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Info on Knabe Piano's

Posted By: jpr652

Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/03/02 02:28 PM

I came across an ad for a 6'4" Knabe several weeks ago..The seller couldn't give me much information as her ex is the one who bought the piano about five yeras ago from the San Francisco Opera.
Anyway, from the serial number she gave me the piano was made in 1982. Was Aeolian still making the Knabe at this time?
The next question is..The piano has one of these piano disks systems...would this affect the action of the piano very much?
I don't particularly want this thing in the piano, is it worth removing?
I'm hoping someon can give me some more info on this piano, before I fly down to LA to check it out...is itworth my time? Oh, the piano is being sold for $8000.....

Any help would be appreciated...
Posted By: PNO2NER

Re: Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/04/02 08:55 PM

Sounds like a winner, might be worth hooking up with a technician ahead of time to meet you and the piano and check it over. It would be worth it to know it has no hidden flaws. The PianoDisc system does not affect the playing mechanism in any way, and is worth leaving in place if for nothing else than the resale value someday. It makes no sense to have it removed, but if you don't like the look of the control unit under the keybed, that alone is easily removed for storage and future use. Not sure about Aeolian in 1982, but it may not matter. Knabe has a long history of high quality pianos in the past. Have had no experience with late models. Good Luck! PNO2NER
Posted By: SamLewisPiano.com

Re: Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/05/02 12:59 AM

Those years were very poor for Knabe and Chickering under Aeolian's umbrella. I have seen several of that vintage that need new pinblocks already. Be careful.........Sam
Posted By: reblder

Re: Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/05/02 04:10 PM

Yeah, the 70's and 80's were certainly not the prime time for the Aeolian owned pianos like Knabes, Chickerings, even M & H's. This would practically demand that that piano be thoroughly inspected before considering purchase.

Mark Mandell
Posted By: Penny

Re: Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/06/02 04:10 PM

This raises a question I pondered to myself the other day: Did Aeolian make ANY remarkable pianos (that would be remarkable in a good way, not how incredibly mediocre most were!)? Think of the 1000s that are out there. Will any be worth restoring?

Posted By: SamLewisPiano.com

Re: Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/07/02 12:43 AM

None from the 60s until their demise in the 80s. I really cant answer about any previous years. Its a shame, too. It was the corporation, not the workers. I knew many of them in New York, and they were very skilled. I think the "corporate mentality" is what did them in.........Sam
Posted By: reblder

Re: Info on Knabe Piano's - 08/07/02 05:18 AM

Yep, if you read another thread in the general forum area, you'll see where Steve Cohen states that Joe Pramberger(currently the technical consultant with Young Chang and the subject of seeemingly endless discussions)bore some responsibility for Steinway's decline in the 70's due to the cost cutting/profit maximization philosophy that characterized the operation there.

Mark Mandell@pianosource.com
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