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Keys are not level

Posted By: CW190

Keys are not level - 07/26/02 10:11 PM

Can anyone tell me if its normal for one or two white keys to sit up a "hair" highter than the rest of the keys. I have two of these in the bass section that are up about the thickness of two pieces of paper. Not very much I admit, but enough to notice if you run your fingers along the top.

If its within normal tolerance I'd like to know.
Posted By: SamLewisPiano.com

Re: Keys are not level - 07/27/02 02:55 AM

Normal, probably. Desirable, definitely not. The white keys, like all the moving parts, need to be in regulation. That means they should all be at the same height, and the sharps should too. Over time, they tend to get off level, thats why I said "Normal, probably", because most pianos out there are probably out of regulation to some degree. Just like any piece of equipment with moving parts, pianos need to be adjusted (regulated) periodically. To correct your key height problem, get your tech to regulate the piano, keeping in mind that if he just levels the keys, that will cause some other parameters to change too.....Sam
Posted By: Brian Lawson, RPT

Re: Keys are not level - 07/29/02 06:11 PM

Is your piano by any chance a Pearl River?
Posted By: CW190

Re: Keys are not level - 07/30/02 01:41 AM

No, it's a Bosendorfer 185.
Posted By: MikeC65

Re: Keys are not level - 07/30/02 06:23 PM

I'm sorry for jumping in here without anything really relevant to say, but I just HAD to ask: Am I the only one who finds funny the exchange:
"By any chance is your piano a Pearl River?"
"No, it's a Boesendorfer 185"

There is just something about the above that cracked me up. Kind of like "By any chance is your car a Yugo?" "No, it's a Mercedes SL500"
Posted By: CW190

Re: Keys are not level - 07/31/02 12:02 AM

I thought it was funny and I am the original writer. I guess PR has key problems like us poor Bosey owners. Go figure!
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