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Posted By: AB Forum Recital Recital #23 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 01:47 AM

I am delighted to introduce our 23rd quarterly Adult Beginners' Forum Recital! smile So, pull up a chair and have a listen.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask the audience to please refrain from commentary in this recital room.

A separate room has been provided for the purposes of intermezzo discussion. Please take any and all comments to the General Discussion Room.

Thank you! smile

In addition to the zip files linked below, mahlzeit has added a feature to his program that creates an online streaming player. Just click on the link to hear all the recital pieces without having to download the zip files:

Recital #23 Online Streaming Player

A template has been created for those who wish to provide individualized feedback:

Recital #23 Response Template

For the convenience of forum members, mahlzeit's program has normalized the files for consistent volume and standardized the ID3 tags in a collection of zip files. This makes it easier to create personal CDs and playlists.

These zip files have been posted at the following URLs:

Recital #23 zip 1
Recital #23 zip 2
Recital #23 zip 3
Recital #23 zip 4
Recital #23 zip 5
Recital #23 zip 6
Recital #23 zip 7

Let me express my greatest thanks to some very special people: mr_super-hunky for coming up with the idea of our online recitals, which have proven to be more successful than any of us ever dreamed; LaValse for hosting the zip files and recital software on his server; Copper for trouble-shooting help and the Order of the Red Dot; Sam S. for his terrific AB Forum Recital Index; and last but not least, mahlzeit for writing the absolutely fantastic web-based recital program that we are using. THANK YOU MAHLZEIT!!! heart

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 01:51 AM
Performer's name:Andy Platt
From:Arlington, VA
Experience:A year of lessons on top of 20 years of noodling.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Chopin Waltz in B Minor, Opus 69 No 2
Composer:Frédéric Chopin
Source of music:Sheet music.
Instrument used:Some sort of Yamaha grand piano but I'm not sure which model.
Recording method:Zoom H1
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This was recorded live at my teacher's recital. My teacher advised eating nothing but I had a banana to help calm my nerves. That failed - my hands shook like leaves. You can here the nerves at various points in the piece but I still brought what I could to it.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 01:59 AM
Performer's name:Jazzwee
From:Los Angeles
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Naima
Composer:John Coltrane
Source of music:Lead Sheet for melody. The rest is improvisation.
Instrument used:Roland FP7F
Recording method:Iphone App (iRealB) is providing the backing track and it's mixed in through the input of the Roland FP7F. Zoom H4 is connected to the keyboard outs. Recording was amplified in Audacity.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Naima is a very complex jazz ballad that I've played here in a Latin double-time feel. It has very unusual chord progressions so it's hard to make a "theme" when one improvises on it. So I'm not successful at that. It would take more study of this tune. I hope I did it some justice.

This was a one shot recording (no retries) so that makes it immune to the red dot. I just take it as it is with all the warts. It also simulates a live environment. I have played this live with a band once before but I had just learned it then.

BTW - Naima (pronounced 'Na - Ima') is the name of John Coltrane's wife. Coltrane of course, a sax player, is one of the biggest names in jazz.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:00 AM
Performer's name:Mohan Karthik
From:Bangalore, India
Experience:1 n half years after a long break.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEpm7WEGCYY
Title of piece:Quest for Greatness
Composer:Mohan Karthik
Source of music:Own composition
Instrument used:Casion PX330 + Pianoteq
Recording method:Pianoteq export -> MP3 convert
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:I started this piece with the LH arpeggio which I find very very beautiful. And I tried layering a melody over it. Let me know you feedbacks on the composition as well!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:01 AM
Performer's name:dannylux / Mel
Experience:5.5 years after returning. Lots as a kid.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Etude in D flat Op.15 No.8
Composer:Sergei Bortkiewicz
Source of music:Sheet music from pianophilia.com and IMSLP.
Instrument used:Yamaha P140
Recording method:Piano line-out to computer sound card line-in. Audacity. No edits.
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:This Etude by Sergei Bortkiewicz (1877 Ukraine - 1952), composed in 1911 is one of the most romantic, sensuous, luscious pieces I've ever heard.

