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Posted By: AB Forum Recital Recital #24 -- November 15, 2011 - 11/15/11 02:40 AM

I am delighted to introduce our 24th quarterly Adult Beginners' Forum Recital! smile So, pull up a chair and have a listen.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the audience to please refrain from commentary in this recital room.

A separate room has been provided for the purposes of intermezzo discussion. Please take any and all comments to the General Discussion Room.

Thank you!

In addition to the zip files linked below, mahlzeit has added a feature to his program that creates an online streaming player. Just click on the link to hear all the recital pieces without having to download the zip files:

Online Streaming Player

A template has been created for those who wish to provide individualized feedback:

Recital #24 Response Template

For the convenience of forum members, mahlzeit's program has normalized the files for consistent volume and standardized the ID3 tags in a collection of zip files. This makes it easier to create personal CDs and playlists.

These zip files have been posted at the following URLs:

Recital #24 zip 1
Recital #24 zip 2
Recital #24 zip 3
Recital #24 zip 4
Recital #24 zip 5
Recital #24 zip 6
Recital #24 zip 7

Let me express my greatest thanks to some very special people: mr_super-hunky for coming up with the idea of our online recitals, which have proven to be more successful than any of us ever dreamed; LaValse for hosting the zip files and recital software on his server; Copper for trouble-shooting help and the Order of the Red Dot; Sam S. for his terrific AB Forum Recital Index; and last but not least, mahlzeit for writing the absolutely fantastic web-based recital program that we are using. THANK YOU MAHLZEIT!!! heart

Performer's name:wouter79
Experience:1.5 year
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Mozart KV545
Source of music:url
Instrument used:Grotrian 189
Recording method:DPA4060, jecklin disk
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I had been working on Mozart KV545 already before the previous recital was around...

I now know why Mozart is so hard to play. Anyway I'm really curious how many people will listen to the end.

Here are a few of the problems I encountered
* 480 notes per minute is fast. And the runs are long. And even 480notes per minute (120bpm) barely counts as "allegro", or what?
* In all those almost bare runs in the right hand, you can hear even the smallest timing errors and sync errors.
* Yet you can't play them like a robot, listeners would be bored in seconds
* So you have to vary the articulation, volume, timing all the time
* Some things on this piece give me the feel that it really works better on a fortepiano. A grand sounds a bit too 'slick' and has too much sustain. You need to do a lot on articulation to keep things clear at 480notes/minute. It does not get harsh enough when you need that.
* I keep loosing sync between L&R hand and occasionally my hand lands at the wrong place with fast and far thumb-unders.
* And to top it off, my teacher decided last week to change the way I play a few bars, now I have to use different muscles and that part now really sucks...

BTW I don't play the last part because particularly the opening bars are really tasteless.

Oh, I had baked carrots with anise and mashed potatoes for dinner.
Performer's name:Peyton
Experience:40 years with a few years of classical training.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbTPDC3E6ZU
Home page link:http://www.peytonart.com
Title of piece:In the Blink of an Eye
Composer:Peyton Higgison
Source of music:Original
Instrument used:Young Chang Pramberger grand
Recording method:Metro
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The sky opened wide,
the day was new.
All was fresh and free.
My Mother seemed so old then.
Yet she was as young as I once was.

Life flashes by
like a child's flip-book.
A movie created by a thousand stilled memories.

And now the sky is still wide
and the day still new.
And my Mother is still old.
Yet as old as I will be
In the blink of an eye.

For years my Mother has wanted me to write a song for her (she said I had written something for everyone but her) but everytime I tried it always seemed too hoaky. I was down visiting her a few months ago and it struck me how old we had gotten and how quickly it had seemed to happen... in the blink of an eye. That's when the idea for this piece started. I was going to do a video with images of her when young and maybe a blinking eye but... how do you spell "hokey"?
Performer's name:crescendo
Experience:1 year 8 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Viennese Sonatina no 1 - Minuet and Trio
Composer:W.A. Mozart
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha upright piano
Recording method:my cellphone (low quality)
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:this is my first recital at ABF and I really wish I had more time to prepare my recital entry.

The recording is from October 10th and, due to very busy life schedule, I hadn't had the chance to get near an acoustic piano or even focus on music ever since.

