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unwanted noise (squeak)

Posted By: lawrai007

unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/23/02 01:10 AM

Hello again,

another quick question for those who know........I have a '78 Yamaha U3 that has developed an annoying squeak every time the loud/sustain pedal is depressed. (The P. T. has checked and found the bushings to be fine). The squeak seems to be coming from the action. Any suggestions as to what might be going on? Thanks..........Larry
Posted By: pianoseed

Re: unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/23/02 04:20 AM

The damper lift rod bushing probably needs lubrication with protec. The action must be removed to do this.With the action out of the piano the technician should move the rod up and down until he can locate the noise. Protec should do the trick.
Posted By: reblder

Re: unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/23/02 04:41 AM

Yet another possibility would be friction between the damper lever felts and the damper lift rod. If so, it's necessary to lubricate the lift rod where it contacts the felts.

Mark Mandell www.pianosource.com
Posted By: lawrai007

Re: unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/23/02 06:50 PM

reblder and thammer..............thanks, gentleman, for your advice. The piano tech is coming next week, and I'll have him take a look!.........................Larry
Posted By: Bob

Re: unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/24/02 03:39 AM

Had one recently where the damper lever springs squeaked. Couldn't be heard one at a time, but when all dampers are lifted by the pedal, the cumulative squeak could be heard. Liquid Graphite or protec is the cure. P. S. make sure all the action bracket screws are tight, and the action and keybed are securely mounted in place. (rarely a problem in Yamaha's though)
Posted By: lawrai007

Re: unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/25/02 02:30 AM

Thanks, Bob, for your imput. I'll have it checked out soon!................Larry
Posted By: lawrai007

Re: unwanted noise (squeak) - 02/25/02 03:27 PM

.........to anyone who cares to respond. As mentioned in an earlier post, I have a '78 Yamaha U3 that has recently developed an annoying sound and can't seem to locate the problem. The P.T. was here yesterday, and he best describes the noise as a "wood creaking sound." (I had earlier reported it as a "squeaking" sound in my post). It only happens when the sustain pedal is being depressed as the dampers are lifting from the strings (this is the ONLY time we we hear the "wood creaking" sound. He's had the action out, and the damper lift rod busings were fine as were the damper level felts. (The damper lever springs were fine, also). Any suggestions as to where this sound may be coming from? As always, your imput is much appreciated! Thanks.....Larry
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