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Spector & Son NY

Posted By: JIMBOB

Spector & Son NY - 06/26/03 02:09 AM

Can anyone help date a Spector & Son of NY upright Serial Number 6237 There was a sticker on the plate reading A MEYER PIANO RADIO SERVICE 2329 Matthews Ave Bronx Olinville 2-1492... Penciled on the plate was this date
12/6/32 so at is at least 71 years old- my guess is about 80 years. Owner has had the piano since she was 10- hasn't been tuned in awhile- it was off the Accutuner at 199.8 cents flat. I did 2 pitch raises- sting 88 broke- all rust...need to return next week and finish the job...
Posted By: Ron Alexander

Re: Spector & Son NY - 06/26/03 10:48 PM

JIMBOB, the 10th edition of the Pierce Piano Atlas
shows 1903 beginning with serial number 40000, so that means it was built before 1903. No serial numbers are listed prior to 1903. Also shows the factory was located at 281 East 137th Street, New York. Also made Terrace Piano. No other info available.

Posted By: JIMBOB

Re: Spector & Son NY - 06/29/03 01:34 AM

Thanks for the info. Sounds like this piano is
pretty old....Have to return next week to finish the job and will give the owners this information.
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