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Silbermann Pianos

Posted By: Rickster

Silbermann Pianos - 07/04/06 06:18 PM

Hi All and happy 4th of July.

Has anybody ever heard of or know anything about a "Silbermann" brand of piano being manufactured in China?

I did a search on the forum here and did not see much information about them.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Posted By: Rickster

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 07/08/06 02:40 PM

Well, since I did not get any replies to my post on the Silbermann pianos, I will share what I did find out about this brand. (If anyone cares.)

It is apparently a fairly new, rather unknown brand of Chinese made piano supposedly coming from the "Silbermann Piano Company, LTD" in China. It is reported that this factory only produces a small number of pianos each year (around 1 or 2 thousand). These pianos were recently introduces at the NAMM and MIAC shows in 2005.

The only reference I found regarding this company is form the distributors website (Campbell & Young Pianos in Canada) and a couple of small dealers that sell them.

The two dealers that I talked with spoke highly of them.

The reason I even asked this question in the first place is that I saw one of their upright pianos on the web and really liked the styling of the cabinet (built on an older antique style). I know you don't buy a piano for the exterior appearance but it is an important consideration, for me at least. I have not seen another brand with the exact same styling of cabinet on a 48 inch upright. Why can't a person buy a nice piano and a nice piece of furniture in one? Chances are, I will be looking at it more than I will be playing it.

Best regards to all,

Posted By: mrloaf77

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 07/08/06 04:03 PM

thanks for the info Rickster, Ive never run across any myself.
Posted By: Hasslefree

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 01/28/07 09:18 PM

The Silbermann Piano Company had a display at the NAMM 2007 show and unveiled their new grand piano Model 175 which is a 5'9" grand. The chief designer was on hand to explain the piano characteristics and the hows and whys of his design.

The piano plays beautifully. It is well constructed, and has a nice melodic tone. Fluid action. Apparently, the factory now has dealers in Texas, California, Washington, Georgia.....
and in Canada, they have dealers in Ottawa, Vancouver, Burlington.....

The factory is privately owned. The management team has a combined 42 man-years of experience. The volume of production is low, so the factory is able to put more personal attention and craftmanship into each piano.

I bought a mahogany 5 foot baby grand myself and am enjoying this piano tremendously.

Posted By: Rickster

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 02/01/07 01:12 AM

Hi Hasslefree,

Thanks for the info on the Silbermann brand piano. Actually, my piano shopping adventure took a lot of twists and turns since I enquired here about the Silbermann. It sounds like a nice piano.


Posted By: Rick A

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 02/07/07 08:28 PM

I have a 1982 Silberman upright 1m 06cm
Awfull piano, can't even sell it for 400$.
Fake soundboard, metallic sounds, bassstrings breaking etc
Posted By: Andrew Anderson

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 02/12/07 03:43 AM

I'm chuckling because I'm probably the dealer they mentioned in Texas and after taking delivery of a baby grand I'm not planning to order any more. Too much prep work. I've received better working pianos out of the box from Dongbei.
I saw a prepped one at the distributer's sales floor in Canada and thought it might be a decent low-cost entry-level piano. Maybe for the customer but after having to retravel the entire back-action (not all in the same direction) this dealer doesn't want any more of them.

Andrew Anderson
Posted By: U S A P T

Re: Silbermann Pianos - 02/12/07 03:54 AM

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