It saddens me that I couldn't get a mistake-free and on-tempo recording for this, specially because I know I've improved a bit with my digital piano at home, but nonetheless I'm not dissatisfied with my playing. I can definitely see a lot of improvement since this summer, which is great news.

anyway, looking forward to the other entries and having a great time with this recital!

Performer's name:CarlosCC
From:Portugal, Lisbon
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:1Year/11months (almost 2 years!)
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Monday
Composer:Einaudi, Ludovico
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha P85
Recording method:Digital to PC; saved with audicity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I always liked the intimate tone of this piece. Some of my friends say it's sad, while others say it is simply beautiful. Well, basically no one becomes indifferent, and that fact is very curious.

Due to lack of time this is the "emergency", and unique, record I did of this piece specially for this recital. Anyway, this is the best my memory can do for now. I just wanted to participate wink
Performer's name:Jazzwee
From:Los Angeles
Experience:7 Years
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://soundcloud.com/jazzwee
Title of piece:Body and Soul
Composer:Johnny Green
Source of music:Entirely improvised. I'm only roughly following the original chords. Even that's been reharmonized. The melody is partially played but is modified from the original. So there's just a hint of the source.
Instrument used:Roland FP7F
Recording method:Directly recorded from keyboard outs using Zoom H4. Backing track is from an iPhone iRealB app that is fed into the keyboard inputs.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I actually did this a month ago and posted elsewhere. But given the mix of listeners on ABF, it will probably be enjoyed better than some of the hard core uptempo jazz I'm working on. This was done in one take and you can hear me adjusting to the tempo on the first A section. And then it was ok from there.

Performer's name:knotty
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://jazzbanddc.com
Title of piece:Blue Bossa
Composer:Kenny Dorham
Source of music:Improvisation
Instrument used:Yamaha acoustic.
Recording method:Zoom H4 + 2 Shure SM57 (one on Tenor + one on Bass)
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Bass clipped a bit. This is thrown casually at a rehearsal 2 weeks ago. A take on an old standard.
Performer's name:Mr_Super-Hunky
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Tears of Joy - original cover
Composer:Joe Bongiorno
Source of music:Played by ear
Instrument used:Mason & Hamlin BB
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:My 'inspired' version of Joe Bongiornos "Tears of Joy". Close your eyes and I'll try and take take you on a musical journey.
Performer's name:jazztpt
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.box.net/shared/x4lef316jp]Piano Recordings
Title of piece:A Long Time In The Making
Source of music:Original Composition
Instrument used:Roland 101e Digital Piano
Recording method:Digital to PC - Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is my first submission to the recital, as a warm up I have been posting to the ABF Piano Bar for the last 6 months or so which has helped me get over my 'red dot syndrome'.
I wrote this piece quiet a few years ago and it has developed quite a bit in that time and that is reflected in the title.
The melody is played through followed by some improvisation, for the improvisation I had a few 'bits' worked out beforehand but joining them up is always subject to change and chance. There are a couple of bars here and there which I am not totally happy with but overall its probably a fair representation of my current playing.

Lunch: Chicken Curry :-)
Performer's name:ladypayne
Experience:lost track
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:The song of the unkown
Source of music:my own composed score!
Instrument used:digital piano
Recording method:zoomh1
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Here is my first song that I composed myself. I haven't thought of a name for it yet so if anyone has ideas that would be great! Hope you enjoy!

Performer's name:Riddler (Ed)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Two or three years of lessons as a kid; three years of jazz lessons as an adult; and a lifetime of noodling and playing by ear.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://edsjazzpianopage.blogspot.com/
Title of piece:I Remember Clifford
Composer:Benny Golson
Source of music:Lead sheet
Instrument used:Yamaha P-120 and Pianoteq virtual piano.
Recording method:Recorded in Pianoteq, exported as WAV, converted to MP3 with Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:A beautiful threnody in honor of jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown. I've had to cut way back on my piano efforts for several months due to some serious health issues, but thought this would be a great song to work on as I try to get back into the swing of things. This is the first Pianoteq recording I have uploaded.
Performer's name:Ken.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Evidence
Composer:Thelonious Monk
Source of music:Thelonious Monk Easy Piano Solos
Instrument used:Milton Spinet
Recording method:Zoom H4
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I remember someone saying in a previous recital about a Monk piece I submitted how what a strange piece it was. Well I think this one takes the cake smile