Without any introduction at all, the Etude starts right off with the first melody, in D flat, one note at a time in the right hand. It's then repeated, but in octaves. A third repeat find the melody in the left hand, with the right hand playing an arabesque up and down the keyboard.

The second melody, 'sweetly harmonious', is then introduced in the key of E major. After modulating back to the original key, D flat, one would expect to hear the first melody again, as per the usual ABA form (first melody, second melody, first melody). Instead he gives us a big, loud repeat of the second melody, followed by a return of the first melody, fff, marked 'with the highest passion'. We then get the second melody again, but way up high, followed by a fragment of the first, and this exquisite piece ends ppp, as if secure in the knowledge that one is loved.

Hope you like it.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:01 AM
Performer's name:Alleykatt - Cathy
From:Wisconsin, USA
Experience:Off & On since childhood
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODGuAAfksFw
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/Alleycat299
Title of piece:Dietro l'incanto
Composer:Ludovico Einaudi
Source of music:Sheet music from Ludovico Einaudi - The Best Of
Instrument used:Aeolian Baby Grand
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece actually turned out to be a bit more technically challenging than I first thought due to the phrasing, dynamics and trills. Also, it has been extrememly humid as of late and I found my piano keys were a bit more sticky than usual which didn't help with the trills at all. Overall, I really enjoy playing this piece.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:09 AM
Performer's name:Ken.
Experience:3 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Blue Monk
Composer:Thelonious Monk
Source of music:Thelonious Monk Easy Piano Solos
Instrument used:Milton Spinet
Recording method:Zoom H4
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is probably one of Monk's most well known tunes and is a standard, a blues. The arrangement was a good exercise in right hand harmonization while the left hand plays a bass line.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:10 AM
Performer's name:wouter79
Experience:1.5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Maple Leaf Rag
Composer:S. Joplin
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Grotrian 189
Recording method:DPA4060, Jecklin disk, UMU-0404
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:10 AM
Performer's name:Mr Super Hunky
Avatar:Avatar Image"/>
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Dream With Me
Composer:Original composition
Source of music:Original composition played by ear
Instrument used:Mason & Hamlin BB
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I'm at a point in which I'd rather progress by attempting to discover and play more beautiful melodies rather than attempt to play more difficult pieces.

It's the melodies I am after. That's what means the most to me.

Here is an attempt at an original composition to do just that. Primarily focusing on the melodies however difficult or easy they may be to perform.

This is a dreamy piece for you to shut your eyes and dream of whatever makes you happy. You can be anywhere. On the beach, in an open meadow, a scenic overlook. whatever works for you. Just music to dream to.

Dream with me!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:11 AM
Performer's name:Laura Joffe aka Ten left Thumbs
Experience:13? Not sure.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.justfingers.co.uk
Title of piece:Two-part Invention no 4 in D min
Composer:JS Bach
Source of music:sheet
Instrument used:Harpischord - not sure of make, but it's a modern instrument
Recording method:Zoom H2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Light lunch of mackerel and couscous.

Here's the story. My brother (who lives 70 miles away) told me he'd tuned his harpsichord, and repaired it sufficiently for it to be played. Knowing the recital was coming up, I made a time for the family to go over and see him, Zoom in hand. Quite tricky to play. The action is a bit idiosyncratic, so you need to be really firm with each note, and you need to play legato (especially for the parts I think of as detached). So I struggle with it. Move over, he says, and whizzes impressively through some Preludes and ping!!! - the B string lands on the cat. smile Fortunately B is not a common note in D minor, but the very sharp-eared of you will notice some notes missing in the second half (and they're all B naturals).

