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Re: Piano Rating System (Larry Fine)

Posted By: swampwiz

Re: Piano Rating System (Larry Fine) - 10/13/07 02:42 AM

Originally posted by I. Bruton:
I agree that Larry's book is important, but I don't understand why sometimes we let the rankings get in the way of our own judgment. Remember folks, these rankings are based strongly on the opinions of technicians, not musicians.
And when it comes to treating my medical conditions, I take more stock in the human technicians (i.e., physicians) rather than the regular human. With that said, if I can experience something (i.e., in the case of medicine, I have an ache or a reaction to a drug, and in the case of a piano, experience the touch and tone), I will take that into account in the whole context.

Or put another way, if the collective wisdom of the technician community says that brand X is less durable than brand Y, I will take that into account much more than the opinion of some musician (or dealer for brand X!!)
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