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Intro and questions about monitor stands and cables

Posted By: forager1

Intro and questions about monitor stands and cables - 12/06/12 11:12 AM

Hello. New to the forum and pianos. In fact, I only know what I have read in the forum threads during the last month. My goal is to learn to play the piano for personal enjoyment.

Recently, I purchased a slightly used Kawai MP8 and also a slightly used pair of Behringer Truth 2031a monitors (used twice, according to the seller). Both objects demo'd well and looked new, so I'm optimistic about their lasting a while. I need connecting cables, however, and was hoping that forum members would recommend types of cable (and adapters if necessary). I am also looking for adjustable speaker stands. From what I've read in the threads, the adjustable metal variety of monitor floor stand might offer more flexibility, so I thought I would look into them, as opposed to the installable wall shelf variety. But I am inexperienced, and will listen to recommendations.

The system will be in a small room (square, approx. 225 sq.ft.). I plan on configuring the triangle of monitors, keyboard and myself, as illustrated in the Kawai documentation. The monitors (approximately 30 lbs. each) appear to be set right at the rear corners of the keyboard, with their faces angled equally toward the player at ear level. I will position the triangle configuration in the middle of the room. I suspect, given the Kawai diagram, that only a short length of monitor cable is necessary, but no length is explicitly stated. Eventually, I would like to add a subwoofer, but I want to wait on that, for the moment.

I live somewhat remotely, and usually have to order stuff online, which precludes my directly demo-ing or directly shopping around, so the more info, with respect to monitor stand and cable brands and models, the better.


Posted By: Tech 5

Re: Intro and questions about monitor stands and cables - 12/06/12 11:47 AM

Hi Steve,

I ordered a laptop stand from Sam Ash Direct website. It worked well for my Skype piano lessons and was reasonably priced. This site also has speaker stands.


Posted By: fliper

Re: Intro and questions about monitor stands and cables - 12/06/12 04:31 PM

I have these stands for my MR-8 Monitors

My speaker cables have 3m length and are like these

You have to check the connectors in your piano and speakers before purchase the cable. Also check if you can use balanced cables.

Posted By: Brian Lucas

Re: Intro and questions about monitor stands and cables - 12/06/12 06:05 PM

You have a couple of options. Looks like both gear has 1/4" and XLR inputs/outputs. You'll need 2 (Left and Right). Personally, I think your best bet would be XLR (microphone cable) since they can be run at any length with minimal noise. Second option would be a balanced 1/4" cable (will have 2 rings on the end). Third option would be a regular instrument cable (1 ring), which shouldn't get too noisy run in short distances.

Whatever you do, DO NOT get speaker cables. This type of cable is designed to carry a POWERED signal from an amplifier. Since it carries power, it can't be shielded, which is a metal wrapping around the cable that prevents noise from radio waves and other interference to get into the signal. You'll definitely want a shielded cable.
Posted By: forager1

Re: Intro and questions about monitor stands and cables - 12/07/12 09:53 AM

Thanks, Virginia, Fliper, and Brian for your replies.
I Checked out all the above recommendations--and then some. I bought a used pair of Ultimate Support MS36-B2 monitor stands and also a set of Auralex isolation pads. Later I found out that the monitor stand's top plate has a rubber mat, which is supposed to resist vibrations. I guess I'll find out if the noise isolation pads are necessary.
I'm about to order two 12-foot xlr microphone cables, and I'm done unless someone can think of something I've left out.
If anyone has any helpful hints with respect to learning on a digital piano, please let me know.
Again, thanks to everyone for contributing.

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