I'm just glad I managed to record anything at all! smile

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:14 AM
Performer's name:timmyab
Experience:17 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude & Fugue in f minor bwv 881
Source of music:ABRSM WTC book 2
Instrument used:Yamaha YDP S30
Recording method:Digital piano to audio interface and recorded with Cubase.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:As usual this hasn't turned out nearly as well as I'd hoped.I really wanted to play the fugue faster but my technique can barely cope with it as it is.It's so difficult to get the notes sounding even without the pedal to smooth it all over.Every little inaccuracy is brutally exposed.
By the way, I hope that nobody minds me posting in the beginner's recital, if there was an improvers section I'd post there instead.As I don't have a teacher I find that this recital is a brilliant motivator.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:14 AM
Performer's name:Monica K.
From:Lexington, Kentucky
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:7 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://youtu.be/VAErOdkVCEc
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/pianomonica
Title of piece:Le Matin
Composer:Yann Tiersen
Source of music:Yann Tiersen "Piano Works 1994-2003" sheet music collection
Instrument used:Mason & Hamlin A
Recording method:mp3 file recorded using Zoom H4, normalized in audacity; video recorded with Zoom Q3HD.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a lilting piece that struck me as a perfect summer feel-good melody. And when I saw the sheet music, it looked dead easy, especially the left hand. Ha! Once again I was fooled by deceptive easiness. It turned out to be hard to keep the left hand from overpowering the right (I didn't always succeed), and those perky arpeggios required more fingering dexterity than I normally possess.

Lunch was leftover chili bean tortilla casserole.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:15 AM
Performer's name:Cohenfan
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Traumerei
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Roland HP-305
Recording method:Zoom H1
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Traumerei is such a lovely piece, but so difficult to play it right. Considering my current level of ability and talent ( or lack of ... ),this is the best I can play it right now, so I have to be satisfied with the end result.
I hope you like it.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:16 AM
Performer's name:Peyton
Experience:43 years with a few years of classical training as an adult
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxNbyf3HKSc
Home page link:http://www.peytonart.com
Title of piece:Message From Space
Source of music:Original
Instrument used:Pramberger grand
Recording method:Metro
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:I initially tried to record a much longer version but just could not play it all the way through for a recording. There is a section I obviously stumble on but overall I feel (hopefully) the "message" of the piece gets through. I also had a lot of fun doing the youtube vid. Many thanks to all that continue to make this recital happen. Where else can we all share our playing and compositions? Nanu, nanu.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:16 AM
Performer's name:Riddler (Ed)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Two or three years of lessons as a kid; three years of jazz lessons as an adult; and a lifetime of noodling and playing by ear.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://home.roadrunner.com/~riddlereader/
Title of piece:Jump Monk
Composer:Charles Mingus
Source of music:I am playing unaccompanied from an arrangement I created, working from a lead sheet.
Instrument used:Yamaha P-120
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a catchy, quirky little jazz tune, a short ride on a fast machine, as the saying goes. It was composed by Charles Mingus, a bebop-era jazz bassist. (I would call him the bad boy of jazz, but...there would be lots of competition for that title!) Presumably it was written in honor of jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, and the title refers to Monk's habit of prancing around on the stage while other band members played. You may prance around a bit while you listen, if you like. There will be a special prize for anyone who can sing it!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:19 AM
Performer's name:Inlanding - Glen
Experience:Off and on for years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/inlandings
Title of piece:Prelude, Everything Happens to Me, Sun Up
Composer:Glière, Adair, Me
Source of music:Sheet music, lead sheet, extemporaneous
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Decided to make a trio of unlike styles, since I've had a bit more time on my hands the last few months.

Prelude by Reinhold Glière - 0:0 to 1:50
My teacher wanted me to learn it to get better finger control - still need to work on that. As it is with most music, it might look easy to play, but not so easy to play well.

Everything Happens to Me by Tom Adair and Matt Dennis - 1:51 to 4:07
Seemed like an appropriate tune to play/improvise, since I've been home convalescing since mid-April and not really playing at all.

Sun Up - 4:08 to end
I recorded this very early one morning in early April and might be classified as free-play and/or alternative piano.

I hope you find one to your liking.

