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Posted By: rysowers

GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/22/09 01:08 AM

Well, I've finally started to decompress after my week in Grand Rapids! The conference was a big success with over 600 in attendance. As intern on the institute committee this year I was extremely impressed with the dedication and service of the rest of the committee: Director Ward Guthrie, and Assistant Directors Jeff Hickey, Marc Poulin, and Jim Busby.

It was humbling to work with such terrific individuals who volunteered so much time and energy into helping others, and furthering our craft.

One of the highlights was finally getting to have the beer with my forum buddies: Thanks for the hospitality Mr. Gerry Groot! I really enjoyed our visit with your son Gerry Jr, and Ron Alexander! I'm buyin' next year in Las Vegas![Linked Image]

We are already in the process for planning the next convention! Let me know what were the best classes and any ideas you'd like to see happen for next year!
Posted By: Horowitzian

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/22/09 02:06 AM

How was Jerry's dawghouse? grin
Posted By: Ron Alexander

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/22/09 03:20 AM

Nice...very nice dawghouse!!!! [Linked Image]

We had an absolute ball!!!!! Jerry and his family are simply great people. I enjoyed every minute, and I simply cannot express enough thanks to them for having me for the week. We had so many laughs I would not begin to recount them here. I stand in awe of Jerry Groot as a technician. He is a humble person in real life, yet his skill as a tuner-tech is what we all strive for. He will probably have some words for me for saying that, but I truly mean it.

I enjoyed so much meeting and talking with you Ryan. We had a great time over at The Boars Head!!!! [Linked Image]

Great to meet RPD...a truly nice guy. I enjoyed our conversation and Jane is such a pretty wife..I enjoyed meeting her RPD. Patrick Draine and RonTuner enjoyed meeting you. Meeting and talking with Jurgen was great!!!!! I know I'm leaving someone out so I apologize for that.

But it was without reservation a surperb PTG Convention. So many classes I need to look back over the schedule to give you the feedback you ask for Ryan. But I promise to do that and post tomorrow.

I had thought I would go to Grand Rapids this year and maybe try to make a Convention every 3 to 5 years. But I dont think I can wait that long. I'm already thinking of ways to save the money I need to go to Las Vagas. Unless some big life changing event comes along...I'll be there!!!!!!!!
Posted By: RPD

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/24/09 04:15 PM

Ron and everybody...

We three from our shop here in SW Michigan had a GREAT time at the Saturday exhibit hall. Thanks for the nice words, and for making us feel at home!

It was personally a very nice thing to get to meet so many of those who I get a chance to chat with here at the Forums; and share the event, if even for a little while...I was left with the definite sense that we were very welcome; and I wish I could have arranged to be present for much for of the week!

Interesting and educational exhibitors and booths...just amazing collection of some awesome pianos and ideas...and this being my first conference (surely not the last!); on reflection, its really a small world in piano technology isn't it?! There were perhaps what, 50-60 exhibitors for the entire industry...and even at that we could not physically visit every booth in just one day!! We piano technicians are a lone breed it would seem, and I have to say that PTG does a wonderful job pulling together many of the best and brightest, both in technicians and exhibitors.

I left with some great confirmation as to our own ideas, i.e. the level of our own work and labors and how our rebuildings/action setups etc compare within the industry...but also with a very definite sense that there continues to be much more to learn! The exhibit hall, for me anyway, served to provide a needed sense of place.

It was very heartening to be meeting friends straight out of cyberspace, while standing in the same room with Larry Fine, Randy Potter, Steve Brady, Charles Walters, Chuck Behm and many others who have written books or articles over the years that have been staples around our shops here.

But, mainly it was our distinct pleasure to get to hang out with you guys here, and see the ACTUAL people behind the online avatars! Thanks for making us feel at home.

Jane and I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who worked to make this event possible for all of the greater piano-tech community...from what we could see anyway, it looked like the event came off very smoothly...

Hats off to the lot!

RPD (Rick and Jane www.fusionfolk.com)

Posted By: Jerry Groot RPT

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/27/09 10:23 PM

Well thank you very much you guys! I'm blushing Ron! See? blush

Ryan, it was a pleasure buying you beer at the -BULLSHEAD --- RON not the Boars head but that's okay! Must be you're using your Southern accent but I won't tell on you. Oops, I already did didn't I? grin

Ryan, I figured you'd forget about the buy back at Vegas after drinking with us on empty tummies! grin Looking forward to it!

It was a true pleasure having you as our guest Ron. You were a true gentleman and scholar. I don't think we dare say some of the stuff we were laughing at anyway but it sure was funny!!!

The dog house slept pretty good after all didn't it? I mean, I did have blankets out there for you and a doggie water dish and you had the nearest tree to, um, well, you know....

Ryan, as I mentioned at the Bullshead, I would love to see a CPA come in and discuss becoming an S Corporation which is something I just completed doing. Now I have to figure out what to do next... I think it would save all of us tons of dreaded income taxes.

I always enjoy a good business class. Those should always be included for sure. Being able to run a business is as important as being a good technician.

We for sure, must have Andre back again for another voicing class. This one was full but I can imagine after the hype that next time, he will need a bigger room.

Posted By: Ron Alexander

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/27/09 10:34 PM

Ryan, I think it's a great idea to have Andre back if that can be managed. Heck if Las Vagas is a duplication of Grand Rapids, it will still be a great convention in 2010.

Okay Jer, I can say Bullshead...I typed it as Bull's Head only after conferin' with my Lexicon of Southern Slang, cause when you say it in proper English, the way ya'll say it, it sounds kinda like Bull Shed!!!!!! hehehehe
Posted By: Ron Alexander

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/27/09 11:24 PM

Darn, I have have had Bull on my mind...It's Boarshead or more simply put Boar Shed...LOL.
Posted By: Jerry Groot RPT

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/27/09 11:51 PM

Good thing you spelled that one correctly! grin
Posted By: Ron Alexander

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/28/09 02:06 AM

Yep, proof read it twice...[Linked Image]
Posted By: LVP

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/28/09 02:22 AM

Where do you guys get these insanely cute icons (BS and Snoopy...)??
Posted By: Silverwood Pianos

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/28/09 01:46 PM

Posted By: LVP

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/28/09 03:26 PM

[Linked Image]

Posted By: Silverwood Pianos

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/28/09 04:43 PM

np. more of them here too....


like this one...

[Linked Image]
Posted By: rysowers

Re: GREAT CONFERENCE! - 07/28/09 06:51 PM

Andre has already said he would like to come back! Since he was a big draw, it is very likely he will be back next year in Las Vegas!
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