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Baldwin Piano Co.

Posted By: Macboy

Baldwin Piano Co. - 03/28/07 08:03 AM

Do anybody have information from Baldwin Upright and Grand pianos...prices....???? in Europe???

(An Austrian piano technician in Wienna said me: "The Baldwin Piano Company to be going to bankrupt soon"...because they can't sell pianos and Gibson can't solve this problem....

This is True???????????
Posted By: RoyP

Re: Baldwin Piano Co. - 03/29/07 03:38 AM

Baldwin just purchased the Dongbei factory in China....not what you would expect from a company headed towards bankruptcy. They have the financial backing of Gibson, so I don't think that they are in trouble. Whether they are selling many pianos, I don't know.
Posted By: Macboy

Re: Baldwin Piano Co. - 03/29/07 03:54 AM

Ok...Thatz God....and the quality nears a M+H, or Steinway?????
Posted By: RoyP

Re: Baldwin Piano Co. - 03/29/07 11:26 AM

We haven't had a Baldwin dealer here in Cincinnati for 2-3 years, which is too bad, since this was the home of Baldwin for so long. When Baldwin was in Cincinnati, they had 5 stores locally. I haven't seen the new production, but hear that it is very good now.
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