For lunch, it was baked Salmon with some kind of sweet-teriyaki glaze on it and Long Grain Rice- tasty!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:20 AM
Performer's name:cscl
Experience:4 years, 11 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Schubert Waltzes Op. 9, Nos. 1-3 (D365)
Composer:Franz Schubert
Source of music:Tänze I, Könemann Music Budapest, Urtext, Franz Schubert
Instrument used:Estonia 190 Grand
Recording method:Zoom H2 on piano desk (Mic Gain-M, Rear Mic, Levels 100)
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Schubert Waltzes Op. 9, Nos. 1-3 (D365). I played Nos. 1 and 3 for my June Recital and added 2 for a June competition. Here they are at present. I may have a new story about them around the time the recital goes live. And I'm trying an early submission instead of five minutes after the deadline which is my usual submission practice!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:24 AM
Performer's name:Todd Vance
From:Bowie, MD
Experience:2.5 yr lessons as child, 20 year break, 2.5 years self-teaching up to today (which turns out about right, my level is approximately John Thompson 5th grade)
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Clair De Lune
Composer:Claude DeBussy
Instrument used:Yamaha Arius Digital Piano, DP-160
Recording method:Zoom H1 recorded from Arius's built-in recorder + Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I first heard this piece when I got my second computer in High School, and IBM PC Jr. It came with that song as a sample, rendered in three-voice not-any-particular-instrument sound (a big deal for computer sound back in those days: three voices!) Even at that low quality, I really liked the tune.

There are some mistakes---I had a recording with fewer mistakes, but when I played back the recording, it sounded terrible (I had put the Zoom on top of the piano---vibrations wrecked the recording). I also realized, though I subdivided carefully when doing slow practice, listening to the recording, some measures before the first speedy section, were uneven in beats.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:24 AM
Performer's name:(Was)TrueBeginner
From:VA, US
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:3.5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkYduI2V6Sw
Title of piece:Little Waltz
Source of music:Original
Instrument used:Essex
Recording method:From Phone(DroidX), convert to MP3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This was the first piece I played without pedal (because of the left hand obviously). It was a challenge, as I had to pay attention more to phrasing. However, I was not happy with my first part of the piece. I think I was too nervous at the beginning, I was getting more relaxed by the end.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:31 AM
Performer's name:Sam S
From:Georgia, USA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:I'm in my third year back after a 30+ year interruption
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2UZ9I_olvQ
Title of piece:Song Without Words Opus 38/6
Instrument used:Steinway grand in the video, Yamaha UX1 upright in the mp3 recording.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:The youtube video is of the actual recital I played in at Summerkeys last month, complete with mistakes and hesitations (and a little polite applause!) The mp3 recording I did when I got back and is a little better.

This is subtitled (by Mendelssohn) "Duetto". The manuscript was a present to his wife on their wedding day. There are two voices, a soprano and a baritone, that alternate and carry on a dialog. Hopefully if I play it well enough you can hear them!

The soprano voice "sings" first, and her melody starts on an upbeat and is softer. The baritone sings next, and begins on a downbeat and sings louder. They alternate their melodies, then move to a minor key where the male voice seems to be voicing some misgivings. But it's back to the major key after a big crescendo for a section where they sing together in octaves - all is well. Then there's a coda where things wind down. The big question is - who gets the last word? Soprano or baritone?

Hope you like it - Sam

Performer's name:Cebu Kid
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:1979-1982, Piano Lessons, 2008 - Present, Self-Directed
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/user/cebukid70
Title of piece:Maple Leaf Rag
Composer:Scott Joplin
Instrument used:Yamaha T118 Upright
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is my 4th rag, and I had lots and lots of trouble with this one. I *thought* it would be easy because I never really had too much trouble with the others - even in "year 1" as an adult restarter of piano, but I was in for a reality check (talk about a WAY over-my-head piece!). This is the best I could do for now, and I obviously need to work on this some more. This piece was a great learning experience as it exposed my horrible technique (tension, poor wrist position, etc...such are the trials and tribulations of the self-taught, but I digress..lol). Anyway, it forced me to address some of these issues, and actually made me better at my other rags (and current ones in process). This is my "fastest" rag to date, though the end result was what I call a moderate tempo for this piece (around 84-88 BPM rang e). This time around, I brought out some much needed dynamics which was lacking on the last recording attempt for the Spring recital. Anyway, there's a few flubs (the third strain is a killer and has too many big leaps), but hey, this is a recital. I did this in 2 takes, and I'm not really one that HAS to have "the perfect take" (plus I don't have that kind of time)... Well, I hope you all enjoy. I will definitely do this over one day when there's less pressure - and probably soon since it's fresh. My goal in life is to play this piece at least 5-7 times a week, as I think this piece is one big technical exercise as well and really calls out every skill one needs for ragtime piano....and oh, I had my home-made gourmet mac-and-cheese sprinkled with bacon. :-) Cheers everyone!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:31 AM
Performer's name:CASINITALY (Cheryl)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:1.5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Verde Smeraldo
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha P112 upright
Recording method:digitalcamera video to audacity wav to mp3 !
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I wanted to perform a different piece but just couldn't get through it, and as I'm leaving SOON for an extended holiday I succumbed to stress and am submitting Verde Smeraldo, which I love (and the neighbours must be sick of...). It is a very short piece from the Preludi Colorati collection. It is the first piece I played and that let me feel "Oh, I'm really playing the piano". Even as I was learning it, I was thrilled. One day while playing at the school, a little girl - about 6 years old, stood outside the classroom listening to me, and she applauded, clearly she was delighted with the piece! I hope you enjoy it too smile

