ipad you can get this app:


I have it and I like it a lot!

Posted By: BenPiano

Re: Sight Reading Book Recommendations - 01/31/13 04:53 AM

Originally Posted by joyoussong
My teacher just started me on the Four Star series.

I second the use of Four Star. I used the series for about a year until it became too tough! (I might get back to it at some point)

I started on level 2 and worked up to level 4 until it got crazy. Started from the beginning again, and again, a couple of times adding a level to the rotation.

I quit at level 6 when I found it ridiculously hard for me - the series is certainly challenging, but effective. It ramps up quickly when you least expect it.

I haven't now for a long time had to write the note names individually above each note, and can sort of sight read / keep up with my oldest kid's weekly assignments. I know I would be completely lost had I not pursued remedial sight reading with the Four Star series.

It's not that it's necessary, but it sure helps.
Posted By: drazh

Re: Sight Reading Book Recommendations - 01/31/13 11:22 AM

i think one should sight read through real music
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