I had a previous take that I was going to submit but then listened to Monk's version on YouTube and realized I was playing the punches stacatto whereas he was playing them long, so I managed to get a second take in. Actually I had 3 takes from which I couldn't decide which one to pick, so ended up submitting all three. It's a very short piece, less than a minute, besides it will probably take a few of listens to get used it smile
Performer's name:(Was)TrueBeginner
From:VA, US
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:3 years and a half
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzZWQq-ISQA
Title of piece:Sighs Of The Night
Source of music:Self composition
Instrument used:Essex
Recording method:Using flip then extract sound, using audacity to reduce noise
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I recorded this piece in a bad time. The kids was playing and fighting upstairs, my wife was cooking and making her own music with pots and kettles in the kitchen. You can hear them in the background despite my effort to remove noise frown

Performer's name:BenPiano
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2.5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/user/afpaSTU1096
Title of piece:Nuvole Bianche
Instrument used:Kawai K5 upright
Recording method:HD video camera with Zoom H1 for recording audio
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:A great piece I've been playing for a while and never recorded until now. I really wanted to re-record it for a better take, but never had the chance.

(there's a big "oops" at the end that you can't miss - oh well)

I didn't have time to submit the video link, but the channel link above will take you right to it.
Performer's name:joangolfing
Experience:9 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude No. 1 in G Minor
Composer:Catherine Rollin
Source of music:Catherine Rollin, Preludes for Piano, Book 2
Instrument used:Everett Upright piano (104 years young)
Recording method:Zoom H2 with audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece has a left hand melody in the first section. Then a flowing right hand melody in the second part. Most of my other recital pieces were recorded on my Roland FP-4 but I decided to start using my Zoom recorder more often to listen to my own playing, and so recorded this piece on my 104 year old Everett upright piano.
Performer's name:TrapperJohn
From:SouthCentral PA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:So In Love
Composer:Cole Porter
Source of music:Decade by Decade - 1940s (Arrangements by Dan Coates)
Instrument used:Yamaha CVP-301
Recording method:Digital to PC
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Cole Porter (1891-1964) is widely considered - especially by many singers and musicians - to be one of America's finest *individual* song writers (as opposed to a song writing *team* such as Rogers & Hammerstein). His numerous hit songs are noted for both the inventiveness/appeal of the melodies and especially for the wit and sophistication of the lyrics.

"So In Love" is from his 1948 Broadway musical "Kiss Me, Kate", which was the most successful of his shows, and which has been revived several times there - one of which I had the distinct pleasure of seeing about a decade ago or so.

I consider "So In Love" to be one of the top 10 or so most beautiful pop songs ever written, along with other outstandingly wonderful classics from The Great American Songbook like "I'll Be Seeing You", "Stranger In Paradise", "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes", "Some Enchanted Evening", and Porter's own "In the Still of the Night". And Cole's "Begin the Beguine" is often mentioned in discussions about the "best" pop song ever composed.

Here are the lyrics of "So In Love" (note the very effective use of certain repeated words in the verses, the insight into being in love with the trappings of being in love in the Bridge and the strong masochistic tendencies in the third verse):

Verse 1
Strange dear, but true dear,
When I'm close to you dear,
The stars fill the sky,
So in love with you am I.
Verse 2
Even without you,
My arms fold about you,
You know darling why,
So in love with you am I.

In love with the night mysterious,
The night when you first were there.
In love with my joy delirious,
When I knew that you could care.

Verse 3
So taunt me and hurt me,
Deceive me, desert me,
I'm yours 'til I die,
So in love, so on love,
So in love with you,
My love, am I.

