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new dampers

Posted By: apple*

new dampers - 11/17/12 12:37 PM

i found the most beautiful 1908 Hamburg Steinway.. such a clear tone, great balance, perfect tuning, absolutely gorgeous cabinet, music desk, finish and legs... there is a bit of residual ringing. I am hoping my students' family would be able to afford this, I could ask my tech i suppose, but he is out of town for a few days. How much would they expect to pay to get the dampers totally replaced.. and that is waaaay over-kill. I think they just need some adjustments.. only about 20 of them are 'off'. Most people would not notice that the dampers were a bit off and they could put off this repair for a couple years easily.
Posted By: Mark...

Re: new dampers - 11/17/12 03:55 PM

Might want to post this in tech forum...
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