I had a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:31 AM
Performer's name:cgyan (Iain)
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:About 1 and a half years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhqkwVsqEZ4
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/cgyan1
Title of piece:Along The Codorus
Composer:Greg Maroney
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha YDP141
Recording method:Digital
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:31 AM
Performer's name:Serge88
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:5 years + another 5 years many years ago
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoxQ9OSRo7g
Title of piece:Someone saved my life tonight
Composer:Elton John
Source of music:My own version from sheet music.
Instrument used:Roland FP7 + software piano (Akoustic Piano)
Recording method:FP7 to Garageband and drum track from garageband
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Do you like the drum track or it's better without it?

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:32 AM
Performer's name:joangolfing
Experience:About 9 years as a adult
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Sarabande in F Major
Composer:George Handel
Source of music:Great Piano Works: The Mini Series: George Frideric Handel
Instrument used:Roland FP-4
Recording method:Akoustik Piano
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Handel wrote 4 different Sarabande pieces. I played Sarabande from Suite No.6 for the last recital. I'm working on all four of them and recorded Sarabande in F Major for this recital. This piece goes back and forth between Forte and Piano so I tried my best to bring that out in this piece.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:32 AM
Performer's name:Clemente
From:Bergen County, New Jersey
Experience:A bunch of years, on and off.
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.clementelopez.com
Title of piece:Milonga
Composer:Alberto Ginastera
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Boston Baby Grand
Recording method:Zoom Q3HD Handy Video Recorder
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:Before I forget... In case you visit. At the site, enter the following:
User ID: pianoworld
Password: abf2011
On the main page there is one single button. Click on that button and it will take you straight to the video.

Milonga is my recital entry...far from perfect, but here it goes nonetheless. By the way, I did mention the glaring mistake... It was not D-Sharp... The culprit is A#. I played A-Sharp when I should have played A-Natural.

Ginastera originally wrote this melody to be accompanied by words... It was a song. There is a beautiful rendition of it with Martha Argerich playing the piano accompaniment.
The song tells of a love-sick young man addressing the young lady. The song implies that this an unrequited love; otherwise, there wouldn't be any need for the guy to go under the tree in the first place. Roughly, this is what he says:

In my town there is a tree
which they call the tree of forgetfulness (oblivion).
Where love-sick lovers go to console (forget) their
In order not to think of you, one night
I lay down under the tree of forgetfulness and I fell
fast asleep.
Upon waking up from that dream, I was still thinking
of you... because I forgot to forget you as soon as I fell asleep.

Ginastera composed also the piano solo version of the song and titled it "Milonga"...which is what I am playing for this recital. The milonga, same as the tango, are types of dances (music) from Argentina.
I hope that you enjoy it. Thank you.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:33 AM
Performer's name:Wisebuff
From:Brighton Colorado
Experience:Many years but recently have been pushing for adequate tempo and better site reading.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Late Train
Composer:Eugenie Rocherolle
Source of music:A collection called "Touch of Blue" all composed by Rocherolle. She is an American composer who studied at Tulane and then with Nadia Boulanger in Paris. She has many compositions. Lives in Connecticut.
Instrument used:Grotrian grand. I never remember the # but it is the replica of the Clara Schumann piano.
Recording method:Zoom Q3. I apologize for the long pause before playing but I set it up and have to move across the room to play.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:No breakfast yet this morning and my stomach is growling. This was the first take today and there are glitches for sure but it felt adequate to share. I do love this piece...love trains too.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:33 AM
Performer's name:TX-Dennis (Dennis Turner)
From:dry dry west Texas
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:too many to be this bad
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Heal Our Land
Composer:Sen. Orrin Hatch & Janice Kapp Perry
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Kawai GE-30
Recording method:Zoom H4
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I've been goofing off a bit this summer, so I have nothing prepared for the recital. I decided to dust off a piece that I submitted in a piano bar about 5 years ago. I ran through it a couple of times this morning and recorded two takes. This is the better of the two.