This is played from memory. Enjoy, Trap
Performer's name:Augustina
From:Michigan, currently in Kansas
Experience:took lessons for a year or so as a kid. stopped playing for a little while. In the last few years I've started playing a lot more:)
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Defying Gravity
Composer:Stephen Schwartz
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Casio WK500- 76 keys
Recording method:Recorded on the keyboard. then recorded the song with my phone. and converted to mp3 format on computer:)
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Defying Gravity is one of my favorite songs from the musical Wicked. Here is a little information about the musical:)

I still have some a little trouble with this song. The main thing was a few tempo and rhythm issues. I also wasn't sure what some of the base clef notes were so I took a guess and hope that they are right:)
As for lunch I had Spaghetti with a piece of garlic bread^_^
Performer's name:timmyab
Experience:18 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:prelude and fugue in d minor bwv 851
Source of music:WTC book 1 ABRSM
Instrument used:Yamaha ydp s30
Recording method:headphone socket to audio interface and recorded with cubase.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The left hand trills in the fugue are still not very controlled, although much more so than they were a few weeks ago believe it or not.
Performer's name:Bessel
From:Ohio, USA
Experience:9 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Sonatina - Op 36, No 1, 3rd Mvmt
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha P-80
Recording method:GarageBand
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is my first "real" classical piece, and has been a stretch.
Performer's name:Sam S
From:Georgia USA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:In my 4th year back after a 30 year hiatus
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgWgeEzcCic
Title of piece:Sonata K402 in e minor
Composer:Domenico Scarlatti
Instrument used:Yamaha UX1
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Scarlatti wrote over 500 sonatas for keyboard. I guess he wasn't distracted by the ABF forum. The piano was a dream not yet realized, so these were for harpsichord or clavichord. A very smart man named Kirkpatrick cataloged the sonatas (where the K in K402 comes from) and then published what he considered the sixty best sonatas in two volumes from Schirmer. This sonata is in that collection.

This one is subtle and pensive. It passes through many different tonalities, ranging very far from the tonic key of e minor before returning.

The video includes the music, so that you can watch for my mistakes! There are no dynamics or performance markings. That's part of the fun of playing a Scarlatti Sonata - you really have to make your own decisions.

I also had to learn how to roll finger 4 over finger 5 for this piece - because I used no pedal. I tied my right leg to the leg of the piano bench so I wouldn't be tempted...

Hope you like it! They are meant to be performed in pairs, and I am working on the companion piece, K403 in E major now.

Performer's name:Clemente
Experience:A bunch of years. Stopped for another bunch. Just came back to it this past April.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.clementelopez.com
Title of piece:Cartas de Amor: Valses íntimos: #1(Love Letters: Intimate Waltzes: #1)
Composer:Enrique Granados
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Boston piano
Recording method:ZOOM HD Q3
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:Before I forget... If you visit my site to watch the video, simply enter "pianoworld" as the user name and "abfrecital" as your password. Both of these words without the quotation marks.
Cartas de Amor: Valses íntimos is a set of 4 waltzes that Enrique Granados wrote and dedicated to his wife Amparo: A mi queridísima Amparo (To my Beloved Amparo). The waltzes are little jewels, which are very short and not difficult at all. Some pianists repeat each waltz to make it longer. I did not do that. smile Here I played Vals No. 1 (Waltz No. 1) subtitled: Cadencioso, which means "rhythmic, melodious... I am sure that you can see the word "cadence" in that subtitle. Well, I hope that you like it. smile
Performer's name:SwissMs
Experience:3 give or take
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Spanish Medley
Source of music:Alfred's Premier Series
Instrument used:Yamaha Avant Grand N2
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I am a re-beginner. I started playing again at the beginning of the year after a 1 1/2 year hiatus. For our first year and 1/2 in Switzerland I had no piano. As winter comes to Switzerland, this piece reminds me of the warmth of Southern Spain!
Performer's name:Serge88
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:august 2006(5 years) + another 5 years many years ago.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fx25XsyO4LE
Title of piece:You're Beautiful
Composer:James Blunt, Skarbek and Ghost
Source of music:My own version from sheet music and a few youtube video
Instrument used:Roland FP7
Recording method:Roland FP7 audio out to iMac audio in and mix with GarageBand
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I wanted to learn this song in 2006 but it was over my head. It's already five years, november 15th, 2006 was my first recital.
Performer's name:Wayne32yrs
From:Sheffield UK
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2years 6 months
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX5NiSOamv4
Home page link:http://youtube.com/wayne26yrs
Title of piece:Lady Gaga - Telephone
Composer:Lady Gaga
Source of music:Improvised score
Instrument used:Casio CTK 591
Recording method:GuitarTab MP3 Recorder
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Performer's name:dannylux / Mel
Experience:5.5 years since starting again. Lots as a kid.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:"Greetings To Liszt" Etude
Composer:Otto Nicolai
Source of music:Sheet music sent to me by a friend.
Instrument used:Yamaha P140
Recording method:Piano line-out to computer sound card line-in. Audacity. No edits.
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:Otto Nicolai (1810-1849) is remembered for writing the opera "The Merry Wives of Windsor", for having founded the Vienna Philharmonic, and for having the same dates as Chopin.

