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Bruce Clark

Posted By: Larry Buck

Bruce Clark - 07/19/06 12:34 PM

For more information email technical@bostonptg.org or visit www.bostonptg.org
Posted By: Larry Buck

Re: Bruce Clark - 07/25/06 02:06 PM

Shortly I'll post a little more info on the class.

It would be helpfull to note that this is sponsored by the Boston Chapter of the PTG and Mason & Hamlin.

This is one of many ongoing monthly classes technicians attend for professional development.

From time to time, as the situation allows, we hope to invite interested non-members

There is no fee for the class.

I will post again here as I have a better class description and the www.bostonptg.org site updated.

Posted By: Cy Shuster, RPT

Re: Bruce Clark - 07/28/06 05:49 PM

Bruce is knowledgeable and passionate about his work. It should be a great presentation. Wish I was there!

Posted By: Larry Buck

Re: Bruce Clark - 08/02/06 12:18 PM

I have posted a little more on the Action design class Bruce will be giving.


We welcome anyone interested in this subject to join us. You do NOT have to be a PTG member.

If you would like to come, send me an email technical@bostonptg.org

Posted By: Piano World

Re: Bruce Clark - 09/13/06 11:38 AM

Reminder, and if you've not been there before...

FYI, the factory is in Haverhill, MA (pronounced Heyvrill). About 45 minutes north of Boston.

There is a Best Western Merrimack Valley Lodge nearby. www.bwmerrimackvalley.com if anyone needs to stay.

This is the hotel M&H uses to accommodate their dealers (and themselves) when they host training seminars.
The hotel is about a 10 minute drive from the factory.

Mason & Hamlin Piano Company
35 Duncan St. Haverhill, MA 01830

[Linked Image]

There is very limited parking in front of the factory. We usually park in the lot around the corner on Locke st (see red arrow).

[Linked Image]

Satellite shot courtesy of Keyhole

Another View (red balloon is factory, white arrow is parking).
[Linked Image]
Posted By: Larry Buck

Re: Bruce Clark - 09/20/06 10:31 AM

[Linked Image]

Bruce Clark's technical presentation by at Mason & Hamlin was attended by more than 50 technicians from Mass, New Hampshire and Maine as well as North Bennett St. Students and Instructors.

Our most harty thanks to Bruce Clark, Head Engineer of the Mason and Hamlin for his time and effort and his willingness to share his many years of design work with us.

Our thanks to Jamie Marks, Plant Manager for his effort in coordinating.

Finally, Our thanks to Kirk Burgette, Owner of the Mason & Hamlin company, for providing his head engineer to us, making his time and facilities available out of a very busy production schedule and most important for dedication to the fine traditions of the Mason and Hamlin Company.
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