The song is a hymn written by Senator Orrin Hatch and Janice Kapp Perry. I discovered it in [i]Sheet Music Magazine{/i] some years ago. The song was sung at George W. Bush's second inauguration.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:34 AM
Performer's name:Wayne32yrs
From:Sheffield UK
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2yrs 3months
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HQuW75_Z-E
Home page link:http://youtube.com/wayne26yrs
Title of piece:Radiohead - Creep
Composer:Thom Yorke
Source of music:Improvised score
Instrument used:Herrburger Brooks, straight strung acoustic.
Recording method:Iphone
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:34 AM
Performer's name:IRPRONI (Ismael Rodríguez)
Experience:One year and seven months
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/user/IRPRONI
Home page link:http://www.facebook.com/ismael.rodriguez.official
Title of piece:Rue Des Cascades
Composer:Yann Tiersen
Source of music:Sheet music from the base, improvised in the middle part and the ending learned in the video performance of Dave Thomas (youtube)
Instrument used:Yamaha PSR-520
Recording method:My record method consists in film a video with my smartphone and then extract the audio
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is my favorite song, each note means for me everything: love, sadness, courage, bravery, I don't have enough words to describe it...

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:35 AM
Performer's name:BenPiano
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:2 years
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://youtu.be/lRugCrw_d70
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/afpaSTU1096
Title of piece:I Giorni
Source of music:The Best of Ludovico Einaudi: Piano Solo
Instrument used:Kawai K5
Recording method:Zoom H1
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:This is the first Einaudi piece I learned. I've been playing this one for a long time and have tried to record it in the past, but I always had a meltdown somewhere. On the bright side, by not being able to record it I've had this as part of my repertoire for a long time - and it's a great piece to play for people. Who doesn't like this piece? smile

As usual, mistakes abound, and there's a big hesitation in there that is driving me nuts. I almost had a meltdown toward the end at such a silly spot, but fortunately I was able to maintain my composure and save it the best I could.

It was my second take, so I declared it "good enough" and now I don't have to worry about recording it anymore. And even though I've recorded it now, I don't think I could ever let this one fall out of my current play list!

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:35 AM
Performer's name:GracieCat
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:1.5 years
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Wonderland
Composer:David Nevue
Source of music:Sheet music
Instrument used:Kohler & Campbell
Recording method:Tascam DR-07mkII
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Frustrated that it still has random errors, but it's the best I could do. It doesn't sound smooth to me.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:36 AM
Performer's name:Augustina
Experience:Dont keep track:)
Direct music link:click to download
Home page link:http://www.youtube.com/user/Spot1530?feature=mhee
Title of piece:Song from a Secret Garden
Composer:Rolf Løvland
Source of music:Piano Music,
Instrument used:61 size piano keyboard
Recording method:Phone, then converted audio to mp3
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is a very pretty song that was preformed by Secret Garden. Secret Garden is Irish-Norwegian duo. Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and the Norwegian composer/pianist Rolf Løvland. Another song that they wrote is You Raise me up. Also one of my favorites:)

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:36 AM
Performer's name:BillM (formerly b528nf7)
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOYP0-c9bM8
Title of piece:When I'm Sixty-four
Source of music:Fake book/Play-by-ear
Instrument used:Roland KR-17M Digital Grand
Recording method:Flip Ultra HD Video Camera
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:Funny, sixty-four doesn't seem that old to me now.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:36 AM
Performer's name:Strings & Wood
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Op. 28 No. 20
Source of music:Sheet
Instrument used:Schimmel K213 NWS
Recording method:Zoom 2
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is my 3rd Chopin prelude. Harder to get this one under fingers, but probably easier to play once there.
The FF beginning could be a bit more FF... but I am always afraid I will wake someone up, including myself:-)

