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1917 Steinway

Posted By: Glenn Doyle

1917 Steinway - 02/03/09 02:08 AM

I need some advice. One of my churches has just moved into a new sanctuary. They asked me to keep me eyes open for a used baby grand. One of the music stores I work with contacted me recently regarding a 1917 Steinway parlor grand - model B. Serial # is 185596. The owner of this instrument has not played it for many years (don't know exactly how long). He wants $23000.00. I'm new at this part of the business. Assuming all is well with the instrument - does that sound like a reasonable price??

Posted By: Keith Roberts

Re: 1917 Steinway - 02/03/09 03:19 AM

Go look. Does it have original parts? Better look at the board and listen. It's 1917.... You have to assume it has been played till it is worn out and that is why it never gets played now.
Posted By: Sam Casey

Re: 1917 Steinway - 02/03/09 03:22 AM

You can get a nice new piano for that in today's market. Unless that S&S was rebuilt completely it seems high to me.
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