His piano music is completely forgotten, so it gives me great joy to be able to play for you his beautiful Etude in D flat, which he dedicated to Franz Liszt and called "Greetings To Liszt".

I hope you like this extremely rare Piece.
Performer's name:Monica K.
From:Lexington, Kentucky
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Since July of 2004
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://youtu.be/oU6B7BVsO_4
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/pianomonica
Title of piece:Behind the Waterfall/Desert Rain Medley
Composer:David Lanz
Source of music:The David Lanz Collection
Instrument used:Mason & Hamlin A
Recording method:Zoom H4, normalized in audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a medley of two David Lanz pieces. In the first, "Behind the Waterfall," one imagines a stream trickling over the rocks, becoming stronger and stronger, until it cascades in frothy rapids over a waterfall. Finally, the creek diminishes, and we are transported to the desert, where raindrops patter, a few at a time, building in intensity until a summer rainstorm commences. The storm is brief, though, and the rain disappears again into a few spattered drops. After a brief pause, we return to a coda with the waterfall.

This was one of the first pieces I attempted on piano, one that I learned on my little upright. But I had never recorded it, so I revisited it not long ago. It's actually a good exercise for hand independence, because the bass ostinato pattern (5-3-1-5-3-1-5-3, then repeat) is pretty tough to integrate with the right hand until you have it so thoroughly over-learned you can play it on autopilot.

Lunch was exciting: A brand new flavor of Lean Cuisine diet TV dinners, chicken pesto with ravioli.
Performer's name:CebuKid
Experience:Lessons, age 9 to 12
Adult, 2008 - present
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM3t0f1MHcw
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/cebukid70
Title of piece:The Chrysanthemum - an Intermezzo
Composer:Scott Joplin
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Yamaha T118 Upright
Recording method:Zoom H1 to Audacity (Audio); JVC Everio (video)
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:I'm glad I can play a relatively little known Joplin piece for you all. This is actually an Intermezzo and "hardly" a rag - there isn't much syncopation in this one, but still has Joplin's signature march tempo. I planned to play this slow but ended up with a moderate tempo. Usually, my tempo selections seem to work themselves out, so this is what I ended up with. It's a classical sounding piece and flows nicely. Unfortunately, I flubbed it a little in certain spots and for some reason had a lot of red-dot anxiety with this one (smashing my piano a few times..lol), and very limited recording opportunities. However, overall, I was pleased with the musicality of it. :-)
Performer's name:Norah
Experience:6 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:The Cutty Sark
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Mason and Risch
Recording method:Audacity and Q3 zoom
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is the first time I have played a jig on the piano. It is an easy piece but I had a huge amount of trouble trying to get it to sound light. Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.
Performer's name:Andy Platt
From:Arlington, VA
Experience:A lifetime, 18 months of lessons.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Clementi Sonatina No 4 in F
Composer:Muzio Clementi
Source of music:Alfred Sonatina Book
Instrument used:Kawai K3
Recording method:Zoom H1 as wave; Audacity to piece together the movements into one mp3.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a delightful sonatina. There are some blemishes in my performance (of course) but I've tried to pick the takes that bring across the music well. The second movement I have previously submitted (don't shoot me!) but I re-recorded it as some things have changed and it works best with the two outer movements.

The third movement is tricky. Too slow and it's turgid; too quick and I miss too much. The recording I made is a compromise. There are some dubious moments but it hangs together nicely.

The first movement I had to piece together from two takes - sorry, but the phone rang right in the middle and I started back from a good break. Those turned out to be the best takes I had.