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:37 AM
Performer's name:Griffin2417 (Griffin)
From:Minneapolis, MN
Experience:13 years prior to a 35-year hiatus
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Prelude in G minor (BWV 558 )
Composer:J.S. Bach
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Hallet, Davis & Company, acoustic grand
Recording method:Don't know. It was recorded in a theater on their equipment.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This piece was originally written for organ. However, I transcribed it for piano based on a transcription I learned when I was in high school.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:37 AM
Performer's name:Teodor
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:1 year and 4 months
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sE82Y9CWM8o
Title of piece:Madder Sky (Code Geass)
Composer:Nakagawa Koutarou
Source of music:Learned by ear and by watching other videos.
Instrument used:1880 year RÖNISCH piano
Recording method:Phone
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:My parents are always in the room so I didn't feel like recording too much. This is take 1. Next time I will submit a more challenging piece. I just didn't have time to record anything more serious as it would involve more takes and I don't have a silent environment to work in currently.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:37 AM
Performer's name:Copper
From:Herndon, VA
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Moon River
Composer:Henry Mancini
Source of music:Favorite Piano Fake Book
Instrument used:Yamaha P-250
Recording method:Connect to PC
Technical feedback wanted:Yes

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:38 AM
Performer's name:Bluekeys
Experience:4 years/ 11 months
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Waltz in A Minor
Source of music:Palmer (Alfred's) Introduction to Chopin
Instrument used:Yamaha C1 (5'3" grand)
Recording method:Zoom H2 about 3 feet behind piano, full stick, normalized and "acoustic" equalization in Audacity.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This was my first attempt at Chopin, and it was much harder than I expected, especially considering many people think this the easiest Chopin piece. The chord progression is very basic, and the RH is all single notes, but getting through it without missing any of the wide left bounces and doing the RH trills with a modicum of artistry took a lot longer than I expected. Next up in the Chopin department will be Prelude in B Minor.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:38 AM
Performer's name:jotur/Cathy Turner
Experience:2 years of lessons in my early teens, 30+ years off, playing dance music since 1995
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:When My Sugar Walks Down the Street
Composer:Gene Austin, Jimmy McHugh and Irving Mills
Source of music:Sheet Music Magazine, Spring 2008
Instrument used:Casio Privia 100X
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I loved this from the first time I played it, but just now got around to adding it to my repertoire. I got permission to enter the Miscellaneous Instruments contest at the SW Bluegrass and Old Time Festival the end of August, and this is my "honky-tonk/stride" piece. I'm doing Black and White Rag for my second piece (the festival is acoustic only, but there's no piano, hence the need for permission to use a keyboard). I'd like it to be a little more up-tempo by then, but I'll take this smile

I got the basic melody, chord progressions, and right hand from the sheet music, but I made the left hand a little more stride-y, and added a couple of flourishes in the right hand, and the ending.

Lunch - um. um. No lunch. Late breakfast of eggs with oatmeals with raspberries and vanilla yogurt.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:39 AM
Performer's name:anthonyb
From:Center City, MN
Avatar:Avatar Image
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpFO6V0x-Rw
Title of piece:I Giorni
Composer:Ludovico Einaudi
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:So we've got two copies of the same Einaudi piece in the recital. I'm sure that has happened before and I bet it may not even be the last time it happens. I actually had this recorded way back in early July.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:39 AM
Performer's name:CMohr
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:Two years back at the piano - about 1 1/2 years learning jazz. 5 years or so as a child.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Summer Night
Composer:Warren, Harry (music)/ Dubin, Al (lyrics)
Source of music:Lead sheet
Instrument used:1907 Wellington upright
Recording method:The Mikey by Blue Microphones, recorded onto my ipod, converted from wav to mp3 in iTunes.
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:"Summer Night" was written in 1936 for the film "Colleen".
Harry Warren wrote over 800 songs. A couple of the most well known are "I Only Have Eyes For You" & "At Last". In 1942, "Chattanooga Choo Choo", as recorded by the Glenn Miller band, became the first gold record in history.

Warren's music has been featured in over 300 films and many have become great American standards.

