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hammer and damper wires help

Posted By: cw

hammer and damper wires help - 01/18/06 06:11 PM

I have been looking at two pianos they are both new and the same except one has a full renner action and the other has renner hammers. The one with just the renner blue hammers sounds a bit more mellow than the one with a full renner. I would like the full renner but am concerned that it will get even brighter. Do you think they should sound the same, will they age the same maybe the renner has been broken in more by the factory? Also when they pulled the action for me to look at I noticed all the damper wires with a bend in them . Is this normal to make the action fit? Is this a concern I should have? Thanks everone for your help both now and in the past.
Posted By: curry

Re: hammer and damper wires help - 01/18/06 08:13 PM

No two pianos will sound the same. One was'nt broken in more at the factory. One was just voiced a bit more mellow. Damper wires are precisely bent in two places below the damper guide to function properly, this is normal.
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