I'm not sure what I've had for lunch because that's the next thing for today wink
Performer's name:raptor
From:Perth, Western Australia
Experience:2.5 years via Simply Music piano method.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuuzrXZNaCc
Home page link:http://moepiano.com
Title of piece:Burgmüller Ballade
Source of music:Memorised music score
Instrument used:Yamaha T121
Recording method:Zoom Q3HD
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:It's my first recital submission!
It has some mistakes in it, but I figure I'll treat it like a real recital and leave it as is instead of trying to make it perfect.
Performer's name:TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner)
From:dry dry west Texas
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Long enough to know better
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Elegie
Composer:Jules Massenet
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Kawai GE-30
Recording method:Zoom H4
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The piece was composed in 1872 originally for voice and piano as one of the works in Massenet's collection Mélodies. Elegie is a beautiful, delicate funeral song that is fairly simple to play, but difficult to play with enough emotion. I have not done it justice here.
Performer's name:Inlanding
Experience:Off and on for years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://youtube.com/Inlandings
Title of piece:Chopin Prelude b-min, and an Original
Composer:Chopin, et. al
Source of music:Sheet music and play by ear
Instrument used:1917 O
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:When I was a child, I recall my Dad expertly playing Chopin nearly every time he sat at the piano. This prelude is one of the pieces he used to play and I get to play it on his piano.

One of the other things I enjoy about playing and learning the piano is experimenting with improvisations. Since I hadn't been playing much at all since March, I recorded several things I played last night, and this one was one of them. It feels very good to sit at the bench and play again, if even for brief times.

I named it Ulnar as it is a bit of a meditation on the fact I was pain-free for the first time in 16 weeks and could maintain freedom of movement.
Performer's name:Teodor
Experience:A bit less than 2 full year.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Bach D minor Little Prelude BWV 926
Source of music:Sheet music
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Performer's name:Laura Joffe
Experience:Don't know how many year - maybe 12?
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/user/LauraJoffe?feature=mhee
Home page link:http://www.justfingers.co.uk/
Title of piece:Fugue #17 in Ab BWV 862
Composer:JS Bach
Source of music:sheet
Instrument used:Acoustic upright, Knight
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:In a 4-part fugue melody exists in 4 'voices' which interweave through shifts in tonality. At it's trickiest, I am playing 4 melodies at once, two in each hand. I chose this fugue because I was having terrible trouble remembering the flats for Ab maj.

After focussing on jazz, the main thing I notice coming back to classical is I can manage quite bizarre fingering solutions - and awkward as it looks, it sounds OK.
Performer's name:BillM (formerly b528nf7)
From:Gaithersburg, Maryland
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMlAinPrYs4
Title of piece:I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
Source of music:Combination of fakebook, improvised score and play by ear.
Instrument used:Roland KR17M Digital Grand
Recording method:Flip Ultra HD converted to audio using WinFF and normalized using Audacity.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I was trying to play this as a somewhat slower blues groove but it got a little away from me. I might have to start using a metronome. I didn't redo it because even though it ended up a little faster than planned I liked the energy in the recording.
Performer's name:cgyan (Iain)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:About 2 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhEEYWuSsaw
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/cgyan1
Title of piece:The Snow Prelude No.15
Composer:Ludovico Einaudi
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha YDP141
Recording method:Digital piano to Mac.
Recorded and reverb added in Garageband.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece and Snow Prelude No.2 are from the Nightbook album (not sure where the other thirteen preludes have escaped to....!). I’ve always found it harder to play quieter and slower pieces like this because each and every note is heard more clearly than in a regular tempo piece and any inaccuracies in tempo or dynamics are accentuated. It’s good to tackle this kind of stuff, though, and I like the challenge!
Probably the hardest thing for me was the opening ascending 6-note phrase that the right hand plays and that is repeated variously throughout the piece. Getting all five digits (especially the weaker ring and pinky fingers) to behave and sound fluid was quite challenging and can still be improved maybe. I also had to keep the tempo down and not be afraid of the rests and pauses throughout it.
Performer's name:hawgdriver (Leon)
From:Littleton, CO USA
Experience:2yrs now, yay! Hopefully many more to come...
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://youtu.be/QHWp1A3etjw
Title of piece:Ländler (4) D366
Instrument used:zee Roland RD-700NX !!
Recording method:zoom H2, audacity to normalize
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:For a simple set of landler, I though these pieces contained surprising emotional content. I hope I was able to convey a portion of that, and that you enjoy this performance in spite of the rough playing! -Leon
Performer's name:JeanieA
From:Reno, Nevada
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:About 6 years with one teacher, 2 year hiatus, 2.5 months with new teacher.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Hallelujah
Composer:Leonard Cohen
Source of music:Sheet music, played from (iffy) memory.
Instrument used:Chickering Quarter Grand, circa 1925
Recording method:USB mic into audacity, running on my Mac.
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:Love the piece. Decided to learn it when I heard it in the "Shrek" movie. k.d. lang then sang it at the opening of the most recent winter Olympics and it became popular all over again.

