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M&H screw stringer

Posted By: pianoseed

M&H screw stringer - 12/12/02 11:57 AM

A friend of mine was restoring an old M&H screw stringer. It was really a different concept with no pin block and no tuning pins. A special wrench came with the piano for tuning it. I have been told theat they would stay in tune for years. Anyone know why these were taken out of production? It really looked wike a good concept.
Posted By: SamLewisPiano.com

Re: M&H screw stringer - 12/13/02 02:36 AM

I was told (for what it's worth) by an old timer with M-H that the concept failed due to the extreme difficulty of stringing it (or replacing a broken string). Yes the tuning is very stable. but not for years. There is still a sounding board to deal with, as far as messing up the tuning with humidity changes. But it is absoultely the easiest piano you will ever tune. Just remember to bring the string just up to pitch, not over and back down as is done with a conventional pinblock.............Sam
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