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Posted By: Anonymous

TuneLab Pro - 01/31/05 12:54 PM

I'm wondering if anyone can give me some feedback on TuneLab Pro? I've been told it's good tuning software, but I'd like here it from some TuneLab users (or former users).

Posted By: curry

Re: TuneLab Pro - 02/01/05 02:44 AM

Tunelab is great, but it depends on what pocket PC you use.
Posted By: velopresto

Re: TuneLab Pro - 02/01/05 08:53 AM

HI Rod,

Tunelab Pro is the one for laptops, I believe. I use Tunelab Pocket, which is for Windows based handheld computers. I haven't used the laptop version, and there are differences, though I'm not entirely sure of what they are. Perhaps Robert Scott will see the thread and give you the low-down on that.

I find the software indespensible for accurate and fast pitch-raising. There is a separate graph for each string that the software hears, so you can pitch raise with no mutes.

I've been an aural tuner for a long time, but have used Tunelab for about 3 years now. My feeling about etds is that they are great for many things, but if you can't tune aurally, you can get into trouble. I've had times where I really didn't agree with the tuning it came up with. In those cases, I always defer to my ear. In the end, it doesn't matter what a tuning LOOKS like, it's what it sounds like that people notice.

All that said, I highly recommend Tunelab Pocket.

And as an added bonus, with the pocket PC, my office is wherever I choose to make it. I have all my contacts, my calendar, Excel, and a map program (Mapopolis). And it's all backed up on an SD card(same as used in digital cameras, etc.). It takes about a minute or less to get everything back to normal should you have a catastrophe.

Good luck!

Dave Stahl
Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/02/09 03:06 PM

Dave, I am a new TuneLab Pro user and I love it. I was just wondering if there are other "tuning files" available from different tuners that are already set up for use other than the ones Bob Scott has installed with the TuneLab Pro software. If you know of any such "tuning files" I would certainly like to find them.
Posted By: John Dutton

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/02/09 05:44 PM

The whole point is to create an individual and customized file for each piano.

Once I have a file that matches what my ear tells me is right I can reuse that file whenever I want on that particular piano. Generic files are just that and will likely work well enough but won't be as ideal.

In a nutshell, don't look for someone else's files, make your own. It couldn't be any easier to do.
Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/02/09 07:43 PM

Thanks for the input and I will try to do that. I am still learning my way around TuneLab and am just a bit nervous trying to set up my own files, I guess. Have a great day.
Posted By: Dennis Kelvie

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/02/09 10:25 PM

I have used TuneLab Pocket for about 5 years now, and also have RCT and Verituner. All three are very good (I carry them loaded on two ipaqs) some better for one thing, another for another. With Verituner I can SHOW the customer easily exactly how "out of tune" their piano is, and they never balk at pitch raises. With RCT, I can do a single-pass pitch raise up to about 3/4th semitone with ease, but with TuneLab Pocket can do it up to slightly more than that. However Tunelab Pocket doesn't seem to like to do a PR to non-standard pitch. RCT is better for that. Personally I see it as beneficial to have all three, but you might not like to lay that much out for it.

For starting out I would STRONGLY recommend TuneLab since starting out is expensive and the product is very good.

Posted By: Rickster

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/02/09 11:42 PM

I’m a beginner/student tuner and I’ve found tune lab pro to be an excellent tuning aid.

I recently recorded a video of me tuning my grand piano using the tune lab program and my laptop PC.

Here’s the video if anyone wants to view it. I’m a little reluctant to post it here on the technician’s forum because my skills are just developing. Anyway, here are the videos in two installments.



Take care,

Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/03/09 02:46 AM

On TuneLab Pro, after you test your inharmonicity readings do you then have to adjust your tuning curve or does TuneLab do that automatically? Sorry to be so ignorant but just need a little guidance from someone who is more familiar with the instrument! I have already purchased the TLP and I am enjoying learning how to use it. I tuned the church piano where I pastor (Kawai 5'10" Grand) with TuneLab just using Bob Scott's average tuning file and the piano really sounds terrific.
Posted By: Rickster

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/03/09 03:05 AM


I think once you set up a tuning file and measure the inharmonisity of a piano you have a default/automatic tuning curve. You can manually adjust it if you choose to. I have played around with manually adjusting the tuning curve and have found the one I think sounds the best. I compared it to the other tuning curves in the tuning files that comes the TLP software.

Of course manually adjusting the tuning curve will slightly alter the temperament too. This is how I learned that the temperament can affect the brightness or mellowness of a piano.

Take care,

Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/03/09 03:23 AM

Thanks Rick, That is what I thought but was not sure! All help appreciated! I watched your tuning video on YouTube. What kind of Grand piano is that? It was very pretty! Thanks for your assistance.
JMichael Wilson
Posted By: Rickster

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/03/09 02:50 PM

Hi J Michael,

My piano is a late 1980's model Japanese Tokai G-180. It is a copy of the older Steinway "O" model scaling. It's a tad bright but sounds decent for what I paid for it.

Take care,

Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/03/09 05:53 PM

From what I could hear online it sounded pretty good. Did I see that you are from Georgia? If so, what town? I have neices and nephews in Watkinsville (around Athens). Have a great day!
Posted By: Rickster

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/03/09 07:11 PM

Hi J. Michael,

I live near Griffin, Ga., about half way between Atlanta and Macon.

Take care,

Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/05/09 02:09 AM

Just got through tuning my old Wurlitzer Studio circa 1950 with TuneLab Pro. WOW! It really sounds great! I'm getting ready to begin refurbishing, cleaning, refinishing a 1910 Cable Nelson Upright. It needs some TLC but all notes play on it, holds pitch very good. It will be a major cabinet refinish more than interior rebuild.
Posted By: Rickster

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/05/09 12:08 PM

Hi J. Michael,

I’ve tinkered around with restoring a couple of old uprights. I had a 1907 Conover 52 inch upright that sounded really nice. My sister-in-law wanted to buy it so I sold it to her. The thing is, I sold it for less than I had in it and it was in 10 times better condition than when I got it. I’d never make it in the piano business. grin

I’ve got a desire for an older 7 + foot grand to tinker around with for my next project.

Take care,

Posted By: JMichaelWilson

Re: TuneLab Pro - 05/05/09 04:09 PM

Rick, I will keep my ears open for you on that 7' grand! Right off hand I don't know of any, but you never know what you will come across! Have a great day.
JMichael Wilson
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