Best "take" out of about 972 tries. I had a VERY good take going about try #2, then Dear Hubby decides to start sawing up aluminum scrap and tossing it into the pickup bed just outside the living room. Sounded like I was trying to play some weird version of "The Anvil Chorus." Thanks, there, DH!
Performer's name:FarmGirl
From:Originally from Japan Now USA
Experience:7 years as a kid / 3 plus years as an adult
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1bxmp2wTdE
Title of piece:Pathetique 2nd Movement
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Baldwin R
Recording method:Zoom Q3HD
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:I made numerous mistakes, especially the one in the end. Hope no one notices (LOL). I probably was half asleep since I started at midnight. I don't have any more energy today to fix it. Lunch? I ate leftover in the fridge.
Performer's name:Copper
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:When You Wish Upon a Star
Composer:Leigh Harline
Source of music:Disney Fake Book
Instrument used:Yamaha P-250
Recording method:Connect to PC
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Performer's name:WiseBuff
Experience:Many years...but have returned to simple pieces to increase speed and expression. Let me know if the speed feel ok or if I should continue to push for more.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Addie
Composer:John Maroney
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Grotrian Grand
Recording method:Zoom Q3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece reminds me of a sassy little 22 month old named "Addie". The A-D sequence just calls out to her.

This recital is a true accomplishment for me. New diagnosis of breast cancer has me spinning a bit out of control. Playing this piece for all of you brings me back to meaningful existence. This recital is a welcome event.
Performer's name:Yamaha G-3 & P-80, Mike White
From:United States
Experience:Lifetime by ear, six years self-teaching.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Erotik, Lyric Pieces Op 43, No. 5
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha P-80
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece was sight-read.
Performer's name:MaryBee
From:Cleveland, OH
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:40 years on my own, the last 2.5 years with a teacher.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Sonata No.11 in B-flat major
Source of music:sheet music, www.imslp.org
Instrument used:Charles Walter 1520 upright
Recording method:Tascam DR-08; converted to MP3 using Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is the first full Sonata that I've learned, and my first Haydn piece. The first movement is lively and light-hearted. The second movement, marked "Largo", is darker, providing a contrast to the first in both tempo and mood. The last movement is in minuet and trio form. In order to keep this short enough to submit here, I've left out all the repeats, except for the first section of the minuet. There is almost no sustain pedal used, except in a few short bits in the 2nd movement. It was somewhat difficult to switch to this type of playing, after working on so many pieces that use the pedal throughout. My other challenges in this piece were trying to relax and not rush the ornaments (still need to work on that) as well as some tricky (for me) right-hand rhythms in the 2nd movement. I really enjoyed learning this piece, so much so, that I have picked out a few more Haydn sonatas that I want to work on at some point.

Leftover Trader's pie for lunch. (Bonus points to anyone who knows what that is. smile )
Performer's name:Cathy Turner/jotur
From:Santa Fe, NM
Experience:2 years of lessons in my early teens, 30+ years off, playing for dancing since 1995, playing for seniors for 2 years.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Salty Dog Rag
Composer:Red Foley
Source of music:Lead sheet.
Instrument used:Casio Priva PX-100
Recording method:keyboard to computer thru Audacity.
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:The first time I've done this, but I resubmitted this piece and it's a little better - a *tad* slower but still danceable. I'll have to say this went over really well last night as part of the band's "bring them back in from the break" shottish - the tune as we did it also included vocals for a verse and chorus, and fiddles for a verse and chorus. It's just that I've been really working on being cleaner in my presentation and I'm not sure in performance it's really happened. Not to say I'm not getting better overall, because I think I am. I'm just, um, spontaneous laugh

