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Mason AA vs Mason A and Mason BB

Posted By: pianoloverus

Mason AA vs Mason A and Mason BB - 06/12/02 11:08 PM

I am thinking about waiting for the new Mason AA to make its appearance(hopefully by January 2003, according to an earlier post) since this size would be more within my budget than a new BB and possibly more appropriate than a BB for the size of the room it will be in. When comparing a AA to an A or BB, what tonal diferences might I expect? (Since the new AA is not yet available, I'm asking those of you with knowledge of the old AA models for your opinion). Also, are there any important aspects of the AA scale design that are important to know about?
Posted By: Chris W1

Re: Mason AA vs Mason A and Mason BB - 06/17/02 07:16 PM

Does anyone know what it is expected to cost? Split the difference between A and BB?
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