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Has anyone used the Presto Keys program?

Posted By: Crik23

Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 03/19/11 02:04 AM

I was just wondering if anyone has tried this program? It says it hooks up with a midi keyboard and looks to be more fun than just sight reading random songs.
Posted By: Totentanz

Re: Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 03/19/11 11:58 AM

I bought this software last month (it was free before...),it helps me greatly,as a beginner, to learn how to recognize notes on a staff, I am now much better than before. You can hook it to your digital piano with midi, it works perfectly. I have not try with a song so far, I am using the random mode.

You can also try a completely free web based product : http://www.sightreadingpractice.com
It is not very pretty, but it works. It is said that you can use the midi connection, but I did not try it.
Posted By: TheodorN

Re: Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 03/19/11 01:54 PM

I tried it and it didn't work. I put it in waiting mode, but it just stopped when the notes arrived at the red line, even when I pressed the right keys. Synthesia works better.

But the problem with both programs is that their sheet music displays seem to always assign notes below middle C to the left hand. That is annoying when one wants to play a little more bass with the right hand.
Posted By: MartinJB

Re: Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 03/19/11 04:12 PM

Give this one a try. It's set up like reading sheet music. You also can use your piece as practise if you have a midi version.

Etude Sight Reader
Posted By: bluekeys

Re: Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 03/19/11 05:35 PM

I used it for a long time and had a lot of success with it, but I never tried it with MIDI. I stopped using it after he started charging for it. I sort of wish I'd kept the last beta, though. I may pay for it at some point -- I think it's around $30 -- because there some things like chord recognition that other programs don't do as well. Emusictheory.com is almost as good though and free, so I don't know if I'll ever shell out the bucks.
Posted By: MartyPapa

Re: Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 04/02/11 01:03 PM

Hi, I've just split PrestoKeys into two versions - a free and a pro version. The free version has most of the features apart from Midi input, chords, key signatures and smart notes. Just thought I'd let you know. It's available from www.prestokeys.com

If you'd like to give me a suggestion or some feedback you can send it from www.prestokeys.com/contact/

Posted By: Kawai Player

Re: Has anyone used the Presto Keys program? - 04/19/13 12:22 PM

I have just started using PrestoKeys and its really helping me (as a complete beginner) get to grips with sight reading. I chose it because the way is displayed the notes on the grand staff (in between the Bass and Treble Staff) matched my Alfreds Course that I am doing. Plus it seemed flexible a looked nice as well. Its not perfect but the developer seems very open to constructive comments to go into future releases.
(I use it with a MIDI interface on my Digital Piano)
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