It has a beat any way smile
Performer's name:Little_Blue_Engine
From:Ohio, U.S.
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:3years 10 months, no formal lessons
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude in C Major
Source of music:sheet music, copyright 1998 by Clint S. Mers
Instrument used:Gildemeester & Kroeger upright
Recording method:The recording started as video from my Sony digital camcorder, was converted to a windows media file with ShowbizDVD programming and then I used Realplayer software to separate the audio into an mp3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I messed up the end which really bugs me because I've done it so much better before but I know I won't have a chance to record again so I'm going with it anyway.
Performer's name:notbach
Experience:~6 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Von fremden Ländern und Menschen (Op. 15 No. 1)
Composer:Robert Schumann
Source of music:G. Henle Verlag Urtext
Instrument used:Yamaha T118 (acoustic upright)
Recording method:Zoom H4n
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Performer's name:denali
From:New Jersey
Experience:1 year and 7 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Rondo Alla Turca
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Charles Walter 1500
Recording method:AT2020 and Camtasia
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Rondo Alla Turca is one of my favorite pieces that motivated to take up the piano, but it is still a technically challenging piece for me and still well beyond my abilities (as you will soon hear). I've been learning the Rondo on my own and wanted to play it for somebody so I chose to do it in this recital, which is my first recital of any kind. I lost my concentration in certain parts and there are some obvious mistakes, but hopefully you will still enjoy it!
Performer's name:CASINITALY (Cheryl)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Just under 2 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Ragtime Do-Si-Do
Composer:Mier, Martha
Source of music:sheetmusic Jazz, Rags & Blues, Book 1
Instrument used:Yamaha P112N
Recording method:Digital camera to audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The tuner came this morning and I did my recording just after she left! This is a very new genre for me, and the coordination required was, for me, a challenge. As far as technical feedback goes...well, I actually do know where I've gone wrong, but for the moment this is as good as it gets. I hope you are mildly entertained.

I haven't had lunch yet, but breakfast was coffee and All-bran cereal with sliced bananas.
Performer's name:mcasl
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Three years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Arabesque #1
Composer:Claude Debussy
Source of music:Sheet music downloaded from mutopia
Instrument used:Digital piano, Roland HP-207
Recording method:Zoom Q3HD using line in from the DP. I planned to do it using the internal mics but it was recorded during the night so it had to be recorded using line in.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I performed some minor audio editing (some cut and paste for half a page I forgot to play :-) and a repetition at the last few bars that went totally wrong ). Nevertheless, I left the rest of my mistakes.
Performer's name:Dara
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Waves Between Silence
Composer:Dara C.
Source of music:Original Composition
Recording method:Zoom
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is the first piano piece I composed when I took up piano at 20 years of age, after having a couple years of lessons as a young child. I believe it was inspired by Debussy's - La Cathédrale Engloutie / The Sunken Cathedral.
I wrote many compositions/improvisations throughout my 20's and 30's. I'm now returning to playing piano actively again in my 50's after finally having purchased my first piano last year. This is my first entry to the AB Forum Recital.
Performer's name:Sam Rose (Shmuel R)
Experience:I've been playing just over a year now (started at age 21) with no prior musical experience. This piece took about 3.5 months to learn, and then I practiced it for a few weeks. I have not had lessons thus far, but I hope to in the very near future.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyL8E2gGLBI
Title of piece:Fantaisie Impromptu
Source of music:Sheet music from IMSLP.org
Instrument used:1970 Yamaha U3 Upright
Recording method:Zoom H4n
Canon HG10 (for video)
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I'm eating steak for dinner. Mmmmm, delicious!
As far as the piece goes, I know it needs some work, but I'm new so it will have to do for now. I'm mostly amazed at how much I've been able to wrestle the red dot into submission. My hands used to shake uncontrollably if I played for just ONE person!
Special thanks to Hawgdriver for his inspiration and help, and for putting up with my incessant nagging.

If you'd like to see my piano and some terrible technique, watch the linked youtube video.
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