I had not heard this tune before my teacher brought it to me about a month ago. I had been working on another tune for this recital but it got bumped for this one. I just wish I had had a little more time to polish it a bit more.

I hope it's enjoyable.

No lunch, but for dinner I had an Italian turkey burger, home-grown green beans and a baked potato

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:39 AM
Performer's name:Lain
Experience:Five years as a kid and 6 months since returning as an adult
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEl10UlAZTE
Title of piece:Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake
Composer:Chen Peixun
Instrument used:Roland FP-7F
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:Dedicated to my parents, without whom my music education would not have been possible

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:40 AM
Performer's name:Alpha Terminus (Jim Henderson)
Experience:Lessons since September 2009
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_6wt2vfpLE
Title of piece:Rondo Alla Turca
Source of music:Sheet Music
Instrument used:Yamaha C6
Recording method:Zoom H4N 4 channel with 2 external mics. Video is 2 cameras, a new one on a boom above my head, which slipped prior to the piece and my fat head gets in the way sometimes!
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is my first PianoWorld recital submission and the first classical song I have ever learned / played.

I will play this at my Teachers recital in about 3 months, so it is still a work in progress and I'd like to get it smoother and about 10 bpm faster.

The 2 pennies on the music stand are dedicated to the PW member who told me, in his "honest 2 cents," I should play it at 20 bpm or less, which made me mad and I nearly quit the piece. Pianist forum members including that member will surely think I should still quit but the 2 pennies on my music stand are dedicated to those opinions! I play piano for enjoyment like most of us on the forum.

Thanks to my teacher for all of her help and Ten Left Thumbs as well (though I know I'm not there yet... thanks for your help and encouragement wink )

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:40 AM
Performer's name:Yamaha G-3 & P-80
From:United States
Experience:Lifetime by ear, self-teaching 5 or 6 years.
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Por El Sur
Composer:Remo Pignoni
Source of music:sheet music
Instrument used:Yamaha P-80
Recording method:Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:I was introduced to this composer by Dannylux, (Mel).

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:40 AM
Performer's name:MaryBee
From:Cleveland, OH
Avatar:Avatar Image
Experience:40 years on my own, the last two years with a teacher
Direct music link:click to download
Title of piece:Clair de Lune, from Suite Bergamasque
Source of music:sheet music, free at www.pianostreet.com; played from memory here
Instrument used:Charles Walter 1520 upright
Recording method:Tascam DR-08; converted to MP3 using Audacity
Technical feedback wanted:Yes
Additional info:This is the third Debussy that I've performed in an ABF recital. Like all his pieces so far, it takes me a while of learning the music before I start to like it. But it's now firmly at that stage where I'm in love with it. In this one, I particularly like that each section has its own distinctive character, yet each one flows so beautifully into the next. My concentration while learning this piece was in getting the rhythm right, trying to keep the arpeggios smooth and even, and (as always) bringing out the melody lines. I had to use both the soft pedal and the sustain pedal here, and I still need to work on keeping those straight. I've had this on my to-learn list for over a year, ever since my sister-in-law told me it's one of her favorites and asked if I could play it for her. I'm going to try to play it next month for her birthday.

Posted By: AB Forum Recital Re: Recital #24 --- August 15, 2011 - 08/15/11 02:41 AM
Performer's name:Starr Keys
Experience:3-4 years as a child, two years 15 years ago that went now where and two-1/2 years this go-round.
Direct music link:click to download
Video link:http://www.youtube.com/user/StarrKeys?feature=mhee
Title of piece:The Last Time I Saw Paris
Composer:Jerome Kern
Source of music:By-Ear Arrangement
Instrument used:Casio PX330
Recording method:Zoom
Technical feedback wanted:No
Additional info:I originally arranged this as vocal accompaniment with a piano solo between the bridge and last verse vocals. It would have run over 5 minutes but I realized this morning it had been too ambitious a project to pull off in time so I did my best to redesign it at the last minute as a solo. This is the main reason for the hesitations. Most of them are in the last verse which had been entirely vocal accompaniment and therefore required the most last minute tweaking. I had a smoothy for lunch. Maybe I should have eaten some solid food. I might have played better.

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