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OT: elephant playing piano

Posted By: Wuffski

OT: elephant playing piano - 01/06/13 01:33 PM

Awesome! An elephant playing piano!!
(in a different thread member 'justpin' linked to a youtube piano movie list containing also this; thanks so much, justpin!)
Posted By: EdwardianPiano

Re: OT: elephant playing piano - 01/07/13 11:32 PM

LOL! I nearly wet my pants laughing- OMG this is hilarious! I swear the elephant is laughing at the pianist. The way he moves the end of his trunk is so funny.I love elephants.
Posted By: mr_super-hunky

Re: OT: elephant playing piano - 01/08/13 02:38 AM

This was great. I smiled the whole time watching it.

Not is only is that guy good, but to be able to play like that while getting smacked upside the head with an elephant trunk is amazing. Not to mention getting your entire head nose-snort super vacuumed at the same time.

What was really amazing however is how the elephant played the exact correct melody (in beat) of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

It starts at exactly 52 seconds in.
Posted By: EdwardianPiano

Re: OT: elephant playing piano - 01/08/13 09:32 PM

I agree with all your points! Incidentally I had a look at some of Paul's piano vids- he plays a Chopin etude with skill!

ps it must feel funny having one's head snorted by an elephant's trunk!
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