JimBob where are you?

Posted by: curry

JimBob where are you? - 11/08/05 09:40 PM

JimBob, are you lost? Have you been busy fighting hurricanes?
Posted by: JIMBOB

Re: JimBob where are you? - 11/09/05 07:39 AM

I be here. No hurricanes but plenty of work that is keeping me busy. For some strange reason I am doing more Dampp Chaser installs. I have also been busy with a nightmare polyester repair. I came back from Pianomation Installer training about 3 weeks ago and am getting ready to go to the PTG convention in Raleigh, NC.
Posted by: curry

Re: JimBob where are you? - 11/09/05 08:29 AM

Alrighty. Just check \:\) ing.
Posted by: bellspiano

Re: JimBob where are you? - 11/09/05 03:23 PM

Glad you're going well, JimBob. Curry, thanks for checking -- I was wondering too.